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  1. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    Oct 28, 2006
    Welcome to my newest Trip Report. For those who don’t know me, I am Jen.


    That’s my Daughter Claire with me.

    We just got back from an amazing vacation with several family members.
    We traveled Nov. 1st thru the 15th, 2012. We rested our headed at 6 different places on this trip, and though it wasn’t always easy to keep moving from place to place, I am happy to have tried some new resorts out and stayed at some familiar ones as well.

    This trip came about over a year ago. My Mom’s cousin Vicki wanted to take a trip with her and my Aunt Mary. Her Daughter Katie also wanted to come along.
    After some talking and planning it became a group of 16 traveling. I was elected ring leader since I have quite a bit of Disney experience.
    Plans were made, some were changed, and some were a little slower at making decisions than others.
    My husband Skip is what is known in the Disney groups as a resistor and he decided NOT to come along. He was not so happy about the amount of time I was going to be gone.

    The dates for the cruise were set first, Nov 4 through the 8th on the Disney Dream. We all planned to arrive a day early and stay at the Residence Inn near the port. Soon I decided that I must add a few Disney days, and so did everyone else eventually. I thin decide…heck lets add some more, and Claire and I ended up staying 3 more days after the rest left.
    Then after doing some research and with a heads up from my good Dis-friend Carey, I was alerted to the fact that the last Halloween party was on Nov. 2nd. How could I pass that chance up? So Claire and I decided to fly in a day earlier than everyone else to hit that party. Claire and I also decided to fly out of Columbus. My family lives near the Toledo, OH area, and the best direct flights are out of Detroit. My youngest sister, who was not going on the cruise, lives in Columbus, and I was able to get a decent priced direct flight from there, so Claire and I drove down Nov. 1 and spent the night before our early flight.

    Plans were finally all set in stone and we just had to wait for our time to arrive. Not an easy task, but we all managed.

    Let me introduce you to the crew. This is a picture of a picture. My sister has the CD with the actual digital copy, but hasn’t yet loaded it to the computer, so I had to go with this for now till I can get a copy.


    In the back row, left to right, we have my parents, Joe and Paula, next to them is my Uncle Geoff. Next to Geoff is cousin Vicki and her son in law Thad. Next to Thad is Pete, Vicki’s husband and then me. Aunt Mary is on the end, she is married to Uncle Geoff and my Mother’s sister.
    Down towards the front, left to right, is my nieces Alexis and Abby with their parents Rob and Gail. Gail is my sister. Front and center is Claire. Behind Claire are Jude, and Katie. Katie is married to Thad and is Pete and Vicki’s Daughter. And then we have baby Luke in the stroller. He is only about 9 months old and what a cutie he is.

    This trip had the usual ups and downs that most every family will have, but I have to admit things went much smoother than I planned. We never felt the need to kill each other for the most part. LOL
    We had several cruise newbies and several Disney World newbies as well.

    Please join me in reliving a very magical trip with all the places we traveled and all the people we met along the way!
  2. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    Oct 28, 2006
    If my links are not correct, please let me know.

    Nov. 1, 2012, Thursday
    On Our Way
    Cheesecake Factory

    Nov. 2, 2012 Friday
    Flying to Florida
    Magical Express
    Arriving at AKL
    Lunch Time
    Pool Time
    The Slide
    Flamingo Overload
    Exploring 1
    Exploring 2
    Browsing Zawadi
    Finally! A Room
    A tour of the room and off to MK
    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
    A meet up with Carey
    A Spin on Dumbo
    Daisy and Minnie
    The Great Goofini and Donaldo
    Goofini and Donaldo 2
    Back up Main Street
    Be Our Guest Tour
    Ariel and Stephanie
    Woody's Dance Party
    Little Mermaid Queue
    Under the Sea!
    From the Sea to the Headless Horseman
    Parade Time
    Parade 2
    Parade 3
    An End to a Long Day

    Nov. 3, 2012, Saturday
    Morning Views and a Meet
    Ellen and Boma
    The Family is on ther way and more Animals
    Hot Tub
    A Final Swim at AKL
    The Family Arrives

    Nov. 4, 2012, Sunday
    Early Morning Chaos
    Enjoying the Resort and Another Dis Meet
    Port Canaveral
    Boarding Time
    Meeting Pluto
    Lunch Time & Our Room
    Pool Time
    Bon Voyageeeee!
    Beautiful skies as we sail away
    Enchanted Garden
    After Dinner Fun
    Chip and Dale
    A Wander Around
    Pluto and Mickey and Dopey and Donald

    Nov. 5, 2012, Monday
    Good Morning Beautiful Sky
    Senses Salons and Cove Cafe
    Cove Cafe and a Walk on Deck
    Sports Deck
    Pulling into Nassau
    Breakfast and Detective Agency
    Views of Nassau
    Pink and Lunch
    Our Excursion
    Driving Around the City
    Ardastra Gardens
    Pete The Bird Man
    Bird Feeding
    Flamingoes and Peacocks
    Famingo Show 1
    Do NOT Touch the Flamingoes
    Scary Flamingoes
    On to Fort Charlotte
    Fort Charlotte and Driving Around Town
    Fort Fincastle and the Queens Stairs
    The Creepy Man and Our Lovely Ship
    Princess Palooza
    Minnie, Daisy, Nassau Views and Dinner at the Royal Palace
    Dinner at the Royal Palace
    A Stroll Around the Ship
    Karaoke Fools
    A Late Night Walk Around the Ship
    Time For Bed

