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    Did online checkin today but it seems there was nowhere to confirm my room requests. The few things that showed up on one of the pages had nothing to do with what I requested. I understand that when I first made my room reservations that anything I may have wanted would be a request/wish and not what I might get. Does anyone know if these requests show up when they pull up my reservation when I get to the resort ? If not then why would the CM ask me if there was anything in particular I wanted as far as room requests go? I mean I will be glad to be there but I really have an aversion to being on the first floor. Any input will be appreciated.
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    Online check-in is more like pre-registration. It does not have anything to do with your requests or the resorts' ability to honor requests.

    The requests are noted on your reservation and are rolled over to the resort about three to five days before you arrive. You can call and double check to make sure they are on the request, just to be sure.

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