My Travel Agent can't /won't do their job!


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Oct 27, 2000
For three years I have been picking up brochures at the same TA in an hugely popular US based store (starts with a W). I thought since I have been getting three brochures for three years I would give this guy (married couple actually) my travel business. I WAS AN IDIOT! I usually plan and book my own vacations only occasionally using a TA. I thought I would use a TA this time because I didn't want anything to go wrong HA HA HA! EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG! I costed our trip based on me booking everything. I went to several travel agents and the TA that I thought I was being faithful too was the cheapest ~ BEWARE WHEN BOOKING CHEAPLY ~ YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I am spending a MINT ~ we are flying, staying a couple days at the beach and 7 nights at CBR, 7 day hopper passes (I went thru a different TA for that) and I booked 6 character meals. At first my TA changed airlines on me, then they basically lied about insurance coverage. They were rude. Last week I ran into my TA's wife and asked her to quote me a price to upgrade our car. She called me and said $134.00 more. I went to the car rental web site and called, they told me it was $19.00 to upgrade for 9 days! I then asked the car rental place to check my reservations ~ THEY DO NOT HAVE ME IN THEIR COMPUTER! I called my TA right away and NICELY asked them to check into it. So that's were I am! I HATE THIS! I will NEVER use a TA AGAIN! Sorry to vent on you all but I have had it with this TA! I'll bet he doesn't even call back ~ they've done that before too! OOOOHHHHHHH!

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that is absolutely horrible. we had a problem last year when we went to Vegas. we went with another couple and we booked at the same time and paid at the same time (the package was through Canada 3000). What happened was they forgot to book us a hotel room and we ended up having to pay for it down there. Also, our firends package included air transfers and hotel service (bags, etc) and we had to pay for our transfers again!!! We are both students and were lucky enough to pay for it the first time, but to get down there and pay for everything again killed us. We couldn't do anything. I was devestated.

But, I will say, Canada 3000 did refund us accordingly. I made sure of that.

I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Everytime I talk to a TA at W store, they are clueless. WIth all the info here it is definitely better to do all your own booking. Is there someone you can complain to? Please try to confirm all your ressies and tickets. Good luck
I can really feel your frustrations! Last year I booked with a local TA for our 7 day cruise on the Disney Magic after seeing an add in the Saturday Gazette. After speaking to him the 1st time and making all the arrangements, if I called for any info that I learned on these boards he would never return my calls. I had to call him back :( When it was time to make my final payment, he didn't even call me. I called him, and he never called me back, I tried many times to get him and he was either on another call or not there. Frustrated, I spoke to someone else, and they told me I could make my payment to anyone. I decided to go right to the Agency as I thought I had dealt with a little hole in the wall. To my surprise, it was a large agency and very neatly kept.

I must say though, that I am a very understanding person and like to give a second chance, thinking perhaps it was just the agent himself that was lousy. We decided at the end of January to look into booking another Disney cruise (land/sea) package this time. I called the agency and asked them for a quote (spoke to a different agent) and as of today April 8th I still didn't hear from them!






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