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  1. tchan03

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    Jun 5, 2005

    I have been reading this board regards to ceremony photography. Seems like Randy Chapman is among the best ones.

    My intimate wedding (just 2 of us) is scheduled at 9 am in Sunset Pointe. We plan to go to a restaurant at Grand Floridian for lunch ,or brunch. What i am thinking is that Randy's photography is 3 hours coverage. I know i'll need to cut to shorter hours because i don't foresee it will take that long to take pictures of us (even with Mickey/minnie characters). Here comes my questions regarding to his service flexibility:

    1. Typically when and where does Randy's photography coverage start ? Right about the time we depart from the hallway in our resort?

    2. We are thinking about cutting ceremony photography to 1.5 hours(enough?). Once we finish taking picture at Sunset Pointe, we'll ask photographer to follow us to Grand Floridian to take some exterior pictures ,say for another 30 minutes. In other words , that's 2 hours photography . Do you think that's something doable ?

    The thing is , I don't know how long it takes to drive from Sunset Pointe to Grand Floridian, and in term of transporation, don't know how Randy will get to Grand Floridian .Assuming that he's okay with my idea and won't charge me enormous $$ for doing that !

    Thx :wave2:
  2. melmel

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    May 20, 2004
    I think Randy has it blocked as 3 hours because that's what he expects it to take on average. He told me he'd meet me at my hotel room in the morning, to do a few shots (getting in to the limo and such I assume.) Then he'll do the wedding, and after pictures, which even though it's only the two of you could take a bit, and if you want pics at the Grand I'd assume that would get you quite close to the 3 hours, we actually added an hour so we could have him take shots at our dinner after the ceramony. You 3 could take the limo over to the Grand or you could hop the monorail, I'm actually hoping to do the later choice I think it'd make for some really cute pics. If you call Randy I'm sure he'll give you a better break down of the time then I can but I really think 3 hours would be about right.

    Hope this helps

  3. LittleBlackRaincloud

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    Apr 6, 2003
    Here's my experience with Randy so far...he has been very accomadating to me, and I think his prices are great. :flower: We are getting married at Leu Gardens at 3PM I have him booked to come to my hotel room at 12:30 to take getting ready pictures, and some pictures around the resort. Then he is traveling to Leu Gardens and taking pictures until 5pm. He is charging me $150 over the package price for the extra time and traveling. I was more than happy to pay that, and feel that I'm getting a really good deal. I'm so excited to see his pictures of my special day! :cheer2:
  4. cycyk

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    Sep 8, 2003
    we just had randy last week....

    1. he will come to your hotel room about 30 mon prior to take pics of you getting ready.

    2. yes, i thinks thars doable, ou are paying for his services and he is very accomadating. If you call his numv=ber and speak to his wife Linda she can help you out further!
  5. sbggirl

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    Jan 30, 2005
    Just as another alternative, in case you are looking...Karla Fountain is amazing. Pricey, but incredible. She is doing our wedding and she is super nice and unreal artistic ability. Worth a look.

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