Mr and Mrs...Day 2, part 1

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    (after i finished typing this, i noticed that it was rather long! :) so i broke it up into 2 parts...)

    Me…29 self professed Disney freak (8th trip to Disney World)
    Matthew…30 loves me despite my Disney freakishness (first trip to Disney World)

    Day Two, Sept 10, 2002, part one

    6am…The phone rings and scares the living daylights out of me! I pick up the receiver, hoping to hear Mickey’s voice, but it’s just music. (ok…I did discover later that if you wait a bit before you hang up that a character will deliver his spiel!) So I hang up and drag myself out of bed. We had set the alarm clock to go off just in case the wake up call didn’t work. The alarm never went off! Oh well…

    I chase Matthew out of bed and make him get ready. Lisa from Disney Cosmetology is coming this morning at 6:45 to do my hair for the wedding. I wanted Matthew up and ready to leave the room when she got there. I had decided that I didn’t want him in the room while I got ready for the wedding. I didn’t want him to see the “getting ready” process in stages; I wanted him to have the full effect all at once. So, he gets himself ready and decides to go to the food court to get me breakfast (how sweet!).

    Meanwhile, not knowing how this hair thing would work, I decided to have my makeup done before Lisa arrived. I didn’t want to be rushed to get my face on if she took the full 2 hours they recommend! I get myself all dressed, except for my wedding dress, that way I can just slip on my dress and be done. I am careful to make sure that I am wearing a button down shirt so I don’t have to ruin my lovely hair!! It’s now 6:45am and I’m just about done with my makeup…she’s still not there…so I continue about my business…6:50am…still not there…I’m getting a little nervous, but I’m ok…7:00am…there’s a knock at the door!! It’s Lisa and she’s ready to go! I still need to finish my mascara while she sets up. I get that finished and she’s ready to start. I sit down in the chair and we chat a bit about how I should wear my hair. I knew I wanted it up with curls, but that’s it. I figure she knows what she’s doing…I’ll trust her.

    About 5 minutes later, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Matthew with my breakfast!! He brought me a plain bagel, cream cheese, and an orange juice. (I later found out that he had a western omelet and bought one of the refillable mugs filled with coffee for his breakfast!) What a guy! I couldn’t really eat with her doing my hair, so I set it aside and will eat after she’s done. We chat a bit while she’s doing my hair…she wants to know how Matthew and I met (poor gal had to sit through that story!!) and she comments on how cute he is! Before I knew it, she was done with my hair!! And it was exactly as I had imagined it would be!! I was very excited…

    I look at the clock and realize that it’s only 7:30am now!! She did my hair in 30 minutes! Matthew and I had decided that he would stay away until 8:45am. Now what to do? I decided that my nails needed another coat of polish…I had been nursing my nails to death for 3 weeks! The nails you will see in our pictures are MY real nails! (Saturday morning, I discovered that the nail on my ring finger, left hand, was cracked. So I just kept putting nail glue and clear polish on it trying to save it for just a few more hours!!) So I put another coat of glue, clear polish, and then a coat of “sheer romance” from my french manicure set. Dries in no time…it’s now 8:00am…now what? I nibble on my bagel for a bit. Decide not to drink the OJ…I love it but it gives me horrible heartburn! It’s now 8:10am…and I am getting very anxious…I’m checking to make sure that the marriage license, my bouquet, our vows, my makeup, the unity candle, rings, and anything else that we may need are in the bag…that killed about 2 minutes…I am now just bored out of my skull, so I decide that I’m going to get dressed and go down to the food court and find my groom!

    I get my dress on, but alas, I can’t zip it all the way up by myself! I tried and tried and tried but I just couldn’t do it!! So I step out onto the balcony area in front of our room to see if there may be someone out there that could help me. Nope, not a soul. I decide at this point that I don’t care…I’ll find someone along the way to the main building! So I start towards the main building. About halfway there, I see a young couple walking towards me and I flag down the girl and ask her to zip up the rest of my dress! Her boyfriend/husband/brother/whoever he was looked a little embarrassed. I didn’t care!

