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    Welcome to the July Disney Goers Thread! Please join us in planning for your July trip to Disney. The following links below are useful in helping to plan your trip.

    :surfweb:Important Links to Help With Planning:surfweb:

    Park hours


    Easy WDW crowd calendar for July

    Limited Time Magic Listings

    Facebook group link

    Dis Meet- July 14 in MK at Dole Whip Stand in Adventureland @ 11:00 am. Bring a small gift to exchange that represents your home city or state. Ex. Vile of coal, soap, etc. (Any questions, please PM RHMH for more information).

    :yay:Resort List:yay:

    ~Arriving June 26~

    ~Arriving June 27~

    ~Arriving June 28~
    mickeymom69- June 28- July 6 @ AsM

    ~Arriving June 29~
    lisatav- June 29- July 5 @ POR royal rooms
    Will5mom- June 29- July 6 @ AKL CL?
    WAHkoMom- June 29- July 8 @ SS

    ~Arriving June 30~
    HoliPoli- June 30- July 5 @ Ft. Wilderness
    candygirl83- June 30- July 6 @ AoA
    mommys3- June 30- July 6 @ Pop and Poly
    attain- June 30- July 6 @ POR Royal Rooms
    Katieam1- June 30- July 7 @ BWV
    WAHkoMom- June 30- July 8 @ SS
    ddluvsdisney- June 30- July 31 @ off site

    ~Arriving July 1~
    candygirl83- July 1- July 6 @ POP
    xmansmom- July 1- July 6 @ POFQ
    CSwan1- July 1- July 10 @ POR Royal Room

    ~Arriving July 2~
    lovegrumpy- July 2- July 6 @ Contemporary Garden Wing and POFQ
    Lupeix- July 2- July 9 @ off site
    rebelbuddhist- July 2- July 13 @ ?

    ~Arriving July 3~
    tangled23- July 3- July 10 @ POR
    Chippydale22- July 3- July 11 @ YC
    Helsie- July 3- ? @ POFQ

    ~Arriving July 4~
    j67bubba- July 4- July 9 @ CSR
    flipperkct- July 4- July 12 @ AoA
    bugzy- July 4- July 12 @ AKL club level
    IHeartDDuck- July 4- July 9 @ THV and July 9- July 14 @ AKV
    Cyrano- July 4- 18 @ OKW & July 18-24 @ Royal Pacific Resort

    ~Arriving July 5~
    REW91599- July 5- July 11 @ ?
    ScotsMinnie- July 5- July 14 @ Poly
    MinnieTwinnie- July 5- July 19 @ off site villa
    MsKitty77- July 5- July 19 @ POFQ
    tiredsportsmom- July 5- July 20 @ off site

    ~Arriving July 6~
    Gibbygirl- July 6- ? @ ?
    mccartcm- July 6- July 13 @ POFQ

    ~Arriving July 7~
    Miss Monorail 1971- July 7- July 12 @ AKV Kidani and July 13 @ POR Royal Room
    NJdadof2- July 7- July 14 @ BLT
    disneyjr77- July 7- July 14 @ Westgate Town Center

    ~Arriving July 8~
    UDFlyer12- July 8- July 12 @ POR
    jaideo- July 8-? @ POFQ

    ~Arriving July 9~
    MAGICFOR2- July 9- July 16 @ SSR
    snowangel72- July 9- July 16 @ Bonnet Creek
    SMWfamily- July 9- July 14 @ off site and July 14- July 17 @ Bonnet Creek

    ~Arriving July 10~
    Indy Denise- July 10- July 16 @ POR
    Ferrentinos- July 10- July 17 @ Poly
    courtneylauren- July 10-July 20 @ SS and July 20-July 27 @ BLT

    ~Arriving July 11~
    SoonToBeMrs- July 11- July 18 @ POR
    MaestroTK- July 11- July 20 @ WL
    DisneyFam09- July 11-July 24 @ off site

    ~Arriving July 12~
    lhk617- July 12- July 19 @ POR
    texasteacher35- July 12-19 @ SS and July 20- July 27 @ BWV

