MNSSHP/SW/BG/LEGOland in October

Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by Disneybiginner, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Jul 19, 2017
    my sister in law is planning a trip in October and invited us to come with them. My daughters, 5 and 3, have never been to any of these park except WDW trip in the past Jan. Can anyone help with our planning?

    1) I am sure my daughters will enjoy the seaworld, along with their Halloween celebrations. Since SW only have this special event on the weekend, which day will be less crowded?

    2) BG also has the special event, but looks like it is more suitable for adults. Also given the age and height of my daughters, looks like there isn’t much to do for them. So is it possible we will be done by noonish and visit a nearby beach, or it is better for us just skip BG, either go to the beach straight ahead, or don’t even bother to drive to Tampa at all?

    3) As of LEGOland, do they have any special event in October? Trick or treating? Any input of their own hotel? Looks interesting on the pictures anyway.

    4) We went to Disney in Jan this year, my daughters loved it. We are thinking about doing the MNSSHP for sure, should I just skip BG and LEGOland, get 2 days tickets to Disney instead?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Busch Gardens Halloween part is definitely not suited for your kiddos, but as far as a normal day, there is an entire kiddo area geared towards kids of that age range. Also, don't forget all the animals. There are quite a few different animal hanitats to look at through out the whole park, very similar to DAK in that regard. There's a Great App trail, African trail, Jungala, a bird avairy, elephants, plus a lot of smaller animal habitats on top of the big ones. You could easily still spend a full day at BG if that interests your family. If you'd rather do a beach day, then just do a beach day. I wouldn't try to do both.
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    Hi this year at BG in Oct they are doing Elmo and friends weekend halloween themed plus a character lunch as well, legoland are doing select weekends as well in October will be our first time this year trying it so cant tell what like it is, legoland has quite a bit for kids my GS turned 3 last October and he got on quite a lot of rides which is why we are going back again this year with him he loved not much for kids over 9 though

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