My Magical May 26 cruise - part 5

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by Jacquelyn11, Jun 14, 2001.

  1. Jacquelyn11

    Jacquelyn11 Mouseketeer

    Jul 11, 2000
    The Players: Patrick (41), Jacquelyn (41)
    Ryan (8), Jonathan (7)

    Today was sleep in day for us. We got up and sat on the verhanda watching the sea go by. I kinda hated the thought we were on our way back. This was our character breakfast morning. It was enjoyable and most all the figures came to visit. The kids went to the club since it was Jonathan's turn to make Flubber. We picked up some of the scratch off golf cards. DH went to the Navigator series, which is where they announced the New Western route. I went to the make-up seminar and bought the powder jar. I went by shutters and picked out about 4 of the shots that had taken to keep. I went by Palo's and showed Stefan and Zita the Palo's post. They were very pleased and suprised. While walking on deck I met up with Paul from England. He and his wife were very interesting to chat with. I had met him earlier in the week while taking some ship photos. He noticed my DIS pin and asked if I were one of the Board members! Hit the Bingo game but didn't win anything!

    I met up the guys and had the Topsiders Seafood buffet. I like the shrimp better than the crab claws. The claws were very grainy tasting. I would much rather have the Palo's brunch (at least 2 days next time!)

    Now was the time for my alpha capsule and foot massage. May from england? did the foot massage on the heated loungers in the rain forest. Now Thats something I wish I could take home with me. It really felt good on my sore elbow from the fall I took on St. Thomas. Then came the alpha capsule. It was very relaxing and I don't know if I ever fell asleep or not. My DH had done his the day before and felt It was great after his regatta. We decided to catch the Pearl Harbor afternoon showing at Buena Vista Theater. Of Course, the Kid Beeper decided to go off so I missed part of the movie. Jonathan wanted to leave the club so he and I did a little ship exploring of our own. Of course we ended up at Treasure Ketch and bought a "pillow" ship. We made our way back to the Pearl Harbor movie for just long enough to figure out the ending. Then we headed off to dinner at AP for the captians Gala. The lobster was very good as was the beef. The chocolate Lava cake was to die for! This was the chocolate dessert for me!!

    We put the Jonathan in the club for sundaes and I went to Disney Dreams by myself, as DH was not feeling well. I still felt that Disney Magic. This is where I heard a young girl (around 15) tell her mom that she wanted to work on the Magic one day. Her mom replied "you don't really want to do that". I hope the girl "does" get to follow her dreams, what ever they may be!!

    Back at the cabin DH was feeling better and we went Deck 4 walking. Both shuffle boards were in use so we ended up on deck 10 playing ping pong, which we had not done in several years. We gathered the kids and went to bed, Looking forward to Castaway Cay!

    Well, if it's June, it's Castaway Cay Day. The Weather looked perfect but at 7:30 am we were still moving and there was no island in site. We gathered up breakfast and ate in the cabin. Mickey waffles w/ strawberries....Mmmmmm! I sent DH down to do the wait for CC docking. I had called down to the ships Medical center to ask if I could just look around. At 9:25 she let me do a quick tour, although the RN was not real receptive to my questions. She had a bad upper respiratory infection and just didn't want to be there. They are also another contracted service, both RN's and MD's, which they have 2 on board. They have trauma, isolation and exam rooms. The RN turned out to have worked at Crawford Long in Atlanta, GA several years ago.

    After that we got in the line to get onto CC like the others. DH and I kept in touch w/ the walk a bouts and he did "stake" us out a nice place. By the time we got both kids situated it was after 10:00 and I was afraid we would miss the Massage on CC. We took the tram and went to the Adult Beach. They were there waiting on us but since we got there late we could only get a 30min massage. DH was having back spasms again and really enjoyed his massage. Mine was not much more than a back rub. We left there and went back to the family beach where we discovered the beeper had gone off at 11AM (it was then 11:25!) Jonathan was eating a hot dog when we arrived. We gathered the kids as Pat and Ryan had a banana boat ride at 12noon. My DH and done his golf scratch off card and had a fairly good score. I turned it in to the DJ and he was impressed! I gathered up some food (ribs, lobster burger) and they were good. I kept loosing where my place was at on the beach, there were just SOOO many umbrellas! We worked on some lunch while we took turns lying on the hammock! I took Ryan out snorkeling. He did some better but still would not stay to my right. We did find the Mickey statue, but very few fish. I forgot the cheese whiz so that might have helped. Not near as many fish as Coki Beach! After the beach I was ready for my Konk Kooler! Even got the one in the funky shell! Got a magnet and hat at She Shells and headed back to the ship to catch the Bingo game. DH got the DS's ready for Discover the Magic. The final Jackpot was over $5000 and I had one number left (N 42) on the last game for 10 calls before it was won! It was just not ment to be! The Kid's show was special too, but it wasn't quite the same the second time around! DH ended up winning the scratch card game and won 3 Disney golf balls and a putter cup.

