Paying separately as a group


Jun 19, 2012
We are going with a group of 10. I have gift cards to pay for meals. Can we ask for separate checks?
As the PP's have already said, yes you can ask for separate checks. You might mention that to the server ahead of time so that they can make a note when they take your order.

They have always done it for us no problem but we do let them know before we order to make it a bit easier when the break up the check (ie who is paying together or any individuals etc)
We are going with a group of 10. I have gift cards to pay for meals. Can we ask for separate checks?
we were a group of 14 with 4 paying groups was never a problem they just asked who was in each group as we were never seated in our smaller paying groups even at the single large table

You shouldn't have any problem with separate checks.
I would let the server know ahead of time, so they can keep things separate from the start.
We have never had a problem getting separate checks. But my friend went on a girls trip with 3 friends. Via Napoli would only split their bill 2 ways. They were all paying, not on the dining plan.
As someone who is a member of two clubs (one a walking where we do lunch after a group walk, and the other an automobile club that meets up once a month for lunch). In both cases, there are generally 15-20 people or more having lunch. In both cases, the restaurant changes each time. For the walking club, upon arriving we let them know that there will be separate checks. For the automobile club, there is an advance reservation. In either case, as the server takes orders, we let them know who is together.

Definitely let the server know when he/she arrives that there will be separate checks and as initial orders are being taken, let them know who is together. It will expedite the delivery of the checks at the end of the meal.


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