May 18, 2013 Magic EBTA Part Two - From Tejas to España

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    Welcome Aboard!!

    Taking the Magic Across the Atlantic
    From Tejas to España

    This thread is a continuation of a previous thread Part One

    A big welcome to all our new cruisers, please join in the fun!

    Please take time to read the information on the first two pages of this thread. They contain important information, as well as details of all the events, exchanges and meet ups that are being planned. Where possible, they are linked to our EBTA Website as well.

    If you would like to join in any of the events and exchanges below, please PM the person organizing that particular event. In order to ensure smooth running, if you are joining in the events and exchanges, please ensure you take time to reply to any and all PMs the organizer may send you. If after several attempts you cannot be reached by the organizer, they reserve the right to remove your name from that event/exchange.

    PLEASE NOTE: when signing up for an event - responding on the activity DOES NOT enroll you for that group. You MUST sign up for that activity per the registration method listed for that specific activity. The organizers take no responsibility for people thinking they're signed up for something when they're actually not. It is up to YOU to sign up and respond to any DIS PMs that are sent to you. Organizers cannot be expected to be reading DIS and Facebook everyday - they are relying on you to register for the event they are organizing per the method they have stated in the event's description (DIS PM, Google Form, etc) - so please read the event description and registration details very carefully!

    Sorry for all the information overload, now back to the fun!

    2013 EBTA Website
    (with many thanks to Chris - Goofynewfie)

    Facebook Page (several administrators)

    Current list of cruisers (have you signed up??):

    Rollcall page on website

    Itinerary Including Calendar of Events (DIS activities included)

    Day Date (Port) Event
    Friday 17th (Galveston PreCruise)
    • Avg High/Low: 82/73F, Sunset 8:06pm
    • 7:00 p.m. Tremont Rooftop Bar
    • Tremont Hotel Group Rate (info)

    Saturday 18th (Galveston, TX)
    • aboard 3:30 p.m.
    • Avg High/Low: 82/73F, Sunset 8:06pm
    • Children Meet-and-Greet (2:45 Promenade Lounge Deck 3 on side near Internet Cafe)
    • Paul distributing hoodies/shirts (2:45 Promenade Lounge Deck 3 between bar and stage)
    • All Aboard Meet-and-Greet 3:00 p.m. Promenade Lounge Deck 3 to receive nametags (four stations on stage) (nametag distribution details)
    • :bday:
    • Msaxon - Birthday (Meredith)
    • gonecrusin - Birthday (DH John)

    Sunday 19th At Sea (Formal Night)
    • [*]Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)
    • Paul distributing rest of hoodies/shirts (8:30 a.m. Deck 3 by piano in atrium)
    • PJ Breakfast (8:45 a.m. Lumiere's Deck 3- photo / breakfast; nametags available again)
    • Toddler Meet and Greet (11:00 a.m.)
    • Left Right Center Game #1 (1:00 p.m. Promenade Lounge) details
    • Scavenger Hunt #1 (2:00 p.m.)

    Monday 20th At Sea
    • Photo Walk (sunrise) meet at 6am on deck 10 forward by the World Wide sports deck - contact EjeG cabin 8550
      [*]Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)
    • DIS Palo Group Brunch #1 @ 10:00 (details)
    • Bunco (1:00 p.m.)
      [*]DIS Mixology Class # 1 (2:00 p.m @ Sessions - private group - details)

    Tuesday 21st (Castaway Cay):beach:
    • ashore 8:30 a.m., aboard 3:30 p.m.
    • Avg High/Low: 85/74F, Sunrise 6:22am / Sunset 7:50pm
    • Several DIS Members doing CC5K

    Wednesday 22nd At Sea
    • [*]Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)
    • DIS Palo Group Brunch #2 @ 10:00 (details)

      [*]DIS Mixology Class # 2 (2:00 p.m @ Sessions - private group - details)
    • DIS Evening Photo Walk # 1 (7:00 p.m. Deck 10 aft behind Palo on the Outlook) - Contact EjeG cabin 8550
    • gonecrusin - Happy 37th Anniversary!! WooHoo!!