    ~Arriving July 13~
    kimysbug- July 13- July 18 @ AKL (18th anniversary trip)
    lfortin16- July 13- July 20 @ AKV-Kidani
    HollywoodTowerHotel- July 13- July 20 @ ?
    kirrrby- July 13- July 20 @ Wilderness and Shades of Green
    mersmom98- July 13- July 20 @ off site
    RHMH- July 13- July 21 @ AKL
    cathie1246- July 13- ? @ POFQ

    ~Arriving July 14~
    WeloveMike- July 14- July 17 @ ?
    teachermommy78- July 14- July 19 @ POR
    diskids2- July 14- July 20 @ BWI
    melifeld- July 14- July 26 @ AKL
    Goofygirl17- July 14- July 28 @ off site

    ~Arriving July 15~
    tiredsportsmom- July 15- July 20 @ off site
    thrillridejunkie- July 15- July 21 @ BLT
    grandmadebby2- July 15- July 24 @ AoA

    ~Arriving July 16~
    Miss Mo- July 16- 20 @ AoA and July 20-30 @ SSR
    Disneybabe84- July 16- July 30 @ ?

    ~Arriving July 17~
    TeamTilson- July 17- July 22 @ AoA

    ~Arriving July 18~
    capegirl- July 18-26 @ CSR
    LittleKittyMarie- July 18- July 22 @ BWV and July 22- July 27 @ GF
    Z28KatCar- July 18- August 1 @ WL CL

    ~Arriving July 19~
    Jenniecamp86- July 19- July 24 @ CBR
    ocalla- July 19- July 23 @ BC and July 23- July 27 @ POLY

    ~Arriving July 20~
    Carissa1970- July 20- July 25 @ OKW
    CRSTEPHE- July 20- July 26 @ AKL
    DisMom1981- July 20- July 27 @ POP
    moviefreak78- July 20- July 27 @ SOG
    caralyn817- July 20- July 27 @ CSR
    njtinkmom- July 20- July 28 @ BLT

    ~Arriving July 21~
    pawahl- July 21- July 27 @ POR
    dominiondad- July 21- July 27 @ AKL
    disfountainofyouth- July 21-July 28 @ VWL

    ~Arriving July 22~
    Snooks23- July 22- July 28 @ AoA
    TXdisney- July 22- July 29 @ CR
    NikkiLovesWDW- July 22- July 26 @ CR and July 26-31 @ POFQ

    ~Arriving July 23~
    bstarprincesss37- July 23- July 30 @ AKV and POR

    ~Arriving July 24~
    MdMommy- July 24- August 2 @ POR
    lovegrumpy- July 24- August 4 @ ?

    ~Arriving July 25~
    wdisneyaholic- July 25- August 4 @ YC

    ~Arriving July 26~
    michelles1987- July 26- July 31 @ ASMovies
    turtlebean- July 26- August 3 @ CBR
    EllyLovesDisney- July 26- July 30 @ CSR, July 30- August 3 @ ASMusic, and August 3- August 6 @ Bonnet Creek
    CuppieCake04- July 26- August 8 @ POP
    Kopitedor- July 26- August 10 @ POR

    ~Arriving July 27~
    Denamac- July 27- August 3 @ BLT
    ChevyNat- July 27- August 3 @ Vistana Resorts and August 3- August 7 @ SeaWorld Grand Vacation Club

    ~Arriving July 28~
    glvsav37- July 28- August 8 @ BLT

    ~Arriving July 29~
    anjalee6- July 29- August 3 @ AKL

    ~Arriving July 30~
    lmoores- July 30- August 3 @ Poly
    duels23- July 30- August 4 @ POR
    Disney's Fab 4- July 30- August 6 @ POP

    ~Arriving July 31~
  2. anjalee6

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    Mar 31, 2010
    popcorn:: July Thread ADRs :drinking1

    When posting your ADRs, please include the actual time of day or specify as Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner if you do not want to include time. Please also make sure that you do not post reservation numbers with ADRs.

