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Aug 23, 1999
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Best resort for traveling with a young lady(Wendy) in wheelchair and an infant baby? Wendy can walk for short periods but due to a disease. She will not be able to "do" Disney without a chair. The family is concerned if she gets tired in the parks and wants to go back to the resort alone, what is the easiest resort to get to. Thanks.

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Ellen, click on the link in my signature for some great information.
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Most of the onsite resorts are good, it really depends on your budget a nd tastes. Which park interests your group the most? Epcot? MGM? Magic Kingdom? Animal Kingdom? Will you be driving or using Disney Transportation? will you be spending lots of time in the room, or need kitchen facilities? Or do you plan to be out most of the time? All these are considerations you must take into account. My personal favorite
is Old Key West because you can park right next to the room and we drive. Others love the Boardwalk Villas, Yacht and Beach Club, and Swan/Dolphin because you can walk or roll to Epcot. All the onsite hotels have accessible rooms and transportation service.

If your party plans to split up, you should consider taking cell phones or renting the two-way radios that work over long distances.
Feel free to ask questions!
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Keep in mind, too that she can go to First Aid in any of the parks to rest. They have cots and are dim and quiet. If she will be recharged with a fairly short rest, she might find it's less tiring to go there.
Otherwise, like teri mentioned, look for a place close to the park you will be going to most. If she will need to spend a great deal of time in the room, OKW is really nice because it feels more "homey" than "hotely" and if you have a one or two bedroom unit, she can rest while others are using the living room or kitchen area.
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Getting around
Couple of points.
If Wendy has a choice, an ECV is better than a wheelchair. The implication is there will be three people: you, Wendy and infant. This probably means a stroller is also necessary; the parks are BIG!
Any of the monorail hotels are best if primary is MK. I would suggest Contemporary Tower if at all possible, as the rooms are in the "main" building. Monorail can be used for both MK and Epcot.
If driving, Caribbean has a lot of rooms that are close to but not facing parking lots. Just be sure to specify ground floor required as they don't have elevators (available to guests).
If not driving, Wendy should be able to get back to the room herself as almost all buses are wheelchair equipped.
Our last trip we were with some friends, so there were six of us. In addition to my using an ECV one of the others had broken an ankle less than two weeks before arrival. We could not get both ECVs in the one large car, so they often used the buses. they had no problem; in over a week they only once had to wait for a "following" bus as the first bus did not have a lift. Also, on occasion they were given rides in WDW
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If you ask for a first floor room for "MEDICAL REASONS", you should get it. Make sure when you get your confirmation letter that it says that as a preference or special note. They do not guarantee your preferences, but they fiil the medical needs requests for first floor rooms before the general first floor requests, so if you use that wording, it is pretty much as good as a guarantee.
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