    Thursday 23rd At Sea
    • [*]Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)
    • Pin Trading at Diversions (10:30 a.m.)
    • DIS Transatlantic Pub Crawl (1:00 p.m @ Promenade Lounge - no ticket necessary - purchase your own - details)

    Friday 24th At Sea (Pirate Night) pirate:
    • [*]Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)
      [*]Cabin Cruisers (meet at 10:00 AM on deck nine by The Cove Cafe) - details

    Saturday 25th At Sea (Semi-Formal Night)
    • [*]Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)
    • Scavenger Hunt #2 (2:00 p.m.)
    • hmhaase - Birthday (Hope) :bday:

    Sunday 26th At Sea
    • [*]Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)
    • Champagne Girls 2:00-3:00 in Sessions
    • DavidaTN - Birthday (Vicki) :bday:

    Monday 27th At Sea
    • Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)

    • [*]DIS Chocolate Alcohol Beverage Tasting #1 (2:00 p.m - private group - details)
    • DIS Evening Photo Walk # 2 (9:00 p.m. Deck 10 aft behind Palo on the Outlook) - Contact EjeG cabin 8550

    Tuesday 28th (Madeira)
    • ashore 10:30 a.m, aboard 6:45 p.m.
    • Avg High/Low: 70/61F, Sunrise 7:02am / Sunset 9:08pm
      [*]Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)

    Wednesday 29th At Sea (Formal Night)
    • Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)
    • [*]DIS Chocolate Alcohol Beverage Tasting #2 (2:00 p.m - private group - details)
    • sumeto - Mom's 81st Birthday :bday:

    Thursday 30th (Gibraltar)
    • ashore 7:30 a.m., aboard 6:00 p.m.
    • Avg High/Low: 74/63F, Sunrise 7:06am / Sunset 9:32pm
    • DIS Private Gibraltar Tours
    • tobyjasper1970 - Birthday (Tracy) :bday:
    • hmhaase - Anniversary (14 years!) :love2:

    Friday 31st At Sea
    • [*]Running Club (7:30 a.m. Deck 4 starboard aft - details)
    • DIS 'Til We Meet Again Luncheon and Secret Mickey Reveal (noon at Lumiere's)
    • Left Right Center Game (1:00 p.m. Promenade Lounge) details

    Saturday 1st (Barcelona) ashore 8:00 a.m.
    • ashore 8:00 a.m.
    • Avg High/Low: 81/57F, Sunrise 6:20am / Sunset 9:18pm
    • Barcelona by Rick Steves
    • bobbiwoz - 45th Wedding Anniversary!! :love2:

    Additional Celebrations Onboard pre-/post-cruise:
    • viking_53 - hubby's 50th birthday (April 7) :cake:
    • tobyjasper1970 - Mike's birthday (May 3) :bday:
    • heatherb819 - Heather's 25th birthday again! (May 4) :woohoo:
    • WVURunner - hubby Michael's birthday (May 12) :cake:
    • belle2011 - DD Lexi's 2nd birthday (May 13) :bday:
    • jclay - Anniversary (7 years! - May 14) :love2:
    • kaseyC - DD Hailey's birthday (May 17) :cake:
    • viking_53 - Marci's birthday (June 4) :bday:
    • MandyGirl - daughter's birthday (June 7) :cake:
    • MSaxon - Tyler's birthday (June 8) and Anniversary (June 9) :love:
    • MissAndrea - Anniversary (June 12) and 1st Disney Cruise! :boat:
    • 1stDC2013 - first DCL cruise and moving to Germany! pixiedust:
    • kirbo - Anniversary (16 years!) :love2: and Twin daughters 9th birthday
    • padalyn - Graduation present for her Master's in Nursing Education :flower1:
    • LySand - Finished university and becoming a Teacher! :teacher:
    • WonderTwinsMom - our first DCL cruise (we're very excited) and my hubby and I are celebrating our 15-year wedding anniversary

    Special Dining Nights (all are at sea days)
    • Sun 5/19 - Formal
    • Fri 5/24 - Pirate Night
    • Sat 5/25 - Semi-Formal
    • Wed 5/29 - Formal
    • Official DCL Dress Code is stated here and dining tips are located here

    Some of our Popular DIS activities
    (linked to organizer's post on first page of this thread they will keep updated)

