MDE glitch? Everything missing (fp, adrs, resort reservation) Sept 11+

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I can confirm like many other that the MDE system is a mess this morning. Sometimes my tickets and reservations show ... a few minutes later they are gone. Other times it's showing my FPs are only booked for a party on 1 instead of 3. Also not seeing the proper character icons for my party and just getting the blue mickey head graphic. Why am I not surprised ... just the typical 'magical upgrades' the Disney IT system is known for.

Fast pass screen shots were no help to me on a past trip as there was no confirmation # associated with a lost FP I had. I showed the screen shot to a CM but they couldn't do anything as I had no to way prove that it wasn't an old screen shot that I had later cancelled. They told me I had to go to guest services which I didn't want to bother with. Has anyone ever had success using a FP screenshot with a tap-point CM?
tried that, app, web, nothing is right....on hold for 30 min....1.5 hours to go.

My stuff came back eventually about 6:35 CST. Still endlessly frustrating that something can be this glitchy for a company this big.
An hour since I started trying to get something to work and least its park music while you wait
An hour since I started trying to get something to work and least its park music while you wait

Same here (but I'm not waiting on the phone...of course there's no number for Canadians to call, and I have no idea how 2+ hours on an international call would cost!

Called a few minutes after 6am central time and was on hold for 20 minuets. The woman on the phone said it is a known IT issue with no known estimated fix time. I declined being transferred to IT because there were over 300 people in the call “line” ahead of me at that point.
That happened to me earlier this morning - everything had gone. Now everything is showing on the laptop but on the App my FP are still missing. I have a print out from the laptop now!!
HAPPY to hear that all is ok on the laptop..print out is a good idea.
Doing "enhancements" this morning, said it'll be a few hours and many MDE accounts are messed up including lots of my clients. Hopefully all will be well later today!
Thank you for posting this. I am missing a lot of information in my MDE. On the other hand, dining reservations that I had previously cancelled have popped back up. I printed a copy just in case this becomes an issue.
I called this morning to ask about my two missing tickets and they said the system is updating and they should show up in about two hours. She said if I still do not see them to call 407-939-4357
My MDE is really messed up. People missing. Tickets missing. Dining reservations showing up that I cancelled weeks ago.
This is quite common. Happens all the time. And ya, the system is down apparently. Hang in there folks. I understand how frustrating it is. I've been through it myself many times. I just dont understand how and why this is always a problem.:furious:
I'm up at 6 AM to make FPs and it says I have no tickets. Of COURSE this happens on my day. Everything was fine last night.

I hear you. I'm in the same situation lol. I also called and was told the "enhancements to serve you better" line lol. She didn't give an ETA just said it should be resolved sometime "this morning."
I'm finally starting to see some of my "missing" items showing back up -- both on the desktop website (that seemed to improve first for me) and on the MDE app.
Having the same issue this morning, FastPasses were missing (have since re-appeared), linked MNSSHP tickets were missing (still are) and some of my ADR's were missing (have since popped back up). We leave in 3 days, so I am hoping it is all fixed by then.
I am having the same problem with nothing showing at all including room reservation. However I am currently sat at the Boardwalk pool able to get in and out of the room, having attended the AP Toy Story Land event this morning where entry was done using the magicband and all FPs worked. So hang in there, I hope it all works out for everyone this morning?
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