    I had called Shawn3573's room to see if I could take a peak and she invitied us up before dinner. The room is nice, but not worth that much extra money. I'll take my cat 5 verhanda, except on the opposite side of the ship! (the 65xx side, not the 60xx side)

    We had taken care of the servers/room stewards tips the previous day and gave them thier envelopes at dinner. We did Ryan's BD cake and had fun watching the baked Alaska parade. We decided to skip the last show to get packing finished. We got the kids in bed and decided to take one more stroll around the deck when we ran into Roberta and friends, then Mike and Caroline joined in. Kirkone, aka Cathy from W VA was telling us a very funny experience with room service! I hope she will share it soon!!! We all ended up talking till 1am, just new old friends saying goodbye. We never made it up on deck!

    The day has come that we must let our dose of Magic come to an end. We skipped the early breakfast time and hit Topsiders. They did not clear customs till after 8am so we left the ship at 8:30. Ok, now would the cooler contents leave the ship? Yes, without any problems. There was a table that stated if you had any fresh fruit or meat to leave it on the table or risk a fine. There were only a few items there. Down the elevators to the baggage pickup. All tagged by the area your cabin was in. One of the many luggage handlers picked up our 4 bags, we handed the customs slip to the agent and we were done!

    We took the shuttle back to the Radisson to pick up the car. I was wondering how many new Magic passengers were staying there and waiting for shuttle to take them to their dose of Magic!

    We made it over to KSC and made a day of it. It was good but I was really tired from the previous evening and fell asleep in a couple of the movies! When we left there at 5pm I hoped to see the Magic off. It had begun to rain and I felt sorry for the new passengers! I missed the cast off so we decided to go onto the Cocoa Beach Hilton. After arriving I looked out the window and there was the Magic, going out to sea!

    We ate at the Floridia Seafood Grill and it was very good! It was a place recommended on the boards and you won't be dissapointed. It was just about the best caesers salad I had all week!! We had crab and the kids enjoyed it too!

    Spent a little beach and pool time before heading out. I talked w/ another couple at the pool and bragged on our week on the Magic. They were on thier way to WDW, but after talking with them they may be on their way to the Magic in the future!

    Parting thoughts:

    I LOVED: The Brunch
    The Surial Bath
    The Kids being in the clubs!
    The ability to spend one on one time with each kid alone. We hardly have time for that athome
    Coffee on the verhanda in the morning.
    Having some quality time with DH!
    Sea Trekkin at St Thomas

    I Disliked: The check in/out at the 5-7 club. This took
    WAY too long some times. Replace the
    beepers w/ palm pilots, easy to send
    messages to and from club!
    The timing of the inbetween dinner and main
    seating shows. If they started at 7:30 you
    were still at dinner, and a lot of them were
    not repeated after the main show so you
    missed out. I would hate to eat dinner too
    late, too.

    We plan to do the Western route in 2003!

  2. rcdisneyfam

    rcdisneyfam DIS Veteran

    Mar 1, 2000
    Jacquelyn, again I enjoyed your report. Relived vacation over again and got a tear in my eye a few times. Please stay in touch and cherish those vacation memories forever. We all became such good friends and hope to stay in touch. Roberta & Ralph and kids too!!!:smooth:
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  4. happylady

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    Mar 2, 2001
    Loved your report! We will be going on our first cruise in October and have room 6584. You stated that next time, you'd rather have a starboard room. Why?
  5. Jacquelyn11

    Jacquelyn11 Mouseketeer

    Jul 11, 2000
    On our cruise the ship docked to the starboard side for all ports, including CC. Of course, the next time it would be opposite for me!!:p

    I would keep the same room location on the ship. (6550-60) We were just off the entrance to the elevators and just one deck up from the clubs. We took the stairs most times for everything except getting off the ship at ports.

  6. Jacquelyn11

    Jacquelyn11 Mouseketeer

    Jul 11, 2000
    Things I would do the same:

    Make a daily "plan" - even though the navigators changed activity days, but I would have missed alot more had I not done it.

    Visit this and other info sources!

    Take the Glade Duet unit or similar w/ me. Saved the bathroom!

    Get to the port early! There is just something about being on of the first thru the mouse ears!

    Over the Door holder! Great to decrease clutter!

    Things I would do different:

    Take LESS casual clothes. I did use all of my evening clothing, but only about half of my shirt/short sets. Even for the kids too.

    Another thing I forgot to mention....Marlon, our cabin steward was very good about providing a towel animal every night.


  7. TinkHappy

    TinkHappy DIS Veteran

    Jun 21, 2000
    Had a great time reading your report!!! Thank you so much for taking the time.

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