Need baby video monitor with 2 cameras? Any leads?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by andrews_dad, May 22, 2010.

  1. andrews_dad

    andrews_dad DIS Veteran

    Jan 14, 2009
    I have a 2 year old toddler who has mastered sneaking out of the bed to quietly play (looks at his books, puzzles, and sometimes he is playing hide and seek in his closet at 4 AM and we are not aware he is out of bed "hiding"!!! When we go in he says SURPRISE! Ugh!). The audio monitor is not enough to hear him go. He will scale right out of any crib we try, so he has the toddler bed that he escapes over or around the rail with no issues. My wife and I have resorted to ****y trapping stuff so it makes noise if he opens or moves key doors or toys!!

    The other child is still in crib but we'd like a video monitor on that one, as well. Looking for a portable screen to see into their rooms, maybe it flips back and forth between the two? Not much interference with wireless laptop would be nice. Not much available at the usuals like TRU/BRU or Target/WalMart. Found two at Amazon but the reviews scare me. I trust the Dizzers, though? Anyone have a lead?
  2. vettechick99

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    Jan 2, 2004
    No recs on monitors. Is he being punished for leaving his bed? What about pulling all the toys out of his room? If there is nothing to play with, he may just stay in bed.
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  4. Mickey527

    Mickey527 DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2000
    not sure where you live. My neighbor sells this system with 4 cameras and a monitor. He was trying to talk me into it today. He charges $300 with installation.
    I will ask him the name of the company and if they have an internet site and get back to you. Just saw him a few minutes
  5. laurafergie

    laurafergie DIS Veteran

    Mar 1, 2008
    Yes indeed. Nip this in the bud or you will pay for it later. A two year old is plenty old enough to understand consequences. Anyway...

    You could look into a simple video surveillance system. I got one off eBay for about $150. It had 4 cameras and a monitor. I use it for around the back of our garage, as it backs into an alley. The cameras will switch back and forth or you can manually switch them to the different areas. This could work for your different areas as well.
  6. dawson5

    dawson5 DIS Veteran

    Jul 15, 2009
    I don't know how good it is, but I saw something like that on newegg a week or two back. It was around $100 and I think it came with a picture (like one of those digital picture frames) and a camera or two.

    They throw stuff on special all of the time, sign up for their newsletter and see what comes. The new ones are usually out on Tuesday and sometimes they throw a special XXhr sale on Friday.

    I'll keep an eye out, I've been looking for a lightscribe dvd burner. I've been watching their ads for a few weeks now.
  7. meg8017

    meg8017 Mouseketeer

    Nov 18, 2009
    We are in a similar situation. Our just turned 3 year old was moved into his new big boy room and likes to sneak out of bed. We had an older model Summer video monitor so we put it in his new room. New baby due any day now, so we bought the Summer Infant Best View Digital Video Baby Monitor from Target for $200 for the nursery. We hooked it up and it looks awesome. I know you can buy an extra camera from Summer and hook it up to this monitor, just not sure what an extra camera would cost. Maybe you could find a deal online somewhere. good luck. :)
  8. buzz5985

    buzz5985 DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2000
    If you are sleeping - how are you going to see the video???

    My DS was walking at 8 months, climbing out of the crib at 12. I put one of those contraptions on the top to keep him in, he figured out how to get out, and when he showed my how he did it - head first - he went into a toddler bed. One morning he climbed into bed and his PJ bottoms were wet - I asked him how they got wet - he told me - out. DH went that day and drove out of state to get illegal dead bolts for our house. We had 2 locks on each door, that needed to be opened with a key - which is in violation of fire codes in MA. But it kept my DS in the house. On the other hand - if there had been a fire . . . . We survived the toddler years and are heading into the teenage years.

    I don't know - your toddler seems to be playing nicely. Maybe you are putting him/her to bed too early???
  9. Mom2Ben02

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    Nov 16, 2003
  10. XYSRUS

    XYSRUS DIS Veteran

    Apr 2, 2006
    This is cheaper. I say you camp out outside/inside his room for a few days. Every time he gets up, put him back to bad, plain and simple. He'll get the message real quick. Parenting is hardest on the parents! Good luck.

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