    Logos that can be added to signatures, magnets, tshirts, etc

    Other useful info

    For US Citizens
    Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

    For non-US citizens
    Info from WBTA 2011 --- Please PM MandyGirl to update this post if this has changed and this will be updated!
    The visa waiver scheme has now been discontinued and has been replaced by the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Any non-US citizens from previous visa waiver countries now need to apply online for authorization to travel to the US, prior to travelling. You no longer have the option of filling in the form while on the ship. ESTA application process
    The site states that you only have to take note of the authorization number, and do not need to print anything out. However one of the cruisers from the 2010 WBTA reported that this was not the case, DCL requires a print out of the ESTA. Those that did not have the print out were required to reapply for the ESTA at check in. Understandably this caused a lot of stress for some people, so please take note of this, so you dont get caught out the same way.

    Previous Transatlantic Trip Reports and Navigators
    Eastbound files including previous Navigators and other useful info
    Westbound trip reports:
    ~ Tinker1belle
    ~ MagicMe
    ~ DolphinGirl47
    Various Navigators are found here

    Galveston - Webcams, Meet, and Precruise Shopping Tidbits

    ~ Galveston Webcams
    ~ Who's Staying Where? Precruise hotel locations
    ~ Pre-Cruise Meet in Galveston at Tremont Rooftop Bar (May 17 at 7:00)
    ~ Liquor Stores between Houston and Galveston are listed here with DCL alcohol policy here
    ~ Touring Texas before the cruise? Some helpful website hints listed previously here

    Where to find WiFi access (Gibraltar and Madeira)
    Wifi access points while in port

    Post-Cruise: Barcelona tips
    Barcelona Cruise Terminal Information
    Hotels in Barcelona thread, more hotels, and even more hotels
    Kids in Barcelona
    Barcelona with Children
    First Sunday of Month - Free Museums! (June 2, 2013)
  2. MandyGirl

    MandyGirl DIS Veteran

    Sep 10, 2010
    PJ Breakfast

    First Sea Day (Sunday, May 19) - open to all ages (no ticket required - just need a count!)
    Meet at 8:45 am deck 3 midship in front of Lumiere's for group picture
    9:00 - Proceed inside Lumiere's for group breakfast (will seat us as we go in - in same area of restaurant - great opportunity to meet others!)

    kirbo - 4
    mandygirl - 5
    WVURunner - 6
    AuntGram - 3
    MissAndrea - 3
    gramfrog - 1
    geffric - 2
    binkytell - 4
    chrisandedfromCT - 2
    StephenKay - 1
    Grandmax3 - 1
    SaraCat - 2
    DisneyMouseHouse - 4
    Ladyshopper - 3
    kris3kid - 6
    heatherb819 - 3
    Msaxon - 4
    birkner - 2
    belle2011 - 4
    dee_slack - 2
    hmhaase - 3
    1stDC2013 - 2
    ThePedersonFamily - 4
    LWQuestie - 2
    theeighthdwarf - 6
    DavidaTN - 1
    NancyIL - 1
    Kimlovescruising - 6
    Lysand - 1
    Skymom777 - 2
    Uomeasmile - 1
    WonderTwinsMom - 5
    TOTAL = 95 so far

    All Aboard Meet and Greet

    There will be a brief get together on Deck 3 in the Promenade Lounge at 3pm on embarkation day. (This protects us from any rain or if the high is above 90F outdoors.) It will be a great opportunity to put faces to DIS usernames, pick up your lanyards from the Lanyard TEAM, as well as letting us all know of any room changes for those participating in exchanges and events (such as Fish Extenders, Candy Swap, and Secret Mickey - if anyone upgraded at embarkation). No sign-up necessary!
    *** Note: Families with children who want a little extra time to let the kiddos meet, please arrive by 2:45 on the side of the Promenade Lounge closest to the half-wall separating the area from the Internet Cafe ***

    Lanyard Team

    Current update:

    The results of this survey as of February 24 indicated that it would not be a feasible option to create lanyards. However, we still created lanyard inserts where people can insert a common DISboards identifier into the clear pouch. That sign-up was by April 20. DISTRIBUTION DETAILS ARE LOCATED HERE!

