Passes: How do they know if she is REALLY under 3?

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Aug 20, 1999
My wife and I are debating whether to go just before or just after my daughter's third birthday. How do the ticket/front gate CMs know if a kid is 3 y.o. - or just under 3 y.o.?

Not that I would want to lie about it... Just kinda curious... ;)

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They don't - you do, basically an honor system.

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Agree with going2wdw ~ it IS an HONOR issue. DD will be 3-1/2 when we leave in 39 days! She's very petite! Never even thought about deceit. When I did hear that someone with almost 4yo was still doing it, I was shocked!

Just my luck, someone would ask my DD how old she was and she'd TELL them! How embarassing!

Wouldn't want to train DD to lie when visiting the World! (BTW, what if they got lost during this same trip and gave CM's wrong info?? ~ Just a thought)

I have a tall for her age 2 1/2 year old DD and when we went to WDW in Feb. the cast member who sold us our tickets asked us who old she was and then she asked my DD point blank how old she was. And even though we told her she was only 2 1/2 the cast person then started to tell that any child 3 and older needed a ticket. The fact of the matter that the cast memeber was very close to being all out rude about the matter. Dh and I just decided to let it go. :rolleyes:

My daughter was always of average height and weight and we were never asked how old. It is done entirely on the honor system.

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We are going to wdw in 11 days with my kids who are 2,5,7,9. We keep saying the 2 year old is 3 so she will learn how to say 3 for her birthday. We are going from may 5 -12 and she turns 3 may 17. If antone asks her how old she is she will hold up 3 fingers but still says 2. I also have a very tall 9 year old who will be 10 in october. I am bring copies of their birth certificates with me just in case someone gives me a hard time. 11 days and counting....
We bring copys of our DK's birth cert. We we're asked to see proof that our son was not 2 at the airport and at the gates at MK a couple of years ago. He is very tall for his age and could ride SM and BTMR and he turned 2 at the end of the trip! He is now 5 and wears size 9 slim levi's! I hope he learns basketball and likes it !LOL! Daddy is 6.4 so I guess that is where he gets it. :)

of my DD's birth certificate. She has always been in the 95+ percentile for height & weight so I don't want to feel uncomfortable if questioned. Usually if you ask her how old she is she will say 2 but sometimes she'll say 4 or 5!
She will be 2 yr 9 mo when we go.

If you have a choice of going before/after her birthday, I say go before. The timing of our trip was unrelated to my DD's birthday but I've since learned that at the buffet meals she will eat free - they charge a children's price for age 3-9 I think.

Have a great trip!
Meredith :)
They have no way of knowing, and only on very rare circumstances do they ask. My daughter was always very short and tiny for her age--my husband would just pick her up before we got to the gate and carry her in--no one asked and no one volunteered any info--this was at a local park, not WDW--she didn't go there until she was 6. I didn't feel guilty, because there was very little for her to ride anyway. I might not have done it for MK, because there really is a lot that the 3 year olds can do, and you don't feel like you are wasting your money.
If you are worried about it, buy the ticket if the child is eligible for the next age bracket, otherwise, bring the birth certificate if the child appears older than he/she is. It really is hard to tell nowadays---kids seem to be looking older and older at younger and younger ages <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

Have a Wonderful day, Eeyore
I think its the Honor system.. My kids were really tall for their age and I was never ask how old there were..
I was always afraid they may ask so I took their birth Cert. with me just in case.. I'm a person that would find it hard to lie about my kids age.. so I always paid when they turned the age of three.. :)
Both our DDs are tiny peanuts. We never thought about passing them for a younger age, because both are very verbal. If asked, they'd spill the beans on their ages, and we'd be caught red-handed. They keep us clean and straight!!!
We went last year the week after my dd turned 3. Our TA said we could pass her for still being 2, but we never even considered it. We want to be honest, especially at the World! and she also would have blabbed her age anyway! :D



a little off topic bt just to prove how lying can bite you in the behind..we were at the movies 9 dinasaur) and the little girl behind us was talking to us aand asked how old our DD was. She then said, At home I am 4 but when we go out I am 2 because daddy says he is not paying for me to see a stupid disney movie. My dh and I just looked at each other and thought, out of the mouth of babes the truth will come.

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My son was VERY tall for his age and I was always frightened on our pre 3 trips they would stop us - they never did, but I kept a copy of his birth certificate with me nonetheless.

I agree that lying about age is a bad thing to teach your kids. You can probably get away with it, though. It sounds like your conscience has already showed you the correct answer. ;)
Buy tickets ahead of time, spend $$ on lunch inside of park, think it is ridiculous what they consider a "child" or "infant" anyway. This is almost as bad as whether to park at Poly for free or give them the $7 to park in lot as far way or further than Poly.a trip to disney is almost like taking out a second mortgage anyway, soryy to disagree with others but my opinion....
Well Radar,
According to another post of yours that I just got done reading, you also use pools on property that you are not entitled to. Add that to not buying passes for kids over three, parking where you aren't suppose to park and maybe, just maybe that is why some prices are so high at Disney. It is to make up for people who don't believe in the honor system.

My daughter turns 10 three days after we arrive. How will this effect us?? Also, my son will turn 2 three weeks before we leave. I do not want to be dishonest but really hate to purchase the airline seat... just feel like he would do better on mom or dads lap. ???? I just don't know!
mommypooh. Airline have in the past asked for ID So I don't know if you want to risk getting there and then asking for proof. You may want to look into a child price seat. They may be able to help you. Kids 2 and under can fly 1/2 price so you just need to ask. Personally you really should have a seat not just for the safety factor but the ITCH factor! Kids really seem to squirm and sitting on a lap for any length of time could make for a very long trip.Again just MHO!



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