One HOT trip day 4

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  1. Bev J

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    Jan 26, 2000
    Monday Sept 23
    The travelers: 3 couples who have traveled together but never to WDW

    B-47(ME) T & M 50's J& Mac 60's
    D-49 DH

    Well it was mentioned yesterday at breakfast that hopefully we would not start so early all week. Well with the heat we need to get an early start. D & I like to start early, we can sleep when we get home, like to get as much of WDW as we can. T & M like to start around much later. J and Mac were along for the ride. So I tell the whole group that if anyone wants to get a later start there is a shuttle that leaves the hotel around 12 and they can catch up with us later, we have family radios so we can keep in contact. I just left it at that. I felt like the drill sargent.

    Today is MGM, we met in the hallway around 8:15 and left for the parks at 9. Head down for RnR, only takers are D, M and Mac. Now this is my favorite ride in this park so I have loaded up on the motrin and took a muscle relaxer for my neck, it is not really sore today so I will chance it. We head in for our Limo ride, a walk on. The CM looks at us, he was loading in the back of the limo and says I will send you to the front, it is not so rough. We must look beat. We got the front seat. A great ride was had by all, this is a really smooth ride and my neck did not suffer a bit. There was a 15 min wait for Tot but no takers for this one. We did the great movie ride and one mans dream, needed the kleenex for this one. Headed to Prime Time for our PS, we were about 15 min early but got right in. Half of us had the meatloaf and the other half had the potroast. Crispy green beans, but I ate them all to avoid the treatment. M did not eat hers but was just warned a bit. D tried to get the treatment by putting his elbows on the table and wearing his hat but it did not work. We decided to eat desert and make ourselves overstuffed. Jand Mac ordered the Super sundae. they made a big dent in it. Mac wanted to keep the blue hat thinking it was plastic. he started to wipe it out and it just crumbled, it is chocolate.He had blue chocolate melted all over him. What a mess.

    We went to Indiana Jones, but the rain hit again so we did not get to see the airplane part. Did Star Tours and decided we had enough of the heat and went back to the hotel for some downtime.
    J and Mac decided to stay in for the evening and rest. The rest of us went to Citywalk, no charge to park but a long walk to get there.. I tried to convince the team that we should go to IOA but no go. maybe next trip with the kids. Went to the Hard Rock Cafe and had a good meal. We were lucky and beat the crowds. Picked up some pins in the store. It is poring rain again. We put on our ponchos and walked to the Hard Rock Hotel. This is a very nice looking hotel. Used the restroom and checked out the nude pictures of the band in the ladies room, the guys had to go back for a second look in the mens room. We wandered around the hotel. Went out front to take a picture of the fountian made of guitars. Asked about the way to get back to the parking garage. The valet guy pulled up a van a drove us all the way over, so nice of him it really saved us a long walk in the rain. We gave him a nice tip. He never asked us if we were hotel guests just offered the ride.
    Drove back to the hotel and called the kids, everyone is fine, got an estimate on my van, $2500. Glad it on the other drivers insurance.
    Animal Kingdom for tomorrow, day 5
  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    That was a nice thing the CM did - you all had a another fun day - yikes to the van - thanks for posting!
  3. KayleeUK

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    Oct 9, 1999
    That was a nice cast member :D

  4. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    Traveling with a group can be difficult - glad you are having a nice time!

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