    To receive a lanyard insert, please follow the instructions on this form by the April 20 deadline
    As stated above, we will not be providing actual lanyards due to survey results in February. However, if you do need a "nametag pouch" to place the nametag in, the form has a question about that. This pouch will not be the sealable pouch like the one DCL provides for Castaway or DVC Members, but rather one like this - an insert to hook onto your own personal lanyard of your choosing (one that Disney provides or your own favorite lanyard you bring from home). Otherwise, feel free to place the nametag in the existing DCL badge holder that comes with your lanyard when boarding. Sign-up now closed as lanyard name badges have now been printed, shipped, and sorted.

    DIS Personal Navigator

    This will be a PDF document available by May 15 compiling all the key DIS information that you may print or download to your technology device of choosing.

    Toddler Meet-and-Greet

    No charge and no sign-up necessary - Just show up!! An informal "toddler meet-n-greet" for the kiddos too young for Kids Club (under age three) on the first sea day from 11:00-11:30. That way they get a chance to meet, Moms get a chance to meet (and/or Dads), etc. Planning on the area in the shade by the toddler splash area on deck 9 - just a place so that we can meet before lunch/naps/cranky time This will help us recognize one another the remainder of the cruise as well.

    Tremont House --- Group Rate for pre-cruise hotel

    If you would like to join in the group rate we have secured for the Tremont, which is a Wyndham Grand Property located in the Strand (historic) area across from the harbor, please send MandyGirl a PM to obtain the group code and how to book the rate directly with the property. The rates we have secured for a King or Two Queens, up to 4 adults, is $159 (Friday night) or $135 (Wed/Thurs nights). When we had the rate decrease in late fall, those who had already made reservations should have the new lower rate showing when logging into to see your reservation with your reservation number. (I do not have reservation numbers since they were made by individuals directly with hotel) We have a limited number of these rooms, and once your reservation is made it is not cancelable. According to the Tremont's website, the rooms are about 350 square feet (King) and 500 square feet (Two Queens). Many are renting a one-way car rental from Enterprise and returning the car after checking into the hotel in Galveston to avoid parking fees overnight. (Currently, Enterprise is the only car rental option in Galveston.) The Tremont does provide a complimentary local shuttle according to their website and is walking distance to several fine restaurants in the Strand and Harbor areas.

    ** Note: I am understanding there are no more standard two queen rooms available. Also if someone is booking online, at last check it had to be a two night stay or more. It is very possible there are no more rooms with our group rate, would have to contact hotel to inquire.

    Tremont Rooftop Bar --- Pre-cruise Meet-and-Greet


    Join your fellow cruisers staying in the Galveston area at 7:00ish Friday evening at Galveston's only rooftop bar. Sunset will be at 8:06p.m. You will need to purchase your own beverages here. Because this is technically a "bar" (versus just a vantage point) nobody under age 21 is allowed. They have assured me they can handle any crowd --- so just show up! No sign-up necessary.
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  4. binkytell

    binkytell DIS Veteran

    Jun 30, 2008
    private group mojito/martini tasting classes

    CANCELLED. dCL not providing mojito classes

    private martini tasting class

    binkytell sarah and brian
    heatherb819 heather and dh
    kaseyc henrietta
    stephenkay stevie
    Gramfrog jacquie and joe
    Birkner noel and John
    Jimmyl47 jimmy and judith
    Twopeasonepod lauren
    Twopeasonepod Irene and Bob


    Below is a thread with info regarding the fish extender.

    If you would like to join in the FE exchange, please PM binkytell (SARAH) on the Disboards with your Disname, names of everyone in the room participating - first and surnames - and relationship to you (DH, DD, etc), ages of children, and your room number (if known). Also how many groups you wish to participate in, groups will be between 15-20 cabins. If you would prefer that your children's names not be posted publicly, just let me know. I'll keep them on my list, but I'll only put the relationship identifier (DD, DS) on the list.

    Some people do like to do separate gifts for children so it can be helpful to let us know childrens age and gender. I also will not post surnames. Some folks need the names for their FE gifts, so I will only pass them on to those people.

