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Sep 14, 1999
I leave in less than a week and I'm still a tad confused about this program.

I received a postcard from Universal just this week because I'm an annual passholder. Anyway, the postcard states that as of Mar.1, 2001 you will go to Express booths located in the parks to pick up a maximum of three express line passes for the rides. When you use the three express passes you have, then you can go back for another three express passes and so on and so on. It stated that a few rides are not in this program like the Pteranadon Flyers.

I have five questions? Does this apply to multi-day ticket holders, too? as described above for annual passholders? I know the multi-day users were included before but does the Mar.1 date exclude them from Express? Is it for all rides except the excluded rides? Where are these Express booths located? Are these express booths crowded; therefore, you don't gain as much time-saving as you may think you do?

I'm pannicking because I want to know all the ifs, ands, or buts before we go. Please help.
Hi Bete!
As far as I know, multi-day can still receive 3 Expresses. The excluded rides pertain to all. (they don't have a means to allow seperate entry into their queue lines). Even single day tics can get 1 Express at a time.
The Express booths are generally located near the ride(s) entry. They're pretty well marked with signs & roped off. Attendants staff the podium-style machines (2-6 machines, according to attractions' popularity I think). You're given 2 choices of 1-hour windows to ride/attend.
There is usually not a wait at Express issue 1st half of the day. But it's still a good idea to operate on the early bird principle.
Depending on the crowds on that day, some attractions will give out of available windows long before closing.
All in all, it's a helpful system. Just takes a little extra planning. It's all fun stuff though.
Good Luck!


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