Not all cocktails are hand-crafted at Disney

Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by disneysteve, Jun 8, 2017.

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    Feb 13, 2013
    I ordered the Avocado margarita a couple of weeks ago and the bartender made it fresh, however he made an entire blender full. The next person that ordered it would have gotten the rest of what was in the pitcher.

    I'm guessing it just makes more sense this way, especially since he had to cut open an avocado and it's easier to put the whole thing in then instead of letting it brown waiting for the next person. And during F&W, it just makes more sense to make larger batches at once. Most people, including me, are not going to customize it.
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    Good God, woman! Did you give up sniffing glue that day, TOO?!? :faint: (j/k. Congratulations.:thumbsup2)
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    I think it still counts as hand crafted if they make a pitcher all at once and then serve from there, but only if it was a "from scratch" drink to begin with.
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    Ha! I gave up smoking after approximately 33 years, and since I felt the urge to smoke more when I drank, I decided to give up drinking the same day, so as not to tempt myself. Has not been easy in either case, and I honestly can't say what I miss more (and I still do miss both!). I will say "peer pressure" has been MUCH more fierce in the drinking department, as more and more people have given up smoking. But some people have been offended when I won't even take "one small sip" for say an anniversary, wedding, or their 50th birthday, or something. But I gotta hang TOUGH! :)
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    I used to know a bartender who Foot-Crafted all his drinks.
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