    You MUST send me a PM with your information in order to be included in the FE!!!! Simply mentioning your desire to participate in a post on the thread will not get you included.

    remember Whatever you decide to give will be enjoyed and appreciated, its the taking part that counts.



    binkytell 2a 2c sarah, DH brian, DD 11, DD 2
    kris3kid 2a Kris, DMum Jackie
    kris3kid 2a 2c patti, ed dh, ds14, ds11
    padalyn 2a Cayla, Df Cathy
    heatherb819 2a 1c heather, DH Pat, DD 10
    wickesy2a David, DDad Ray
    aashleySEG 2a Andrea, DH Jeremy
    missandrea 2a 1c Andrea, Eddie DH, DD 12
    twopeasonepod 2a 2c Lauren, DH Tony, DS 7, DS 7
    cheflawrence 2a 1c Lawrence, DW mary, DS 13
    yorkshiredisneyfan 3a Eric, DW Kathryn, DD Katrina
    ladyshopper1a 2c Jody, DS 15, DD 14
    goofy39.3 2a 1c Adam, DW Heather, DS 5
    squirrel956 2a Dave, DW Diane
    RDDoll 2a Rick, DW Tami
    Farnmorr 2a Vicky, DH Jimmy
    Mboekhoff 2a 2c Missy, DH Ross, DD13, DS 11
    rayofredondo 2a Ray, Ds Jonathon
    rayofredondo 2a katie dm, alana dd
    margaretstahl2a Margaret, DH Jack
    thepedersonfamily 2a 2c Melissa, DH Jeff, DD 11, DD 6
    gotomu212 2a 1c Deann, DH Carlos, DS 5
    mandygirl2a 2c Mandy, DH Curt, DD 6, DD 3
    sumeto 3a Suzanne, Dmom Bonnie, Tony
    Wildl1021 2a Ellen, DH Mike
    maza 2a Maria, DH David
    Okrayslovedisney 2a Sue, DH Tom
    Saracat2a Sara, DH Terry
    cabinfever2013 1a 3c Sarah, DD 8, DS 6, DD 3
    belle2011 2a 2c Elodie, DH Franck, DD 5, DD2
    snowwhite7 2a Loretta, tom dh
    goofynewfie 2a Chris, DW Kim
    nancyelew 2a 1c nancy, DH Jon, DS 4
    nancyelew1a Robert
    nancyelew 2a Kate, mike
    jenden 2a jennifer, dh dennis
    wvurunner 2a emily, michael
    wvurunner 2a 2c sally dm, jamie dm, dd 3, dd infant
    hmhaase. 2a 1c hope, dh, dd6
    aunt gram 2a 1c dgs 8
    theeighthdwarf 1a 2c lauri, dd12, dd4
    theeighthdwarf 1a 2c lee dh, ds10, ds 9
    tubbsteruk. 2a 1c Paul, Helen Dw, dd4
    jimmyl47 2a jimmy, Judith dw
    queenbee99. Dh, dw, dd 9
    kyra's mommy Erica, rick dh, kyra dd10, cole ds5
    txcnm Mary, friend
    txcnm friend
    1stdc2013 shakeria, dd 4
    chrisandedfromct Chris dh, ed dh
    jamielemer melaine, Meredith dd 7, nadine dmom
    haileygirl. 2a 1c
    msaxon 2a 2c meredith, tim dh, ds8, ds4
    princessmonkey 2a dh/dw
    themonkeylady 1a Tracy
    jhill10428 2a 2c Jason, heather dw, dd9, ds
    jjmat 2c Dd11 ds



    Interested in having your evening dining rotation with other DIS members in the same general area of the restaurant? This works for Main and Late dining, and is a great way to say "hi" to one another each evening! This will be completed at least 30 days prior to embarkation, and the event organizer will need the Guest Name, DCL Reservation number, and Main/Late denotation that matches your reservation to compile when submitting to DCL. It is a request but not a guarantee we will be seated near each other.

    Note: Be aware that once reservations are linked for dining purposes, if you are sharing a table with someone that you intentionally linked, you can also see their nursery/spa reservations - so be careful the month prior to the cruise when booking those events that you are booking for YOU and not your tablemates. Kcashner has updated us on this and apparently if we link as "cross referenced dining" we should not be able to see others diser's reservations.


