****Official May 2019 thread****

Daniela Rose

Best. Day. Ever.
Mar 29, 2017
Lets get this party started!!!!!!

Who’s with me?

Dates and Resorts:

Hezzy04: April 25-May 3, POR
Otten: April 25-May 5, Universal/Poly/AKL
wlogarbo: April 27-May 3, GF
Viking7641: April 26-29, Cabana Bay, Apr 29 - May 6, Pop
denamac: April 27-May 4, BWV
Pawpsicle: April 28-May 4, POFQ
manakin: April 29-May 11, Beach Club
klacey1: April 30-May 5, BLT/Hyatt offsite
bozley0621: May 1-5, POFQ
Disneylvr: May 1-8, Pop
BJR401dis: May 1-12, POFQ
ariane37: May 2-6, WL
essentialt21: May 2-10, Jambo
JPTexan82: May 2-11, Poly
samsonjs: May 3-13, CSR
ArielSLR: May 2- Pop, May 3-5 POFQ
aebeauregard: May 4-11, POFQ
Lexx1214: May 4-11, POP
Unca’ Donald: May 4-11 POFQ
DisneyDoesMyHair: May 4-11, AKL/FW/WL
Daniela Rose: May 4-12, Contemporary
thelegacy27: May 5-10
dachsie: May 5-11, POFQ/Caribbean
sazida: May 5-11, AKL/BLT
ShelbyK: May 5-11, AKL/BWI
KNovacovschi: May 6-10, POP
bama belle: May 6-11, POP
Michiel: May 8 -18, Boardwalk Villas
EdnaMarieMode: May 8-14, POP/SSR
TEAMJACOB: May 8-15, Sapphire Falls
areno79: May 8-15, Poly
DaisyDuck001: May 8-16
dolewhipand: May 8-18
Mellymc: May 9-18, AKL
MusicalAstronaut: May 10-13, YC
darthvaderusa: May 10-16, Poly
MouseMamatoMany: May 10-18, POP
JenMac10: May 11-15, POFQ
twoolle: May 11-15, Bonnet Creek
DisneyBliss7: May 11-18, Kidani
EllNat11: May 11-18, Kidani
Megg0823: May 11-18, AKL Jambo
crazy_cremello: May 11-19, POFQ
Iowamomof4: May 11-21, POP
Flapdoodle: May 12-15, POP
MamaMaleficent0216: May 13-17, Boardwalk Villas
Shellbells: May 13-18, ASMusic
DLo: May 13-19, POR
LemonBreeland: May 13-23, Bonnet Creek
Kylieh: May 13-27, Bonnet Creek/POFQ
Mermaid Princess: May 14-18, Grand Floridian
TXCinderella: May 14-21, ASMovies/CSR
mshanson3121: May 14-21, ASMovies
sjb95u: May 15-20, Poly
jphilhower: May 15-21
robeck: May 16-23, Poly
Madame: May 17-20, BCV
Figaro972: May 17-22, BWV
ksromsck: May 17-23, CBR/BWV
PixieT78: May 18-20, POFQ, May 21-24 Hard Rock
Marissa227: May 19-25, AKL Kidani
Heluvsme: May 19-26, offsite condo
Jerry2: May 18-25, Swan
jrsharp21: May 19-21, Yacht Club
JacknDawn4ever: May 20-24
j2thomason: May 20-26, ASMo
patclairesmom: May 20-26, SSR
wdwnut61: May 22-27, BC
megs1313: May 22-30, CSR
Bismuth: May 23-30, Coronado
jojo1212: May 25-30, WL
Makermahar: May 25-June 1, ASM
dragonfly57005: May 25-June 3, GF
Tribalmom: May 26-June 1, CSR/Poly
ssmerdel: May 26-June 2, AK Villas (hoping for Beach Club)
Roxyfire: May 26-June 2, CCV 2 Bedroom
Whitney353: May 26-Jun 2, Saratoga Springs
Drcbelle: May 27-31, POP
khmorgan: May 28-June 4, Contemporary
chesiregoofy22: May 28 - June 6, Pop
WDWRookie2009: May 29-June 5, CSR
Napandnat: May 29-June 5, Dolphin
PoohsFan1: May 29 - June 8, BCV
garnwwr3229: May 30-June 5, Pop

*As of June 10, Character Spot at Epcot will now be a Tier 1.
*September Disney Jr Live is closing at Hollywood Studios. A Disney Jr Dance Party will take its place.
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Feb 4, 2018
We are planning on May 5th-11th 2019 for my 30th birthday!.. thinking of doing an AKL & BWI split ... I need to get our May 2018 trip over with first tho before my husband will even discuss specifics of 2019 :rotfl2:

    Earning My Ears
    Mar 17, 2016
    May 3 to May 12, 2019 for our family of now 5 along with grandparents. We're staying off-site in a vacation rental home. It'll be our first trip since spring break 2017. We just passed the point where we're closer to our next trip than our last-- and the last one doesn't feel all that long ago, so we'll be planning out the details before long.


    Earning My Ears
    Mar 2, 2012
    We’ll be going! Not quite positive of the dates yet, but most likely second week of May. We were going to wait until 2020, but couldn’t wait that long haha. Our last trip was in 2015. This will be our first trip with magic bands! And planning on doing this one as a surprise for the kids (DD will be 9, DS will be 8). Sooooo excited!!
  • Iowamomof4

    DIS Veteran
    Jul 26, 2015
    My TA is going to book us for May 14-May 23, 2019! Staying at Pop Century. Nothing set in stone right now as we have a lot of financial stuff up in the air. Hopefully it'll all work out. :teacher:


    DIS Veteran
    May 30, 2007
    Booked May 6-10, 2019 at POP, standard room. This will be my 2nd solo trip but 1st F&G, I'm so excited as I've been to F&W multiple times but never F&G. :banana::banana::banana:


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