My tote bag has seen better days


May 10, 2000
Does anyone know if we can purchase another tote bag? Mine really needs to be replaced and I would rather not have a generic one!

Thanks in advance.
They have a nice tote bag at the General Store at OKW and I saw another one at BW. They have a rope handle, we were looking at them last time because our bag is looking worn. You maybe able to call them and order one over the phone. I called last Sept. and ordered a DVC jacket.
Did the rope handle bag have the DVC logo on it? My tote is how I like to carry my DVC logo on members day.
For some reason, I received two when I signed up last year. Anyone wanna make a bid?? (just kidding!)
The tote bags can be thrown in the washing machine. A DVC member friend shared that tidbit with me years ago - what a difference it makes!
so very much for the info! I will try washing my bag and if that doesn't work I'll order a new one.


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