    Binkytell Sarah and Brian dd11, dd2 *
    Mandygirl Mandy< Curt and Janet DMil, dd6, dd3 *
    tubbersteruk Paul and Helen dd4 *
    kyrasmommy DW, dh, dd10, ds5 *
    heatherb819 heather, dh, dd10 *
    nitrame 3a, dd9, dd6 no reservation number
    hmhaase DW, dh, dd6 no reservation number
    saracat Sara and Terry *
    kaseyc, kaseyc, dd12, dd10 *
    kirbo, kirbo, dh, dd9, dd9 * changed to main dining
    grandmax3 chris *
    mboekhoff missy, dh, dd13, ds 11
    disneymousehouse beverly, dh, ds13, dd9 *
    birkner Noel, dh John *
    tod&copper. Stevie *
    lysand lynn *
    jimmyL47 Jimmy and Judith *
    gramfrog jacquie and Joe *
    rbw5t rob and dw, ds5 and dd1 *
    wickesy david and ray ddad *
    ladyshopper Jody and ds15 and dd14 *
    jenden Jennifer and Dennis *
    geffric Susan and Geoff ds *


    aunt gram Gay, dh tim, dgs 8 *
    missandrea andrea, dh dd12 *
    goofynewfie Chris and kim *
  5. Tink1987

    Tink1987 DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2012
    PJ breakfast...

    Meet for pictures at 8:45 the first sea day followed by breakfast in Lumiere's wearing your G-rated PAJAMAS! This is not a private function but Lumiere's will be notified in advance of our group attending so staffing/table arrangements can be made based on how many sign up prior to May 3rd. There is no charge for this event!

    Please register your interest below for this event:

    Please see below for list of cruisers who have already signed up:

    Dee slack
    grandma x3
    Aunt Gram

    Pin trading...

    I am also planning a pin trading event on the 23rd May (6th sea day) at Diversions. This will be a chance for all you pin traders/collectors to show off your collections and trade if you so wish!

    Please register your interest below for this event:

    Please see below for list of cruisers who have already signed up:

    hailey girl

    I look forward to seeing you for both events hopefully!
  6. gonecrusin

    gonecrusin DIS Veteran

    Jun 17, 2008
    How to play Bunco

    May 20 (after that we can decide if we want to play on other days)
    tentative 1:00 PM Promenade Lounge

    If you are interested in participating please send me a PM.

    GONECRUSIN 2 - Susan/Emily
    MandyGirl 1 - Mandy
    WVURunner 3 - Emily/Sally/Jamie
    ThePedersonFamily 1 - Melissa
    Cabinfever2013 3 or 4 -
    Kirbo 1 - Kirsten
    Binkytell 1 - Sarah
    Ladyshopper 1 - Jody
    BigHugsForEeyore 1 - Sarah
    Kris3kid 2 - Kris/Jackie
    LySand 1 - Lynn
    gramfrog 1 - Jacquie
    1stDC2013 1 - Shakeria
    MSAXON 1 - Meredith
    Geffric 1 - Susan
    Bobbiwoz 1 - Bobbi
    Viking_53 1 - Marci
    Uomeasmile 1 - Missy

    Scavenger Hunt!

    May 19 2pm meet in Promenade Lounge to receive list and instructions. You will have 2 hours to complete the list and return to the lounge
    1stDC2013 - Shakeria
    Gotomu212 - Deann/Carlos/Carlitos
    P17blo - Paul (tentative)
    Viking_53 - Chuck/Marci/Alyssa
    MandyGirl - Mandy +4
    Kris3Kid - Kris and Jackie
    Aunt Gram - Gay
    Uomeasmile - Missy

    May 25 2pm meet in Promenade Lounge to receive list and instructions. You will have 2 hours to complete the list and return to the lounge.
    BIRKNER - John and Noel
    1stDC2013 - Shakeria
    Gotomu212 - Deann/Carlos/Carlitos
    P17plo - Paul (tentative)
    Viking_53 - Chuck/Marci/Alyssa
    Kris3Kid - Kris and Jackie
    Aunt Gram - Gay
  7. WVURunner

    WVURunner DIS Veteran

    Jan 23, 2012
    Want to avoid coming on the ship as a cruiser and coming off as a tanker? Join your fellow DISers as we hit the pavement, I mean the deck, every morning at 7:30. Find some motivation and a running/walking buddy to help you reach your goal. Running logs will be handed out at the first meet to help you track your progress. Set a goal of an on-board half-marathon (13.1 miles), on board full marathon (26.2 miles) or an on-board Ultra (50 miles). Certificates will be handed out on the last day for those who have reached their goal.