    ~June 29~
    lisatav- 1900 Park Fare (dinner)

    ~July 1~
    attain- Akershus @ 9:30 am
    WAHkoMom- 50's Prime Time (lunch)
    attain- The Wave @ 6:45 pm
    mommys3- 'ohana @ 7:00 pm
    lisatav- Teppan Edo (dinner)
    attain- Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise @ 8:45 pm

    mommys3- Crystal Palace @ 8:10 am
    attain- Hollywood and Vine @ 12:20 pm
    WAHkoMom- Tutto Italia (dinner)
    lisatav- 'Ohana (dinner)

    ~July 3~
    mommys3- Akershus @ 8:00 am
    lisatav- Chef Mickey's (breakfast)
    mommys3- Via Napoli @ 2:00 pm
    attain- Liberty Tree Tavern @ 4:20 pm
    tangled23- Paradiso 37 (dinner)
    lisatav- Wishes Dessert Party

    ~July 4~
    WAHkoMom- Crystal Palace (breakfast)
    WAHkoMom- Be Our Guest (lunch)
    tangled23- The Plaza (lunch)
    attain- Garden Grill @ 6:55 pm
    ddluvsdisney- Rose and Crown (dinner)
    lisatav- Mama Melrose F! pkg. (dinner)
    HoliPoli- Wishes Dessert Party

    ~July 5~
    mommys3- Kona Cafe @ 8:00 am
    lisatav- T-Rex (lunch)
    attain- Liberty Tree Tavern @ 6:35 pm
    tangled23- Biergarten (dinner)
    WAHkoMom- Yak and Yeti (dinner)

    ~July 6~
    tangled23- Sci-Fi (lunch)
    mccartcm- 'Ohana @ 7:00 pm

    ~July 7~
    mccartcm- Le Cellier @ 7:00 pm
    WAHkoMom- Teppan Edo (dinner)

    ~July 8~
    mccartcm- Sci-Fi @ 4:30 pm
    tangled23- 50's Prime Time (dinner)

    ~July 9~
    tangled23- Tony's Town Square (dinner)
    disneyjr77- Chef Mickey's (dinner)
    mccartcm- Teppen Edo @ 7:00 pm

    ~July 10~
    jaideo- Tusker House @ 1:35 pm
    mccartcm- Kona @ 7:00 pm
    SMWFamily- Be Our Guest @ 8:50 pm
    NJdadof2- Hoop de Doo Revue (dinner)

    ~July 11~
    NJdadof2- Akershus (breakfast)
    mccartcm- Liberty Tree Tavern @ 1:30 pm
    NJdadof2- Chefs de France (Lunch)
    SoonToBeMrs- 1900 Park Fare @ 5:55 pm
    SMWfamily- Rose and Crown (dinner)

    ~July 12~
    Ferrentinos- Akershus (lunch)
    Ferrentinos- Spirit of Aloha (dinner)
    NJdadof2- Mama Melrose (dinner)
    SMWfamily- House of Blues (dinner)
    SoonToBeMrs- DFTW @ SBP and 'Ohana @ 8:05 pm

    ~July 13~
    Ferrentinos- Hollywood and Vine (lunch)
    RHMH- T-Rex @ 4:00 pm
    SoonToBeMrs- CRT @ 8:05 pm
    NJdadof2- San Angel Inn (dinner)

    ~July 14~
    NJdadof2- 'Ohana (breakfast)
    Ferrentinos- CRT (breakfast)
    MaestroTK- Chef Mickey's (breakfast)
    RHMH- Be Our Guest @ 5:35 pm
    SoonToBeMrs- Crystal Palace @ 8:05 pm
    diskids2- Mama Melrose (F! package dinner)
    Ferrentinos- Kona (dinner)
    HollywoodTowerHotel- Via Napoli (dinner)
    DisneyFam09- Rose and Crown (dinner)
    lforitn16- Teppan Edo

    ~July 15~
    Ferrentinos- 'Ohana ( breakfast)
    RHMH- Sci-Fi @ 11:35 am
    diskids2- Hard Rock @ Universal (lunch)
    SoonToBeMrs- Garden Grill @ 6:30 pm
    RHMH- 50"s Prime Time @ 8:30 pm
    Ferrentinos- Rose and Crown (dinner)
    MamaSammy- Yak and Yeti (dinner)
    lforitn16- Akershus

