New 5 day pass?


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Nov 18, 2000
Does anyone know anything about a new 5 day Escape pass. I have just bought a 3 day Escape pass from Ticket mania and then realised they do a 5 day Escape pass. This would have suited us better. I can't see this ticket on the USF site. Has any one ever tried to upgrade Universal tickets. I know you can with Disney. Would be grateful for any advice.

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Universal is very good about allowing you to upgrade passes. I would stop by guest services during your first day in the parks and there shouldn't be any problem! As for the 5 day pass, I don't believe it has ever been listed on Universal's website, however I have heard from several people that there is one available.

There is rumored to be a 5 day Escape pass, but I haven't seen one listed on the website or posted at the ticket window.


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If there is a 5 day pass is it one that doesn't expire like the others or is it 5 consecutive days? If someone knows please reply.
I believe they offer the 5 day FLEX ticket (5 or 10) that is for Universal, IOA, Seaworld, Busch Gardens, & 1 or 2 others)...they are unlimited admission to each within 5 consecutive days.

Maybe this is what you saw?


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