Monthly Maximum on Silverclicks Bar??


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Mar 26, 2001
I just noticed today that I've been stuck on the same amount on the Silverclicks Bar for the last couple of days.

Is there a monthly maximum, or is the thing broke?

If there's a maximum, it looks to be 1500 points.

Anybody else?
Frankly, I'm getting a little annoyed with them. I have e-mailed them 3 times about this because my total hasn't changed since Friday. They still have not answered me. In my last message I told them I would discontinue using the bar if I did not hear from them and still I have not gotten a response. This is lousy customer service.
I finally got an answer from them.

"Dear Member,

We had some glitches in the surfbar in the past few days. The surfbar is still in beta testing and the terms and conditions clearly states that at times, the surfbar may not function properly. Please just allow time for us to get things straitened out with the surfbar programmers. The surfbar should be working. But sometimes we have problems since it is still in the beta testing period., Inc. Support"


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