    ~July 16~
    diskids2- Crystal Palace (breakfast)
    Ferrentinos- Kona Cafe (breakfast)
    HollywoodTowerHotel- Le Chefs (lunch)
    RHMH- World Showcase (lunch)
    RHMH- Kona Sushi Bar @ 5:00 pm
    teachermommy78- 50's Primetime @ 6:45 pm
    SoonToBeMrs- Sci-Fi @ 7:05 pm
    MaestroTK- Luau (dinner)
    HollywoodTowerHotel- Rose and Crown (dinner)
    diskids2- Be Our Guest (dinner)
    lforitn16- Hollywood and Vine (dinner)
    MamaSammy- Akershus (dinner)
    Ferrentinos- 'Ohana (dinner)
    SMWfamily- 50's Prime Time (dinner)
    DisneyFam09- Wishes Dessert Party

    ~July 17~
    lforitn16- Crystal Palace @ 8:05 am
    SoonToBeMrs- Coral Reef @ 6:20 pm
    RHMH- 'Ohana @ 8:10 pm
    diskids2- Tutto Italia (dinner)
    HollywoodTowerHotel- Mama Melrose (dinner)
    lforitn16- Jiko (dinner)
    MamaSammy- Be Our Guest (dinner)

    ~July 18~
    HollywoodTowerHotel- Kona (breakfast)
    RHMH- Beaches and Cream @ 11:00 am
    HollywoodTowerHotel- Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch)
    DisneyFam09- Via Napoli (lunch)
    RHMH- Whispering Canyon Cafe @ 6:45 pm
    diskids2- Rainforest Cafe (dinner)
    MamaSammy- 'Ohana (dinner)
    lforitn16- Boma
    DisneyFam09- Olivia's

    ~July 19~
    ddluvsdisney- CRT (lunch)
    DisneyFam09- CRT (lunch)
    capegirl- Splitsville @ 6:00 pm
    diskids2- Raglan Road (dinner)
    MamaSammy- Crystal Palace (dinner)
    MamaSammy- Wishes Dessert Party
    lforitn16- Wishes Dessert Party

    ~July 20~
    Jenniecamp86- Tusker House (breakfast)
    RHMH- The Plaza @ 12:10 pm
    diskids2- ESPN (lunch)
    njtinkmom- 1900 Park Fare @ 6:10 pm
    RHMH- Tony's @ 6:15 pm
    capegirl- Trail's End @ 6:50 pm
    LittleKittyMarie- Be Our Guest (dinner)
    DisneyFam09- 'Ohana (dinner)

    ~July 21~
    Miss Mo- Crystal palace @ 8:35 am
    Carissa1970- Sci-Fi (lunch)
    njtinkmom- Be Our Guest @ 5:00 pm
    capegirl- Via Napoli @ 7:00 pm
    Jenniecamp86- Garden Grill (dinner)

    ~July 22~
    Jenniecamp86- Crystal Palace (breakfast)
    capegirl- 50's Prime Time @ 1:30 pm
    njtinkmom- Hollywood Brown Derby F! pkg @ 3:45 pm
    TXdisney- Narcoosee's @ 7:25 pm
    Snooks23- Rainforest or Bongos (dinner)

    ~July 23~
    TXdisney- Cape May Cafe @ 10:00 am
    Snooks23- CRT (breakfast)
    Jenniecamp86- 'Ohana (breakfast)
    capegirl- 'Ohana @ 5:00 pm
    njtinkmom- Boma @ 6:25 pm
    caralyn817- 'Ohana @ 6:25 pm
    TXdisney- Rose and Crown @ 7:15 pm
    LittleKittyMarie- Victoria and Albert (dinner)

    ~July 24~
    caralyn817- Crystal Palace @ 8:40 am
    njtinkmom- Crystal Palace @ 9:15 am
    TXdisney- Tusker House @ 9:50 am
    LittleKittyMarie- Kona (breakfast)
    Carissa1970- Whispering Canyon Cafe (breakfast)
    capegirl- Maya Grille @ 6:00 pm
    TXdisney- 'Ohana @ 7:00 pm
    Miss Mo- Be Our Guest @ 8:30 pm
    MdMommy- Coral Reef (dinner)
    Snooks23- Chef Mickey's (dinner)
    LittleKittyMarie- 'Ohana (dinner)

    ~July 25~
    TXdisney- Hollywood and Vine @ 9:35 am
    Snooks23- Akershus (breakfast)
    Snooks23- Akershus (breakfast)
    caralyn817- Chef Mickey's @ 5:40 pm
    TXdisney- HDDR @ 6:00 pm
    MdMommy- 1900 Park Fare (Sweet Sixteen dinner)
    LittleKittyMarie- Le Cellier (dinner)