    Now that I’m all zipped up, I’m back on my journey. I get up to the pool and I still don’t see him…I get into the door of the building…then chicken out! I didn’t want him to see me for the first time all dressed up for our wedding day with a ton of gawkers around!! So I turn around and head back to the room. It’s now 8:30. I can wait 15 minutes…ack! This is just killing me!! After I’ve cleared the main pool area (upon which I heard lots of “look! I bet she’s getting married!") I turn around and realize that Matthew is on his way behind me. I’m not sure if he’s seen me at this point yet or not so I take a slight detour so that I can “cross” his path. I come out from behind the bushes at the right moment…all’s he could say was “wow”…he told me that he thought he saw me up by the building so he decided to head back to the room. We get to the room and a few light kisses later…we’re on our way to the chapel!

    We find our way back to the chapel…Matthew was instructed to leave me in the car (with the AC on :) )and go inside to make sure things are all set up. After a few minutes, Pat (our coordinator) comes out to check on me. She tells me I’m beautiful and that it’ll be just a few more minutes. They had to get the photographer ready and our unity candle ready. She then sends Robin, her assistant, out to get me from the car. She helps me attach my train and then we wait for just a few minutes longer…meanwhile, the church bells are going CRAZY…then the door opens and that’s my cue!

    It was really an odd feeling walking down the aisle alone and having no family or friends there to witness the event. But I wouldn’t have changed a thing! The music that we had chosen was playing (Beauty and the Beast from the Disney Instrumental Impressions CD) and I can see Matthew in the reflection of the mirror. He looked a little nervous! I really expected to just bawl throughout the entire ceremony. But once I saw Matthew’s eyes, I was so very happy that this was finally happening that all’s I could do was smile! We begin the ceremony and we get to the part where he and I will say our own vows that we had written. Matthew goes first…after 15 years of pent up emotions, it all came spilling out…he was crying, I was crying…it was awesome…we stumble through our vows and move on to exchange rings. Matthew tries to put the ring on my finger, but he was putting it on upside down and that made it VERY tight…plus my fingers were really swollen from the heat. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of the fact that my ring was being forced on upside down so I just smile and tell him it’s fine (even though my finger is going numb cuz I can’t feel it anymore! We later realize that the wedding band was snapped in there backwards and that’s what made it so tight…). I give him his ring and we move on to the Unity Candle. This was kind of funny…the minister had told us that he would cue us when it was time to light our candle lighter thingies. The minister would talk a bit, then pause, and then talk some more, then pause, and still talk some more, well, you get the idea. If you watch the video, every time he pauses, Matthew goes to light his candle lighter! We’re finally cued to light our candle and mine goes out! Go figure…so I just pretend it was lit and I move with him to light the center candle. It worked out alright in the end. The ceremony seems to be dragging on forever…he finally says that he pronounces us husband and wife and tells Matthew to kiss me. We were both so happy at this point that neither of us could stop smiling!!


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    Aug 10, 2002
    what an awesome memory!!! Congratulations! I can't wait to read pt.2.

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  4. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    thanks so much for inviting us to this wedding by telling us all about it........Happiness to you both
  5. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    I teared up reading that! Congratulations!
  6. pomcoach

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    Dec 16, 2000
    Sounds like a beautiful ceremony!! I don't know what it was, but the part about you walking down the hallways looking for someone to Zip your dress got me to giggling, and I just couldn't stop. I'm loving reading about your adventure. My college daughter wants to get married at Disneyland, so this is helping me understand how it works. Thanks for sharing! Pomcoach:D
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    May 23, 2000
    Awww Brandie - you two sound so sweet. I like the song you chose. :) <b>CONGRATS AGAIN!!!</B>:Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce:
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    Aug 18, 2001
    A very nice wedding!

    Thanks for sharing it with us! Congratulations!

    Are you sure you weren't just grinning from fatigue?!?! JK

    Thanks for the report!
  9. Patio

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    Jan 27, 2001
    Oh, what a beautiful ceremony. May you have a happy, healthy, long life together!! Can't wait to read more!!:D

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