Our January 2019 vacation with teenage boys!

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    Love your trip report! Planning many of the same meals for my May trip to CSR and the Beach Club....after all, it's all about the food.........Hope your trip continues with lots of food and many happy memories to take home...
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    What a great trip report and fun family. It’s fun to read about your hungry crew. We’re taking our 18 yo dd and 15 yo ds in a few weeks and we have so many food events planned I hope they get their fill. On previous trips it seemed like a lot of food was wasted. This time I think they’ll be vacuum cleaners.
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    Thanks so much! I’ll be making more updates later this week... my stupid job gets in the way of focusing on Disney, which is what I’d prefer to do all the time. :-) There is definitely lots more food coming, and of course more fun!

    Thanks, I appreciate it! I felt like we wasted food when the boys were younger, too... that definitely changed! Vacuum cleaners... such a good representation of what mine are! :-)
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    1/13 - A”beary” fun morning at MK and... you guessed it, more food at Epcot!

    After another great night’s sleep at Copper Creek, we all woke up refreshed and ready to take a boat ride to MK! The boat is so relaxing and has such beautiful views...


    We arrived around 9:30 and I was so happy to see the Christmas decorations. There’s nothing quite like seeing Main Street all dressed up for the holidays. Even though we were well beyond Christmas by this point, it put me right back into the spirit!

    And there is nothing quite like the first glimpse of the castle, either... :love:


    While it looks really busy in this picture, it actually wasn’t too bad once we got deeper in the park... this was just the typical morning crowd working its way in. We headed towards Tomorrowland so DS1 and DS2 could go on Space Mountain while the line was only 10 minutes. DH knew he couldn’t do it since he had a bad experience on EE, so he and I took a lazy ride on an old favorite - the People Mover! We got a quick view of the Tron construction site, and I am really looking forward to riding that in a couple of years!


    Believe it or not, DH said the People Mover made him feel queasy! :rolleyes1 He ended up being a little off his game all morning so I think it was more than that. Once we met back up with the boys, we battled evil Emporer Zurg at Buzz’s place, and DH got the high score. I never do well on that ride - I am much more skilled at TSMM.

    The line for Buzz ended up being longer than posted so we had to power walk to SDMT to make our FP window. The boys and I left DH in the dust since he wasn’t feeling it anyway. This was the first time riding for the boys and they really liked it! It’s a little coaster, but it’s so fun since the cars sway a bit. We got a couple of great ride photos from this one. After that, the boys and I took a spin on the teacups... and it was hilarious. The three of us crammed into one teacup, and with DS1 being 6’5”, his legs took up most of the space so DS2 and I basically had to just curl up on the seats and hang on! We all wobbled our way off of that and met up with DH at Storybook Treats for some delicious ice cream.

    Next up we had a splash FastPass, but the boys didn’t want to get wet (wimps!), so I switched it to PoC. DH was able to do that one, thank goodness... and DS2 ended up getting pretty wet, anyway, ha! Then we wandered into Frontierland so the all of the boys could shoot stuff at the Shootin’ Arcade - a tradition. DH and DS1 sat down to play checkers... and had a visitor come and hang out! I know DS1 doesn’t want any personal pics shared, but I just have to show you this one...


    This guy hung out for quite a while and was helping DS1 beat DH! He was quite expressive when DS1 didn’t take his advice. They got a big kick out of him. There was another one hanging out in the area, and he found a Dad laying down on a bench. He took the daughter’s hand and took her to find a leaf, and then he snuck up and put the leaf on the Dad’s forehead and the little girl was giggling away. Then when the Dad woke up and figured out what happened, the bear and the little girl danced all around. So cute!

    After our fun with the bears, we wandered through Adventureland again but the guys weren’t feeling any more rides, so we got some lunch at Casey’s and ate outside in front of the Plaza. We like Casey’s - the hot dogs aren’t the best we’ve ever had, but they’re fine, and they have great French fries. The boys also like their mini corn dogs. DH was still feeling a little off and DS1 wanted to watch more playoff football, so we decided to head back to the hotel around 1:30.

    Next up, some pool time for DS2 and I, then on to Epcot for more food!
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    1/13 cont’d...

    After our quick morning at MK, we hopped on a boat back to the Wilderness Lodge and enjoyed our view of the beautiful Grand Floridian...


    We ended up having to wait a bit for a spot at the dock so we got to check out the Copper Creek cabins...


    DH decided to take a nap and DS1 chilled in his room watching football, so DS2 and I hung out at the Boulder Ridge pool for a couple of hours. It was so nice to take a relaxing swim and lie in the sun!


    I love the theming here, and I thought I read somewhere that some of the theming elements came from the old Backstage Magic ride/tour at Hollywood Studios. I wonder if this came from the area where the canyon was...where the tanker truck exploded and the water rushed in? It looks really familiar to me. I’ll have to try and dig out old pics of that tour sometime to compare.


    DH felt way better after his nice long nap, so we all got cleaned up and hopped on a bus to Epcot for our dinner reservation at Chefs de France. I had originally made one for Trail’s End at Ft. Wilderness, but since DS1 was obsessed with lobster bisque and seafood this trip, we switched it over. We had a lovely dinner at Chef’s... it’s one of my favorites. The service is always great and the food is delicious! DH and DS2 both had steak frites which they enjoyed very much. DS1 had his third lobster bisque of the trip, and DH got French onion soup. I had to steal some and it was divine. DS2 got the salmon in lemon butter sauce and raved over every bite. I had the beef bouergeinon and it was fall-apart tender and delicious. DH passed on dessert, but the rest of us loved ours. DS1 had the apple tart, DS2 had chocolate cake with mint chocolate ice cream, and I had the amazing puff pastry swan with ice cream and chocolate sauce. SO GOOD. I did sneak a pic of my and DS2’s desserts...


    Rich, delicious, and the perfect end to a wonderful meal. Their prixe fixe deal can’t be beat for value, in my opinion.

    After that, the boys went and wandered on their own for a while and DH and I had a nice stroll around the WS. We met up with them at Mexico and headed down to jump in the standby line for Soarin’, since Test Track was down AGAIN. Then, of course, the boys were hungry again even after that huge dinner, so they went and got more fish and chips from Yorkshire Fish Shop and ended up sitting there for a bit to watch Illuminations. DH and I watched it from the walkway between Future World and World Showcase. I am glad they are replacing the show because I’ve seen it a bunch, but it was really nice to watch it one last time. I’m hoping the new show will be running when I come back in November.


    After that, it was back to the hotel for a another good night’s sleep before our last full day of the trip. Next up, a trip to Disney Springs for a Star Wars adventure, shopping, and lunch, another quick stop at Epcot, and an evening at Animal Kingdom!

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