    ~July 26~
    TXdisney- Crystal Palace @ 10:00 am
    TXdisney- CRT @ 7:00 pm
    LittleKittyMarie- CRT (dinner)
    Snooks23- 50's Prime Time (dinner)

    ~July 27~
    TXdisney- Chef Mickey's @ 10:00 am
    Snooks23- Crystal Palace (breakfast)
    TXdisney- Be Our Guest @ 7:00 pm
    MdMommy- Be Our Guest (dinner)
    EllyLovesDIsney- The Plaza (dinner)

    ~July 28~
    NikkiLovesWDW! 'Ohana @ 6:25 pm
    MdMommy- Sci-Fi (dinner)
    EllyLovesDIsney- T-Rex (dinner)
    TXdisney- Boma @ 7:10 pm

    ~July 29~
    TXdisney- 'Ohana @ 10:00 am
    anjalee6- Chef Mickey's @ 6:35 pm
    MdMommy- Rose and Crown ( dinner)
    EllyLovesDIsney- 'Ohana (dinner)

    ~July 30~
    anjalee6- Hollywood and Vine @ 8:05 am
    EllyLovesDIsney- Hollywood Brown Derby (lunch)
    anjalee6- 50's Prime Time @ 12:15 pm
    anjalee6- San Angel Inn @ 4:45 pm
    lmoores- Liberty Tree Tavern @ 8:00 pm
    duels23- 'Ohana @ 8:00 pm

    ~July 31~
    anjalee6- Tusker House @ 11:55 am
    lmoores- Coral Reef @ 12:45 pm
    anjalee6- Narcoossee's @ 5:45 pm
    duels23- 'Crystal Palace @ 6:00 pm

    ~August 1~
    anjalee6- Boma @ 7:30 am
    anjalee6- Hollywood Brown Derby @ 11:30 am
    duels23- Via Napoli @ 5:30 pm
    anjalee6- CRT @ 6:45 pm
    MdMommy- 'Ohana (19th birthday dinner)

    ~August 2~
    lmoores- CRT @ 9:05 am
    anjalee6- Coral Reef @ 11:45 am
    duels23- Garden Grill @ 5:00 pm
    anjalee6- 1900 Park Fare @ 5:45 pm

    ~August 3~
    anjalee6- Yak and Yeti @ 11:30 am
    duels23- 50's Prime Time @ 5:30 pm

    ~August 4~
    EllyLovesDIsney- Tusker House (breakfast)

    ~August 5~

    ~August 6~

    ~August 7~

    PARKS AND PLANS. List of where the July group will be on which days!

    ~June 30~
    lisatav- Magic Kingdom

    ~July 1~
    mommys3- Blizzard Beach
    attain- Epcot
    lisatav- Epcot

    attain- Hollywood Studios
    mommys3- Magic Kingdom
    lisatav- resort day

    ~July 3~
    tangled23- arrive and DTD
    mommys3- Epcot
    attain- Magic Kingdom
    Lupeix- Magic Kingdom
    lisatav- Magic Kingdom

    ~July 4~
    attain- Animal Kingdom (day) and Epcot (night)
    lisatav- Hollywood Studios
    tangled23- Magic Kingdom
    Lupeix- resort day
    j67budda- resort day

    ~July 5~
    tangled23- Epcot
    j67budda- Epcot
    attain- Magic Kingdom
    Lupeix- Magic Kingdom
    lisatav- DTD

    ~July 6~
    tangled23- Hollywood Studios
    mccartcm- arrival day/ head to Magic Kingdom or Epcot
    j67budda- Magic Kingdom
    attain- departure day

    ~July 7~
    disneyjr77- arrival day
    tangled23- Animal Kingdom
    mccartcm- Epcot
    j67budda- Hollywood Studios

    ~July 8~
    j67budda- Animal Kingdom
    mccartcm- Hollywood Studios
    disneyjr77- Universal

    ~July 9~
    mccartcm- Animal Kingdom (morning)
    mccartcm- Epcot (afternoon/evening)
    tangled23- Magic Kingdom
    disneyjr77- Magic Kingdom
    j67budda- departure day

