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Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by Mrs.viv07, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Mrs.viv07

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    Jul 13, 2006
    hi i just found this site via the nest and i am amazed and very confused. i am trying to book and organize a trip in jan 07 for my ds bday (6) i found that the all stars movie hotel (love bug building) is afforadable and ds would love it he is obssed w/ herbie.
    here are some questions
    1. is it better if we book a package or individually? (hotel / tickets / airfare)
    2. we will be there for 7 days are we better off buying the tickets in advance with park hopper and water park?
    3. does anyone have excel/word sheets that can help me organize myself beter? there any particular order we should visit the parks? i know we should dedicate 1 day per park so that would be
    ~magic kingdom
    ~animal kingdom

    then some water parks
    ~blizzard beach

    so that is 5 days there any suggestions as what can we do witht the other 2 days?

    Thanks so much for all you help, this is so overwhelming at time to try to plan

    Viv :crazy:
  2. daisy duck

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    Jun 17, 2006
    Ithink its better to book the package with the air, disney will do all that for you. i would get park hopper pass with this also that way you could enjoy every day. but there is one thing the 2007 package dosent come out untell october, it's a better dell for that. :wave:
  3. laura001

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    Mar 22, 2005
    Welcome to DIS!

    When booking you need to price out your package vs. individual. Usually purchasing your airfare separate will save you money. It depends on what you want, ie. dining package etc. I am not sure if the full package prices are out yet for 2007 (I believe late Aug).

    I also believe that one of the water parks is usually closed for rehab at that time, you might also want to check the weather, it can be cool in January (you might not want to swim much)

    Check out this website, it will help you too!

  4. disney09

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    Jul 4, 2006
    I agree with the former post, wait until the packages are out before you book anything, sometimes you can find an excellent deal! And also compare the packages against individual, and see if you can save some bucks.
    Allears is excellent! you can find tons of information there, and good reviews to let you know what would you prefer. Also I just bought the Passporter book and there is a lot of information on resorts, park, attractions, etc, and let you organize, I like it (but you also may want to read some reviews on the book and decide if it is for you, there are also other guide books that seemed pretty interesting, like the Unofficial Guide and so on). You are in the planning stage, so a book will help you along with the internet reviews. Don't forget to see the Disney Families section of the DIS.

    About the parks, it's a matter of preferences. In my 2 former trips I will go to Magic Kingdom first to start the magic, and that was my inicial plan, but after a long researching, I decided not to due to crowds level and magic hours, for me it's better to avoid long lines (hate waiting), and decided not to use the EMH, my kids are just 4 & 7 and they will not stand after 9pm! I also read that you should leave Magic Kingdom to the last because there's no other park to enhace the magic like that one, so it's better for the finale (I always leave that park to the end, no matter what! nothing tops saying goodbye to WDW than seen the Spectromagic parade!). But again, it's up what you and your family prefer.
    I recommend the to decide crowd levels, pretty interesting stuff! if you're that kind of person!
    Happy planning! :Pinkbounc

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