My dream holiday...????? Part three.

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  1. JayneL

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    Feb 27, 2001
    PART 3

    ‘WE’ means……..

    DH …Ivan
    DS… Aaron (13)
    DS…Kyle (11)

    Saturday 22nd December

    Sorry sniffer, didn’t get up any earlier today either. Not sure what is causing this but we all lay in again until about 9 am. The boys fancy a lazy day so we decide not to do anything much. They settle down to watch a bit of TV, we have a couple of leisurely cups of tea. (UK tea bags of course), and a bit later decide that we will have a look round some shops. I fancied going to Pointe Orlando and Belz. The boys were not too keen until I told them that there would most certainly be another Nike shop. (Big mistake). Anyway, had another wonderful Ponderosa breakfast and set off for Belz at about 11.30!! (Well we are on holiday) Found Belz without too much trouble, needless to say, we took a couple of wrong turns but then we get lost everywhere we go. Had a good 2 or 3 hours looking around all the different shops. Oh yes nearly forgot there was another Nike shop. This time we actually left the boys in there for an hour and went to have a coffee at a nearby café, hoping that they would get it out of their system. (I should be so lucky) We had lunch in Belz food hall and all had something different. It was good that there were so many different types of food to choose from yet we could all sit together in the seating area, a very good idea. We moved from there to Pointe Orlando had a look around the large toy shop luckily the boys are more into clothes than toys so didn’t have to buy anything although Kyle had hoped there would be lots of WWF wrestling goodies but there were none. ‘but mum you said there would be loads of stuff in America’ another thing that was my fault!! Right…… back to the Nike shopping!!!! According to the boys the Nike shop in Belz was not as good as the one on 192 and there was something they REALLY wanted. Big mistake telling them they could have their Christmas money to spend on holiday. I can’t believe how far £100 can go!!! Anyway we stopped off on the 192 for what I said was most definitely the last trip to any Nike store this holiday and they finished of getting the things they wanted. Spent the rest of the day at the villa swimming and generally resting. Ivan and I went for a walk, leaving them to watch TV, I just had to clear my head of Nike clothes!!!!
    In the evening, we decided to eat at Jungle Jims at Crossroads and had a lovely meal. Got lost going home. Nothing new there. We ended up on Sand Lake road quite a long way from ‘home’!!! So another couple of Southern Comforts and a good nights sleep was had by all.

    Sunday 23rd

    Well I’ve given up trying to get out early so after Ponderosa again we set off to Universal at about 10am.
    Actually found it ok (don’t faint) parked and headed for the park. I was most impressed with City Walk.
    We headed for Terminator 2 and worked our way round the park from there. The queues didn’t seem too bad and only waited 20 mins at the most. I think our favourite rides were Terminator 2, men in black and back to the future. The stunt show was good and Jaws and Kongfrontation were really what I had expected so weren’t disappointed. Our CM on the Jaws ride was good, very funny. We had done most of the rides by 4pm so went round and did a lot of them again. Kyle found the single rider lines and did Men in Black 11…… yes…… 11 times in a row. I don’t want to give too much away about the rides to people who haven’t been yet but a great day was had by all. I thought the atmosphere at Universal was very Christmassy. Carols and Christmas songs being played everywhere. Each ‘land’ was fantastically built. They all looked liked real streets or film sets and on the rides you felt you were actually entering a building not just a ride (if you see what I mean). I was most impressed.

    I had hoped to go to Hard Rock for tea but as we left the park and headed to Hard Rock Aaron noticed NBA City, and after buying all that basketball stuff from the now dreaded Nike store I didn’t have the heart to insist on going to Hard Rock so off we went to NBA City. The statue outside the restaurant was to say the least enormous. There was a 40 minute wait to eat so we gave the boys some money to spend on the games and went outside to sit down for a while. The meal was very good. Once again huge portions so no room for dessert, which from what we saw on the table next to us, one was big enough to share between all 4 of us. We had a leisurely walk back to the car, got home without getting lost and once again slept well, exhausted.
  2. Janice

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Hi Jayne

    I am really enjoying reading your reports - and I can sooooooo relate to all the Nike Shops!! LOL

    Been there, done that! LOL

    It is nice to read the relaxed pace at which you're doing the parks, this is a bit how we have done them in the past and it does give you time to notice all the little extra bits doesn't it?

    Thanks for writing them :)
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  4. UKDEB

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    Jul 7, 2000
    LOL, Jayne - having a little giggle to myself each time you get lost! We would be in the same position if I left the navigating to dh - his sense of direction is terrible! The good news about the Nike stores is that the novelty does wear off eventually ... after about the 5th trip ...:rolleyes:
  5. JayneL

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    Feb 27, 2001
    Oh Great thanks Deb ;) ;)

    We are in semi planning mode for Oct /Nov 2003 (well I'm in persuading mode, and getting there) But the thought of those Nike shops really does put me off. Any tips? I thought about shopping till THEY drop the first couple of days and hope that they get it out of their system. Or how about promising them the last 2 days shopping!! Anyone else had this problem?
    Then again they will be 15 & 13 then so things may be different (worse?!?!?!)
  6. WDWfan uk

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    Aug 21, 1999
    ...... Universal sounds as if it was very quiet - particularly for the time of year you were there!
  7. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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