    ~July 10~
    Ferrentinos- arrive at resort, Animal Kingdom (evening)
    disneyjr77- DTD, resort
    mccartcm- Magic Kingdom
    SMWfamily- Magic Kingdom

    ~July 11~
    mccartcm- Downtown Disney (afternoon)
    disneyjr77- Epcot
    SMWfamily- Epcot
    Ferrentinos- Magic Kingdom(morning)
    mccartcm- Magic Kingdom (morning)
    DisneyFam09- resort check-in

    ~July 12~
    Ferrentinos- Epcot (morning)
    SMWfamily- DTD
    disneyjr77- Hollywood Studios
    DisneyFam09- Hollywood Studios
    mccartcm- last day (finish any park necessary)
    kirrrby-arrival day

    ~July 13~
    SMWfamily- Animal Kingdom
    DisneyFam09- Animal Kingdom
    Ferrentinos- Hollywood Studios (morning)
    lfortin16- Magic Kingdom
    disneyjr77- Resort
    mccartcm- departure day

    ~July 14~
    Ferrentinos- DTD (night)
    DisneyFam09- Epcot
    lfortin16- Epcot and Magic Kingdom
    MaestroTK- Magic Kingdom
    RHMH- Magic Kingdom
    SMWfamily- Magic Kingdom
    Ferrentinos- Magic Kingdom (morning)
    kirrrby- Magic Kingdom
    diskids2- Hollywood Studios

    ~July 15~
    MamaSammy- Animal Kingdom
    kirrrby- Animal Kingdom
    MaestroTK- Epcot
    Ferrentinos- poly (morning) and Epcot (evening)
    RHMH- Hollywood Studios
    lfortin16- Magic Kingdom (morning) and Epcot (pm)
    SMWfamily- pool
    diskid2- Universal and IOA

    ~July 16~
    RHMH- Epcot
    SMWfamily- Hollywood Studios
    lfortin16- Hollywood Studios
    MamaSammy- Hollywood Studios
    kirrrby- Hollywood Studios [
    diskids2- Magic Kingdom
    Ferrentinos- Magic Kingdom (morning)
    DisneyFam09- Magic Kingdom
    MaestroTK- Typhoon Lagoon

    ~July 17~
    RHMH- Animal Kingdom
    diskids2- Epcot
    kirrrby- Epcot
    MaestroTK- Hollywood Studios
    DisneyFam09- Hollywood Studios
    lfortin16- Magic Kingdom (morning) and resort (afternoon)
    MamaSammy- Magic Kingdom
    Ferrentinos- departure day

    ~July 18~
    diskids2- Animal Kingdom
    lfortin16- Animal Kingdom
    MaestroTK- Animal Kingdom
    DisneyFam09- Epcot
    MamaSammy- Epcot
    kirrrby- Magic Kingdom
    RHMH- resort hopping
    capegirl- arrival day at CSR

    ~July 19~
    kirrrby- Epcot
    diskids2- Hollywood Studios
    lfortin16- Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios (morning) and resort (afternoon)
    RHMH- Magic Kingdom
    DisneyFam09- Magic Kingdom (BBB)
    MamaSammy- Magic Kingdom
    Jenniecamp86- check in to CBR/DTD
    capegirl- Typhoon Lagoon and DTD

    ~July 20~
    Jenniecamp86- Animal Kingdom
    MamaSammy- Animal Kingdom and then departure
    DisneyFam09- DTD
    RHMH- Hollywood Studios
    capegirl- Magic Kingdom (am) and Fort Wilderness (pm)
    lfortin16- departure day

    ~July 21~
    Jenniecamp86- Epcot
    capegirl- Epcot
    Carissa1970- Hollywood Studios and Epcot

    ~July 22~
    Carissa1970- Blizzard Beach
    capegirl- Hollywood Studios
    Jenniecamp86- Magic Kingdom
    Snooks23- DTD
    TXdisney- Resort hop

    ~July 23~
    Snooks23- Magic Kingdom (BBB)
    Carissa1970- Magic Kingdom and Epcot or Animal Kingdom
    Jenniecamp86- BBB and Hollywood Studios
    TXdisney- Epcot
    capegirl- Blizzard Beach and resort hopping

