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Earning My Ears
Jun 29, 2001
As I first time cruiser, I just seem to be overloaded with decisions to make and no personal opinions so I am turning to you! We love the look of the ship and all its activities and tend to think we'll skip excursions that take all day off the boat. Has anyone ever taken a buggy ride in Nassau and if so, what was it like and how much did it cost? I am afraid the Dolphin experience (DDs 7 and 11) will take up too much of the day!!!! Is the dophin trip really worth the time? Let me know if any 4 day cruisers have any ideas as to how to spend the day in Nassau. Made the final payment today for 3/10/02..
We have been on 2 4 day cruises and stopped in Nassau both times. On the 1st cruise we dragged the kids to the beach at Paradise Island. It was OK but definately not worth the hassle. On the 2nd cruise we spent the day on the ship and enjoyed having the pool and the rest of the ship virtually to ourselves. It was by far a much better day for us and the kids. The beach at Castaway Cay is wonderful and worth waiting for. By the way Nassau is not the most pleasant place in general and when compared to staying onboard that amazing ship, to me its not even a close call.
We have done the buggy ride in Nassau a couple of times. I think it was around $25 or $30, but remember...everything there is negotiable! It is a fun way to see the downtown area sights, and the drivers give a nice little narration.
We have been there so often that we don't even both to disembark anymore. We just pretend it's a day at sea. But if you want some beach time without tying up too much of your day, you can take a cab to the public beach on Paradise Island. That way, you can leave when you want.
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