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Earning My Ears
Jan 22, 2001
What do ya'll use for motion sickness on some of the attractions? I' m afraid my 5year old will get sick, but do not want to use dramimine it makes her sleepy. What do you recommend?

Less than a week and very excited!!!:jester:
I just talked to my pediatrician about this this afternoon. We're flying to Orlando in 16 days. My 4 y.o. has a tendancy toward motion sickness (which runs rampant in my father's family) and I'm concerned about dramamine making him zonk out. The doctor said that Benadryl is an alternative. He said my DS (who's 42.6 pounds) could have 2-3 teaspoons of Benadryl and that for many kids that works as well as the motion sickness medicines. Double check with your pediatrician.

Good luck!
Benadryl always knocks my kids for a loop just like dramamine. I guess everyone reacts different to it. My nephew can take it and it has the opposite affect on him. He gets extrememly hyper.

We always use SeaBands wrist bands. They work like a charm every time for any kind of upset stomach and they are drug free.
I always buy 4 new pair whenever we go on a vacation with an amusement park involved. Especially Disney.

Give them a try. They really do work. Just make sure and apply them correctly. Directions are on the inside of the package.

Good luck!

Where do you get the bands?
We leave on Sunday, I am running out of time quickly.
My Dd and I have used Meclizinie HCI chewable tablets Since she was Little[me before she was born!!]

I went to the pharmacy in Wal-Greens and ask the them for the MECLIZINE HCI 25mg chewable tablets.and I get a bottle of a 100 tabets. you can use this motion sickness pill to pervent illness when flying or in the car,on a boat, any time you feel that yikky feeling. and you can take it even after you start feeling sick and it cures the motion sickness!! Even at WDW!!

I use 2 tabets and I can ride Space Mountain or Rocking Roller Coaster with out a Queezy Moment and no drooziness!!!

When Dd was young [4yrs old]I gave her 1/2 tablet,but If she started to feel yucky I would give her an other 1/2 . Ask your ped's Dr. for a dosage for your child.

Start giving it the night before you fly out! and every night of your trip, that way if there is any sleepyness your child is over it by morning!

Mechlizine HCI is the genaric for Bonine which is a really expesive for 8 tablets!!!
Great tips! I think I might try the seabands. I know they work for pregnant women with morning sickness. Motion sickness is usually not a problem for us but for the past year I have been suffering with an inner ear prob. and sometimes can get motion sickness on the simplist of rides(merry go round??!!)


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