    ~July 24~
    Snooks23- Animal Kingdom
    TXdisney- Animal Kingdom
    Jenniecamp86- Departure day
    capegirl- resort day

    ~July 25~
    Snooks23- Epcot
    TXdisney- Hollywood Studios
    capegirl- Magic Kingdom

    ~July 26~
    Snooks23- Hollywood Studios
    TXdisney- Magic Kingdom
    lmoores- arrival day
    capegirl- departure day

    ~July 27~
    lmoores- arrival at YC
    Snooks23- Magic Kingdom (Pirates's League)
    TXdisney- Magic Kingdom/DTD

    ~July 28~
    Snooks23- DTD or resort
    lmoores- Hollywood Studios (am) and Magic Kingdom (pm)
    TXdisney- Epcot/Magic Kingdom

    ~July 29~
    anjalee6- Magic Kingdom
    TXdisney- Magic Kingdom/ departure day
    lmoores- Blizzard Beach (morning) and Epcot (night)

    ~July 30~
    anjalee6- Hollywood Studios (morning) and Epcot (afternoon)
    lmoores- Magic Kingdom

    ~July 31~
    anjalee6- Animal Kingdom (morning) and Magic Kingdom ( night)
    lmoores- Epcot (am) and Hollywood Studios (pm)

    ~August 1~
    anjalee6- Hollywood Studios (day) DTD (BBB and Disney Quest) and Magic Kingdom (night)
    lmoores- Typhoon Lagoon/DTD/ Disney Quest

    ~August 2~
    anjalee6- Epcot (morning) and Magic Kingdom (night)
    lmoores- park hop

    ~August 3~
    anjalee6- Animal Kingdom (morning) and departure day
    lmoores- depature day
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  4. RHMH

    RHMH FTW Texas

    Jun 5, 2011
    DD and I are HERE!! Checked in and appreciate you for taking on this very important project. You were Super Duper on the July 2012 Thread.

    Polynesian Resort July 13th through July 22nd. :cool1:
  5. anjalee6

    anjalee6 DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2010

    Yay! I will update the list tomorrow. Really tired tonight. So happy to be able to pass the time with you!
  6. nancy155

    nancy155 DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2010
    YEAH!! Anjalee you are superwoman once again! I look forward to passing the time with everyone again! I have not locked in our dates yet for July, but know it will be shortly after the 4th I am hoping. Hoping to get either BWV or Bonnet Creek again. We will see what the availabilty looks like with RCI. :cool1::cool1:

    By the way just purchased a new laptop last night so will not have to post from my phone anymore, which hopefully will assist with spelling errors! LOL

    My items never showed up. Turned a claim in under my homeowners policy. I will be checking and double checking from now on to make sure we have everything!
  7. anjalee6

    anjalee6 DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2010
    yay! for joining us! This was a really fun group to be part of and it will be nice to plan together again.

    So sorry Nancy that they didn't find your stuff. That is really sad. I was really hoping that someone would do the right thing and return it. Boo.
  8. Z28KatCar

    Z28KatCar Life without Disney, why?

    Feb 2, 2009
    We have booked our trip for July 18 - Aug. 1, 2013 staying CL at AKL. We have never stayed at a deluxe resort let alone CL and for 14 nights :) My DMIL & DFIL are coming as well but staying pool view. Our DD has no idea that we have planned this trip and we have an in the car scavenger hunt that she will be doing as we drive to Boston. Can't even express in words how excited we are about this trip!
  9. dismagiclover

    dismagiclover Mrs. Darling: Mom to Wendy, John & Michael

    Aug 23, 2007
    We're planning a late July/August trip. Currently I'm thinking it will be 16 nights on property:cool1: Everyone has a different place they want to stay. Nothing is booked yet, but I'm thinking of doing a five way split stay. The resorts: Poly/AKV Kidani/AoA/POR/BWV. The longest stay will be AKV for 7 nights. The shortest Poly and BWV both just for 1 night. What do you think? Am I crazy? Can't wait to hear about everyone elses plans!
  10. anjalee6

    anjalee6 DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2010
    :welcome: we love AKL. It is one of my favorite resorts.