    Nov. 6, 2012, Tuesday
    Paradise Ahead
    Docking at Castaway Cay
    A Little Ship Roaming
    Soaking Up the Castaway Cay Views
    Time for Breakfast and Pete and Geoff go Parasailing
    Pete and Geoff go Parasailing and we Arrive on the Island
    Castaway Rays Stingray Adventure
    Snorkeling With the Rays
    Time to Jet Ski!
    Lunch Time
    Walking Around Castaway Cay
    More Castaway Cay
    My Wait at Pelican Plunge
    Our Last Look at CC
    Good Bye Castaway Cay
    Pirate Night and Our Surprise Pirate!
    Pirates and Appetizers
    A Feast for a Pirate
    Pirate Claire
    A Pirate Party
    A Pirate Photo Shoot and Fireworks
    A Pirate Buffet

    Nov. 7, 2012, Wednesday
    Empty Cabanas
    Deck 14
    Alexis the Genius and Palo
    Gorging Ourselves at Palo
    Swimming and Shopping
    A Late Lunch for Claire and Dinner
    Dinner at Animators Palate
    Dinner and a Show and just Hanging Out
    Till We Meet Again

    Nov. 8, 2012, Thursday
    Goodbye Dream, Hello Beach Club
    On to Animal Kingdom
    Lunch Time
    Safari Time
    The Geebras are Out!
    Family Photopass Time
    Dinoland USA
    Conquering Everest
    Jungle Jingle Parade 1
    Jungle Jingle Parade 2
    Jungle Jingle Parade 3
    Everest and Dinoland Again
    Beach Club Room and a VERY crowded Epcot
    Princess Delight
    Getting Silly on Spaceship Earth
    Meeting Tim and Juliana

    Nov. 9, 2012, Friday
    The Beach Club
    Our Walk to Hollywood Studios
    Disney Channel Rocks and Some Photopass Shots
    ToT, Star Tours and BAD Bus Mojo
    The Wonderland Tea Party
    Toy Story Mania, Lunch and Tattoos
    Tattoos and Toy Story Again
    Cape Mays Good Food and Bad Service
    A Beach Club Walk
    Swimming in Storm-along-Bay

    Nov. 10, 2012 , Saturday
    Toy Story Mania, Here We Come
    Exploring DHS
    Another Flight on Star Tours
    Ice-Cream Lunch
    From the JW Marriott to Magic Kingdom
    Magic Kingdom in All Her Christams Glory
    Small World and time for "the" Appointment
    Photo Shoot 1
    Photo Shoot 2
    Photo Shoot 3
    Pooh, Dumbo and Dinner
    Ohana's and the Most Beautiful Castle Ever
    Laugh Floor and COP
    Tea Cups and Dumbo in the Dark
    Barnstormer, Dumbo, and Wicked Possession
    Wishes, COP and Buzz
    Too Tired to Go On

    Nov. 11, 2012, Sunday
    Good Bye Beach Club, Hello DTD
    T-Rex 1
    T-Rex 2
    Strolling around DTD
    Goofy's and AoA
    Lion King and Little Mermaid
    Our Little Mermaid Room
    Off to Hollywood Studios
    The Osborne Lights
    More Lights and a Round of TSM again
    Magic Kingdom and a bite to Eat
    A Walk Around the Park All Lit Up
    Back to AoA for the Night

    Nov. 12, 2012, Monday
    The Little Mermaid Section
    Animal Kingdom
    Expedition Everest
    Tusker House
    A Wild Safari Ride
    Safari Animals
    Good Bye Animal Kingdom
    Time For a Swim in Big Blue
    Big Blue and More of AoA
    Magic Kingdom Princess Meet
    The Big Cheese
    Don't Fly Away Claire
    Dinner at the Castle
    Let's Make a Wish
    Aurora, Ariel and that Darn Sword
    Small World and Party Time
    Enchanted Tales with Belle
    Photos with Belle
    Another Dinner
    Be Our Guest
    We Proudly serve Your Dinner
    Little Mermaid Again
    Fireworks in the New Fantasyland
    Pooh and the Parade
    Party Parade 2
    Party Parade 3
    Party Parade 4
    Party Parade 5
    Uncle Scrooge and Snow
    Time to leave the Magical Party

    Nov. 13, 2012, Tuesday
    Our Room and Epcot
    Spaceship Earth and Club Cool
    Our Mexico Mission
    Gran Fiesta
    Strolling to Lunch
    Via Napoli
    A Leisurely Walk Through World Showcase
    On To Soarin' and Nemo
    Agent P in the UK
    Some Fun Photopasses
    Touring the Cars Section at AoA
    More Cars
    Cars Cabanas and Mr. Ray
    Blowing Off Some Steam
    Off To Dinner
    Spirit of Aloha
    Spirit of Aloha 2
    Rapunzel and Aurora
    Aurora and Cinderella
    Meeting Joy and Maddie and our AoA Surprise