    We will meet on Deck 4, Starboard side AFT, every morning at 7:30. If you are not an early riser and would like to log miles on your own time, feel free to do so but make sure you come to the first/last day meet to grab your log and certificate. An extra gold star will be awarded for those that only take the stairs and attend other workout classes while onboard. Walkers and runners of any kind and skill are welcome to join us.

    We can also meet prior to the official meet-up time for the CC5K to stretch and find a running buddy with a similar pace.
    Please remember on Port days, the bow of the ship will be closed 30 minutes prior to docking. This does affect running on deck four so meeting times might change on Port days.

    And remember, you cant feel guilty about eating three Mickey ice cream bars plus dessert if you worked out that morning!

    If you are interested in the Running Club, could you please PM me (Emily) the following information:

    Walker or Runner:
    Average pace:
    Goal (half, full or ultra):
    If you plan on doing the CC5k:
    email address:

    I plan on emailing the logs to everyone ahead of time so I don't have to bring them for everyone, I will bring extras just in case. I will also plan on bringing a certifcate for your goal and hopefully you will meet it!
    DisName Name
    Kirbo Kirsten
    nitrame Eileen
    Viking 53 Chuck
    SaraCat Sara
    Sara's DH
    LWQuestie Erin
    Emiel Emiel
    kris3kid Kris
    MandyGirl Mandy
    SDlong329 Steven
    SDlong329 Donna
    txsleeping beauty Kari
    hmhaase Hope
    hmhaase Aaron
    LySand Lynn
    Msaxon Meredith
    geffric Geoff
    geffric Susan
    Jjmat John
    Jjmat Julia
    LuvsTheSun Lynne
    LuvsTheSun Terry
    GoofyNewfie Chris
    GoofyNewfie Kim
    Goofy39.3 Adam
    Mrs.Goofy39.3 Heather
    Squirrel956 Dave
    jhill10428 Jason
    gramfrog Jacquie
    MissAndrea Andrea
    NancyIL Nancy
    Binkytell Sarah

    Left Right Center Game Time
    Grammyto4 (Sally) is organizing this game. All those interested in joining the fun, please PM, WVURunner (Emily) to sign up. For game rules, please see: Due to the no gambling/exchanging money rule in the ship, we will be playing with instant scratch off lotto tickets. Three tickets will be needed for each game. We plan on meeting twice, one the first week and once the second week. A total of 6 tickets will be needed to play in both games.
    After checking the calendar, do the proposed dates/times work with everyone?
    Game 1: Sunday, May 19th @1PM in the promenade lounge
    Game 2: Friday, May 31st @1PM in the promenade lounge
    Please PM me the # of people in your party attending so that we can make sure we have enough games.
    Thanks! I am looking forward to learning how to play and playing with everyone!
    Name # of players
    Sally 1
    Jamie 1
    Emily 2
    Ed 2
    Erica 4
    Jacquie 1
    Heather 2
    Susan 1
    Kim 1
    Jody 1
    Susan 2

    Private Gibraltar Tour
    Meet-up information and Entrance Fees:
    Booking Name is Emily Sadowsky
    Tour D:
    Pre-Tour Breakfast: 7:30 AM at Lumiere’s
    Group Meet-up: 8:30 AM-8:45 AM in atrium outside of Lumiere’s
    Tour begins at 9:00 AM
    Nature Reserve Battery WWII Tunnels
    12 and over £10.00 £3.50£8.00
    Tip: your discretion

    Tour C:
    Group Meet-up: 9:30 AM-9:45 AM in atrium outside of Lumiere’s
    Tour begins at 10:00 AM
    Nature Reserve
    12 and over £10.00
    6 to 12 £10.00
    under 6 £0.00
    Tip: your discretion

    Tour B:
    Group Meet-up: 9:00 AM-9:15 AM in atrium outside of Lumiere’s
    Tour begins at 9:30 AM
    Nature Reserve
    12 and over £10.00
    6 to 12 £10.00
    under 6 £0.00
    Tip: your discretion