    :welcome: 16 nights would be great! The longest we have stayed is 11 and we loved it. Gives you so much time to get everything done. I personally have only ever done two split stays. We enjoyed it, but I did feel like we wasted some time switching between resorts. I would do it again though if I really couldn't decide between two. I don't think I could do more than that though. Can't wait to hear about your plans.
  11. RHMH

    RHMH FTW Texas

    Jun 5, 2011
    YAY !!!!! Same here. :)
  12. RHMH

    RHMH FTW Texas

    Jun 5, 2011
    Lucy, Midori's school friend is going with us next July. Saturday we had a 5 hour Disney orientation followed by lunch. Midori and Lucy has been friends since Kinder. I am so glad Lucy is going, it's time for Midori to have a friend to share Disney with. DD and Dad trips are super fun but Midori is growing up and I see the need for a change. Meaning Girl time..... at Disney. You know what I mean. WOW, it will be fun..
  13. nancy155

    nancy155 DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2010
    Tyler has a friend who will be going with us in March during both boy's Spring Break. Both are Seniors in HS and looking forward to the trip. I too am looking forward to this as Tyler's friend has never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld! So I know it will be fun for Tyler to show him around his favorite place. As for our July trip I think it may be just Tyler and I. Will have to wait and see..
  14. anjalee6

    anjalee6 DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2010
    Bet that it will be a lot of fun for Midori to bring her friend with her. Are you still going for the Poly? I keep debating whether I want to change our November trip to the Poly but I know my DH really wants to stay at AKL. It's his favorite and I love it too, but I love the Poly too... Completely different experience.
  15. RHMH

    RHMH FTW Texas

    Jun 5, 2011
    We are surely going to try. Now with the additional person, we may have to go with POFQ or CBR again. It will depend on the pin we get later this year. I need a room pin and not a dining pin.
  16. anjalee6

    anjalee6 DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2010
    Back to work for me tomorrow. Professional days for teachers, but still back to work. Ugh! Where did summer go?
  17. nancy155

    nancy155 DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2010
    I hear you Anjalee! Summer went way way too fast. Our kiddos here start school on the 27th of August. My niece is a teacher in Colorado Springs and they all went back to school last week! YIKES that is early!

    Tyler was happy he doesn't live there! He will be a senior this year and appears a little nervous about this year.

    Have a wonderful Anniversary trip in November.. What a perfect time to go!:thumbsup2:thumbsup2:thumbsup2
  18. RHMH

    RHMH FTW Texas

    Jun 5, 2011
    Sorry Anjalee - Midori and her friends started school Aug 13th. Nancy - looks like your kids have a few more days left.

    Midori and Lucy has me going crazy as to which resort they want to stay at next July. It's gone from Polynesian to POFQ :confused3 to Caribbean back to Polynesian :confused3 and now Caribbean :rolleyes1 .

    I am about to tell them, :mic: they have to stay in a tent on the Polynesian beach. :lmao: The fun has begun to keep the 2 girls focused. They have made an agenda and asked when they can make dining reservations. Lucy Mom just smiles and says what ever you want to do is fine with me. :crazy2:
  19. anjalee6

    anjalee6 DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2010
    I met my new students today. So as a getting to know you activity, we do a scavenger hunt to find people with certain characteristics. One of the things listed was find a person who has been to Disney World. A boy says, "I have, but really wished I didn't. I hated that place." We are not going to survive together this year together :rotfl2: as I use Disney references for everything. Seriously, I am sure he's a wonderful kid, it just made me laugh. I know there are plenty of people that are anti-Disney and I certainly know a lot of people that don't love Disney as much as me, but I still don't understand how I child could have disliked Disney. Lol
  20. RHMH

    RHMH FTW Texas

    Jun 5, 2011
    WOW !! I am with you, a child that does not love Disney theme parks. Maybe you will find out eventually what experience he had to dislike Disney.

    Midori came home yesterday and shared with me that WE :rotfl:had a project due by Tuesday. One of her summer reading books, she chose Flush... guess what ??? it has to be in 3-D.. We went to the craft store and SPENT 35.00 for the supplies.. Midori said we just purchased her Grade for this project and it had better be an A. I asked what do you mean it had better be an A. Midori laughed and said your doing it. :scared1:

    Have a great day.
  21. nancy155

    nancy155 DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2010
    That is hard to imagine a child who does not care for Disney! YIKES... Maybe by the end of the school year you will have converted him! LOL

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