New questions about Galaxy's Edge day


DIS Veteran
Jan 17, 2019
DLgal makes a great point - you can rope drop Hyperspace Mtn in Tomorrowland and get another ride with LL, and then hit Star Tours, browse that store and maybe run into Vader before heading to GE for a ILL$ for RotR and a LL for MFSR. Look for PP photogs in GE as well - they have some really fun magic shots!

If possible, it would also be worth it to try to head back at night after husband's meeting, as it looks pretty neat lit up.


Once a Princess, Always a Princess
Nov 10, 2011
I love, love, love GE but I can't imagine spending 8 hours there. A couple hours in the morning to do the rides, eat and shop, and a couple hours in the evening to enjoy it after dark, especially with a light saber for a photo shoot, would be my suggestion.


Dec 31, 2019
I agree with others. No way you'll want to spend 8 straight hours there. We just got back from a trip with 4 day hoppers. We visited GE every day, but we usually spent 1-2 hours max in the morning and then came back again in the evening for another hour or so. So maybe 8 hours total over the entire trip.

The first time we saw GE was in 2020 before Covid in WDW. We probably spent 2-3 hours there in the morning and then another couple hours in the evening. Then we came back again on our last day for another couple hours. And that was when it was all brand new to us.

It's amazing and we love it so much but it's not an all day land.


Earning My Ears
Jul 8, 2022
I just came back from Galaxy's edge last week. I did rope drop at the park and got in 45 minutes due to me staying at a resort hotel and it was one of the busiest weekends in the park. I did not run, but walked fast directly to Rise of the Resistance with no lightening lane. I did not wait even 1 second and got directly on. I did have a genie pass, but then went straight to Smugglers run without using the genie pass. After this I went straight over to the other Star Wars movie 3D experience at another part of the park outside of Galaxies edge and used my Genie to get on in the lightening lane. I was done with all Star wars related rides/events by the time the regular customers were entering the park and still had not stood in any significant lines. I then went and used my Disney visa card to go to Visa's star wars picture place located near the star wars museum which is not in Galaxy's edge and had really cool Star Wars pictures taken of me. You have to have a Disney Visa for this. Then I had my Oga's Cantina reservation at 12:30. After doing some other rides in the park and shopping, I returned to Oga's for my super yummy Blue Bantha drink and one other berry drink (non-alcoholic). I was so hot, I literally drank both drinks in like 2 minutes. I got their snack platter, and I would skip this. They need to come up with tastier snacks there. The point I'm trying to make is my day was fabulous, with no long lines, and filled with other Star Wars themed events outside of Galaxy's Edge.