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Sep 29, 2000
We are anxiously awaiting our May trip and it's getting down to the nitty gritty now. What do you think a family of 4 should count on bringing for spending money (2 adults, 8 yo and 4 yo boys). We don't have money to burn, but it's been a while since we've seen the Mouse and would like to have fun. We do like to go out and eat. Anyone willing to take a guess?

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We just got back Friday. We spent about $1800 more on this trip than we did last February. The reason was a day at SeaWorld and a day at Kennedy Space Center, lots of mini golf(6 rounds at $25.00 a round for the 3 of us)(my son's favorite), A day at Disney Quest(wasn't included in our passes) and a 3 books full of pressed pennies (really fun to collect) new Disney, sweatpants,sweatshirts and T'shirts for the three of us.
Also, 4 days at the water parks which weren't included in our hopper passes...(next time I'll get the park hopper plus, which includes water parks).

And last but not least a LOT of sit down meals both for lunch and dinner, for 10 days.

We go for 10 nights each year and this is the most we ever spent on extras (food included).
Everything else was paid for ahead of time Resort, car rental,passes, air.

Hope this helps.

You can also check
this will give you prices on menu's
Just click on Deb Wills site and enjoy!

Have fun planning :D

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A hint on meals, go to the sit down restaurants for lunch instead of dinner. The menus are very similar but lunch is cheaper than dinner. Character meals are more expensive, but most are buffet all you can eat. Bring snacks with you. Fruit snacks pretzels, granola bars aren't that heavy to carry and can tide the kids over until meal times. Also there are menus on that includes prices for even the "fast food/counter service" restaurants, this way you can plan where you might want to eat and then you'll know the approximate cost beforehand. We're going in June and I planned out where we want to eat. Hope this helps.

We are a family of 5 - 2 adults and 3 kids ages 6 to 3. We are staying off-site in a unit with a full kitchen, and planning on eating some meals and snacks in the room. We will be there 10 nights and I am planning $1500 in spending money (food and souveniers). I have about 7 character meals planned, and have booked an illuminations cruise too. I am sure it can be done for less though. The All-Stars have a pretty good food court that is very reasonable. Hope this helps! Enjoy your stay!

One money saver I have figured out may work for you depending on how much your kids eat. I have a 5 & 6 year old and I either order one kids meal for both or if I am having something they like I just share with them. The portions are usually a good size. After seeing many 7.95 meals only partially eaten I came up with this and the kids are fine with it.
We are a family of 4 going for 9 nights and I have allowed $1500.00 for spending money, food and souveneirs. I am also bringing a bunch of food with us to keep in our room, like little boxes of cereal and cereal bars and water and snacks for the parks, so that will cut down considerably on the cost for us.
We usually eat breakfast in the room except for a couple of character breakfasts for our trip, and then we have one sit down meal a day.
Sometimes we will eat at our hotel food court depending on the hunger status.
I am sure I have allowed for enough $.

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These are great ideas and I was sort of thinking about $1500 for 9 nights. I'm glad I got that confirmed. I also think that we could do some extras with that $1500 and not have to hold back on a lot of fun stuff. I have done that trick with the 1 kids meal and have them split it in the past. I hope they don't frown upon that in the nicer restaurants.


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For our family of 4 I plan $200.00 a day.

With that if we want we can do a character meal $80., another sit down meal $80. and snacks $40.

this does not take into consideration if you plan to carry snacks, or eat meals in your room, etc.

I know this is more than we need, but if I plan that then I do not have to worry about going over budget.

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