One HOT trip day 6

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Bev J, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. Bev J

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    Jan 26, 2000
    Sept 25.
    The travelers: 3 couples who have traveled together but never to WDW
    B-46 ME T & M 50's J & Mac 60's

    Today was the day we had planned to take the keys to the kingdom tour at the MK, but when we checked our first day here all the tours for the week were all booked. So be warned if you want to take this tour book it ahead. We will try again next trip.

    So we slept in a bit, met in the hallway at 8:45 and we were on our way at a little after 9. J and Mac wanted a down day and since they just have a 5 day hopper they would need to skip a day pretty soon. So Mac drove us back to the AK so we could finish up what we missed the day before. J and Mac went to the Marketplace for mega shopping and had a lazy afternoon.

    D and T thought the pin trading was so good at AK yesterday they wanted to try some more. No go today. But we did Dinosaur, very bumpy and dark, I would pass on this one next time. We did not like the new dino area, liked a cheap state fair. We had a melting ice cream and thought about Tarzan but the heat in this park got the beter of us so we left. Took a bus to Epcot checked out pin central and just generally wandered around. We had made plans with J and Mac to meet up at pin traders at DD at 5:30, we decided the best way would be to take a bus from Boardwalk to DD. this worked out fine but we are not used to the bus system and how long it takes to get around. We did make it to DD by 5:30 and just intime for the rain again.
    We had finially finished the map pin thing so we went and got the completer pin and added our choice of add a pin. I chose Tigger, D chose the hat from MGM, J got Mickey, T got grumpy and I don't remember the rest. It turned out to be a nice pin. The questions were tricky so be carefull how you answer them.

    I was looking at pins in the store when D came up and said I should go and check the Cm lanyards in the home shop. I ran over in the rain. He had described the cm to me and I could not find her so I checked out some other lanyards and found 2 of the new lanyard pins, neither were the one he sent me after. Found out later that T had beat me to it. Oh well.
    We are all hungry now so decided to go back to the boardwalk to the ESPN club. It was a faster trip by van than by bus. We got right into the club and they stuck us in a table that was ment for 4 not 6 we could hardly keep our drinks on the table. We ordered nachos to share and they were really good. Should have just ordered more nachos. I had the BBQ pork, whispering canyon was way better! D, J, T, M ordered the chili dog and all were grossed out by the hotdog, huge over cooked and split open, yuck. Mac had the tuna on a pita and said it was very good. We walked off this meal and stood by the international gateway and watched illuminations. Back to the hotel. We all felt like we had a short day and not so tired. But it seems that every day the heat is hotter and the humidity wetter. Our vacation is comming to an end and we just want to get as much as we can.
    Hit the pool to cool down and then the hot tub but it was barley warm and my feet really needed it. So some hot water in the bath did a foot soak.

    Tomorrow our last full day, how much can we do??
  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Shame you couldn't get the Keys to the Kingdom tour - it is really great to do - another great day - thanks for posting!
  3. KayleeUK

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Another good trading day :D


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