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    Mar 1, 2003
    I rode Flight of Passage yesterday! As a paraplegic with no use of my lower half but good arm strength I had no issue getting onto/off of the ride. I took my front foot rests off, brought my wheelchair straight in to the ride seat, slid my feet into the side slots, and then slid my butt forward onto the ride seat. Going back was even easier I just slid back into my wheelchair seat.

    The part that will decide whether I will ever ride this ride again is the hill going up to the ride. It's steep and VERY long. I was early for my FP and I was talking about it to the CM at the test seat. I asked her about how long it really was compared to TOT and she said it was much longer. But I got a lot of Pixie Dust when she offered to push me up the hill. After traveling the queue myself I can see it would not be worth it for me to push up that by myself. I'd be sore and worn out from just one ride. So in the future I'll only book the FP for this ride if I'm traveling with others who can help push.
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