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Nov 14, 1999
Sometimes even DIS veterans forget the simple courtesies.

A trade is initiated.
Trader One says, "I definitely want the pin(s)."
Trader Two says, "Great, I know we can work it out."
Trader One says, "I'll be out of town for a week, please hang on, and we'll finish this trade when I'm back."
Trader Two says, "Sure, I'll put the pin(s) aside for you."

A week passes, two weeks pass...
Trader One never gets back to Trader Two.
Trader One doesn't even respond to several emails from Trader Two.
Trader One is on the boards frequently, responding and trading with other members.

People change their minds. No problem. But Trader Two held pin(s) aside, possibly bypassing other trade opportunities.

In my opinion, common courtesy would be to just tell Trader Two, "No, thank you. I've changed my mind about this trade."
Robyn, common courtesy - WOW - what a concept :)! I wholeheartedly agree that a few email exchanges sure do help.

About a month ago I was in the middle of several possible trades when we had a "family emergency." Pin trading was not a priority at that time. I emailed each person & briefly explained what was going on. The folks I was dealing with could not have been nicer & more understanding. About a week later, I was able to pick up where I left off.

Today I got an email from someone I traded with a few times before. When this person received the pin I sent they realized they did not send me my part of the trade. No problem ... Besides I think I had this person's email address wrong, so the person did not get the email I sent saying I mailed the package. So it was a two way street.

So, the bottom line is communicate & be courteous about any trade. thanks, Robyn!
At first I thought -- Yikes! Is that me? But thought no. No one has been sending me several e-mails regarding a trade.
Ihave had a few lately I thought a little odd.
I get the TA request. (I didn't generate it. I rec'd it.)
I write back, yes trade sounds good, yada, yada, yada. After that --- nothing.:confused:
Always wonder why they bother sending them out if they don't want to do them. Then I would say a reply should really be in order.
I'm getting tired of sending e-mails to pinpics members and not even getting a response.
If you're not interested in the trade fine, but it would be polite to at least send an e-mail saying no thanks.

PanamaMike, I agree. If one does not want trades due to info on pinpics, then one should not put their traders &/or their email address on pinpics. I have been able to get some of my wants through pinpics, & I have also been able to trade some of my traders. However, this is not a perfect world, so everyone does not do things the same way all the time :).
I am pretty much still a novice and the few that I have traded with have been wonderful with me. I do ask many questions but I just want to make sure I do it right!
And I get tired of answering trade request e-mails sent from pinpics members interested trading, telling them YES I would love to trade and then they answer several days later only to tell me that they already traded the pin. :( Meanwhile I have held the pin for them.

Just my pet peeve of the day.


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