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    Mar 29, 2006
    My in-laws have a non-Disney timeshare, but in their resort book, it lists the Disney DVC resorts. Does anyone have experience with availability trying to book Disney DVC resorts through a different timeshare company? How far out do you think we could book the resort?
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    Aug 14, 1998
    As of January, 2009 DVC Resorts are available thru RCI. Recently there have been DVC villas available within about 10 months. DVC members cannot make reservations at their own resorts until 11 months at the earliest, so RCI reservations are not likely to be available any earlier than that either.

    Availability will depend on the trading strength of your in-laws resort as well as the dates and type of villa they would want at DVC. As with any other exchange, the more flexible regarding dates, resort and room-size - the more likely you will find success. With RCI, I'd suggest an ongoing search even a couple of years in advance of when you'd want to go.

    Good luck!
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    Aug 19, 1999
    I've booked many weeks through II when DVC was with them and through both RCI weeks AND RCI points. Actually weeks have been available right at or just after 11 months out for most resorts though the smaller resorts don't make it to the online options as often due to ongoing searches. Currently it's been mostly studios and 1 BR and mostly SSR & OKW but a fair amount of VWL and BWV also. Early on BCV and AKV were very common in RCI but not as much lately. If they have a current deposit, see if you see the DVC resorts. Sign on to the account, select the tab for "Search for a Vacation", this should give you somewhere between 100K and 150K possible units available to you, it will show the number. Then select Florida then Orlando Area then WDW. You should see around 22 resorts total, 1200 units total and 85 DVC units (remember VWL is listed on a later page since it's alphabetical). If you have a decent but not great trader, you will likely see 17 resorts and 700 units and a worse trader something around 15-16 resorts and 350 units. There are a couple of other trade levels but this should give you an idea. Unless you have a top option at 22 resorts and 1200 units, you likely have no chance of trading to DVC with any such unit now and possibly not ever other than inside the 45 day window. There may be ways to maximize trading power but it depends on what resort, unit size, specific week and how far out it's deposited. IF they have choices as to the week and/or resort to deposit, investigate the best options and select that. Regardless, make sure they reserve and deposit as far out as possible and at least 10 months out even if they have to prepay fees to do so. If you can't see DVC now, the obvious question is can you see it if you maximize trade power as I noted above. You might be able to answer that question on TUG from others who own at that resort.

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