    Nov. 14, 2012, Wednesday
    Early to Rise and AoA decked out for Christmas
    AoA Christmas Decor
    A Walk Around the Poly
    Checking Out More of the Poly
    Spirit of Aloha in Daylight
    'Ohana Breakfast
    Slow Service and Time to Mosey On
    Last Stop, Magic Kingdom
    Another Walk Around AoA, with Pop Calling Us
    Pop Century Holdiay Decor
    Pop is Watching You
    One Last Look at Pop and AoA
    Time for Unmagical Depress
    MCO and Home

    My Thoughts
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    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    Oct 28, 2006
    Nov. 1, 2012, Thursday

    Today was the day….the day we had been looking forward to for so long. But it was a busy day too.
    Claire had to go to school today. Of course she tried to figure ways to be able to stay home and help, but I wasn’t going to fall for it. I had a lot to do, actually the whole week had been busy, so it was more helpful for me for her to be away from the action.

    The night before had been Halloween. I worked hard that day to get as much ready as possible before we left for the big trick or treating extravaganza.
    Claire was a “nice” vampire. So nice that she refused to put in her teeth. Even for pictures. We went with some friends and here is a picture of the kids.


    So with a sugar and Disney high, I sent her off to school. That poor teacher.

    I had a project I had to finish and deliver before I could leave, so I spent my morning on that and then loaded my car up with luggage.

    Before I knew it, it was 2:30 and time to pick Claire up. She was beyond excited…and so was I.

    We went home and changed her clothes and had a little time to waste before leaving. We couldn’t leave too early or we would get to my sister’s house before she was home from work.
    I told Claire to be sure she put on her white tennis shoes, as those were going to be her main park shoes for the trip.

    We said our good byes to Skip and lots of hugs and kisses were given. He acts like he is Mr. Cool, but I know he was going to miss us.

    I think we hit the road around 3:30ish, give or take.
    This was going to be boring. Within 10 minutes, Claire asked how much longer. LOL She had her ipod and played with that for most of the trip and I had “Mocking Jay” (the last book in the Hunger Game series) on CD, so that kept us both occupied.

    Not too far out of the Toledo area we ran over something. It appeared to be just a piece of rubber road “stuff” sticking up. All the cars were running over it and when I saw it I quickly tried to avoid it by having it go down the middle of my car. It looked harmless, but you never know. Well my car made a horrible noise when we went over it. I was surprised because I didn’t appear to hit it with my tire. A few curse words “might” have escaped my mouth and I told Claire that I sure hope we don’t get a flat tire as we had a long ways to go yet. Things kept running smoothly after that and no flat tires appeared while driving. Thank goodness!

    As we go closer, my sister Amanda called and said she was on her way home from work. I think we still had about 45 minutes to go, but we were assured she would be there when we got there.

    As we got closer, we thought about using the bathroom, but we decided we could make it. Claire was more interested in finding a McDonalds anyways. I told her no, because we had a dinner date a little later that evening.

    We arrived at Amanda’s and used the potty and sat and relaxed a little bit. Claire was talking a mile a minute with Amanda.


    I pulled out my kindle to check out what was happening in the real world ….aka facebook. LOL

    I was sitting in a chair and just looked up and my glance fell on Claire’s shoes sitting on the floor ……and it clicked. Claire had her school shoes with her, which meant the white tennis shoes were still sitting on the floor in my living room. UGH!
    I quickly panicked. “Where are your tennis shoes?” She swears I never told her to put them on, yet I know I told her at least 3 times. Plus she had known for weeks that those shoes were what we planned to wear “on the plane”. So a quick trip to Target was in order before our dinner date.

    We found the exact same shoes that she has at home and they were purchased and luckily didn’t break the bank. We also picked up some headphones for her ipod since I did leave those at home in another bag. I just never thought about it till we were on the road and I kept hearing the ipod noises.

    Next stop was the Cheesecake Factory.


    I visited one for the first time in Florida last year and I was hooked. Boy that food is darn good.

    When I realized my sister lived right down the road from one I insisted we eat here tonight. We were also meeting a Dis/facebook friend, Carrie, here too. She said she likes any excuse to come there as well.
    We arrived a little earlier than planned so I texted Carrie and let her know we had arrived and were seated and to just ask for the Jennifer table.


    This actually worked out really well for me. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure exactly what Carrie looked like …..because she doesn’t post many pictures of herself online ……shame on you Carrie. I knew she would probably recognize me first, since I am kind of unusual, LOL, but this worked out great.
    She was brought to our table soon after we arrived and we introduced her to Amanda and Claire and we all chatted. She was really easy to talk to and a big Disney fan as well.

    We soon were brought bread, which was really good, and Claire devoured a lot of it.


    Then we settled in to make our dinner choices.

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