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Feb 28, 2000
Besides being a current Emerald Aisle member, which seems to be moderately helpful, I am a-wash in the multitude of possible combinations using other contract ID's, rate codes, coupon numbers, etc. Most of the numbers inputted have left me with errors on the Nationalcar res site as incompatible - or it boots me to counter service from EA.

Has anyone had good luck with the right combination?

What rate should I be looking to get for a full-size per week. At $209/wk, am I getting a poor deal?

Thanks for your help


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Jan 5, 2000
I currently have a base rate of $141 for a full size using the DC discount and EG coupon thru the EA. My reservations are in June and we are renting out of Tampa.


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Aug 12, 2000
I don't know If I can post codes. Do you have Disney Club? That gave me a big discount. I have a one week rental out of Newark in May [ to drive to Florida]
I'm getting it at $201.99 week [full size]
Disney Club discount - $40.40
Entertainment coupon - $28.86
Total with taxes $165.12
I keep checking back to see if the rates change. Last October I got the EA full size[ out of MCO] with taxes for $110 for the week- great since we ended up with a SUV. Don't think I will get those prices this time.[ or again when we go in Sept]
Good Luck- keep checking!!!

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Aug 18, 1999
Have you looked at the Transportation Board? There are lots of helpful posts and suggestions on the Transportaion Board for National. One of the best is Pluto4President's classic post on National Car Basics.

I think a DC contract ID and coupon will give you a better deal than the one you've listed, but of course, I cannot be sure without checking specifics. Good Luck! :)


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Apr 29, 2000
I was quoted (yesterday) $114 for a full-sized car for June using the every famous KISS code.



Jan 12, 2001
Can you actually use the contract code form DC and the coupon from entertainment book for the same rental? Has anyone done this? It did take both when i made my reservation, but was wondering if i would have a problem when i got there.


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Nov 14, 2000
Like Carol said, check out the transportaion board, lots of EA topics over there with all of these answers and more...

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