Menu changes?


Apr 5, 2019
So, this is something I've noticed from time to time and it made me curious: How often do Disney restaurants change their menus?
(This can be seasonally or with a chef change or just on a whim.)

My trip this year isn't until October, and although I've already made my dining reservations, I'm wondering how much the menus might change between now and then.

Also, which do you think changes their menus more frequently: quick service or table service?
Menus are VERY likely to change by your trip. They are mainly influenced by season because that affects food freshness and price of ingredients. The quick service menus don't change very often. It depends on the location, but I'd say most of them keep the same menu for about a year, with some minor changes on those menus. The table-service menus, on the other hand, change just about every 4 or 5 months, I'd say. The buffet menus are rarely known to change.

BTW, I LOVE your signature! Did you make that yourself?
TS often changes. Once I booked an ADR for dinner at The Wave because its my fave place to eat. Once i got there i realised my fave item was no longer on the menu. :sad: I was so sad. Within a month or two before my trip they changed the menu. Bad mistake on my part for not checking the menu before my trip. I specifically went there for that one dish. Oh well. I still love that place. :)


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