Oh BeautyLLM.......Guess What!!!!!


Tinker Bell Fanatic
Jan 2, 2000
I have a PP#1406: WDW 20th Anniversary -- The Hall of Presidents pin for you. :D

I think Leslie is in Florida.......so please help me keep this to the top so she'll see it when she gets home. Leslie has been looking for this along with the WDW 20th Jungle Cruise (she got that last week) to complete her set. Think she's going to be excited???
Yes, Leslie is in Florida. She will be checking the boards a few times from down south, but I could always call her on the cell phone to tell her the good news!
HOLY SHI-CAGO!!! OMG!!! KATHIE!!! IT'S A ZIP A DEE DOO DA DAY!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

How did you get it? Excited doesn't even begin to describe!! WOW, what a wonderful surprise!!

THANK-YOU!!!!! :D :jester: :D :jester: :D

You are most welcome Leslie. Now you have a good time and email me when you get home. :D


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