    Group Meet-up: 1:45 PM-2:00 PM in atrium outside of Lumiere’s
    Tour begins at 2:15 PM
    Tip: your discretion

    Madeira Beginner's Canyoning
  8. kaseyC

    kaseyC Mom to 3 lovely Princesses

    Mar 25, 2002
    Palo Group Brunch

    *If you are interested please PM me your your names and party size. I will request full names and reservation numbers before I send in our request. We can have a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 14 for each. I'm trying to keep each group around 12-13 for comfort. I will add to the groups on a "first come, first served basis". I will put in our request to DCL in March. We should receive confirmation 30 days before we sail*

    So far we have two groups filled. They are listed below.

    Palo Brunch Groups
    Group 1 Monday - May 20, 2013

    Tubbsteruk Paul and Helen -(2) *
    Mandygirl -Mandy, Curt, Janet (3) *
    Binkytell Sarah and Brian (2) *
    GoofyNewfie Kim and Chris (2)*
    JenDen Jennifer and Dennis (2)*
    Ladyshopper- Jody (1) *
    Kirbo Kirbo and DH (2)*

    Group 2 Wednesday May 22, 2013
    kaseyC Henrietta (1) *
    Grandmax3 Chris (1) *
    NancyIL - Nancy and Vicki (2) *
    Lysand Lynn (1)*
    Lynne and Terry (2) *
    Leah and Carl (2)*
    Gramfrog - Jacquie (1) *
    MissAndrea - Andrea and Eddie (2)*
    1stDC2013 - Shakeria (1) *
    StephenKay - Stephen (1) *

    Requested dates have been confirmed.

    Book Exchange​

    * No sign up necessary. I will have a bag hanging outside my stateroom door 24/7. I'm midship on Deck 8. You can leave books in the bag for others and/or take books for yourself. All leftover books will be left at Guest Services at the end of the cruise.*
  9. DisneyMouseHouse

    DisneyMouseHouse <a href="" targ DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Jun 23, 2010
    (Almost) Everything Alcoholic

    Private Mixology Class

    Both dates and times have been confirmed!
    Class #1 - May 20th from 2 - 3 PM in Sessions
    Class #2 - May 22nd from 2 - 3 PM in Sessions
    We will coordinate so if you are going to the Palo Brunch on this date, then we will NOT send you to Mixology on the same date!

    Cost of class has DECREASED from $20/person to $15/person

    Private Chocolate Alcoholic Tasting Class

    TWO Classes have been scheduled for this class - Both dates have been confirmed by DCL.
    FIRST date is May 27th from 2 to 3 PM in Diversions
    SECOND date is May 29th from 2 to 3 PM in Diversions


    Transatlantic Pub Crawl
    This event is a non-private event, hence no sign up is necessary! We will meet in Promenade Lounge at 1PM on May 23rd. From there we will go "crawling" from bar to bar. You may join or leave the group at anytime along our "route". I have tried to find out the times that the bars will be open so we can plan on where to go, but right now we'll be winging it! I do have a sign that I will post outside of each bar we're in so you will be able to (hopefully) easily locate us! You are responsible for buying your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, and do NOT have to drink in order to participate! Come on out and join us and have a GREAT time!

    If anyone has any questions, please PM me on the DIS (DisneyMouseHouse) or message me on FB (Beverly Gaston Gustafsson) as I don't always get time to read thru all of these threads and don't want to miss something. You can also e-mail me at

    If you need to cancel for any reason, please do so by the above means to get in touch with me....thanks!

    Favorite Drink Recipe Book

    The group has requested (Thanks Mandy!) a compilation of some of our favorite drink recipes from the Disney Magic TA Cruise (from the Pub Crawl, the Private Mixology or wherever). I will be requesting your help in gathering these, then I will compile them into a printable book to be distributed to the group thru some electronic means so that you can print them or file them on your hard drive, whichever you choose. I will probably do them in several different formats (notecards, booklet, and full-page format) if I have the time.

    PLEASE NOTE - I will be TRAVELING for 4 weeks after this cruise is over, and it will take me some time to get the book together. I WILL post a link here and on FB when the book is done. Please be patient with me as it will take a bit when I return to get it all together.

    IF YOU HAVE A RECIPE TO SHARE, please e-mail it to and I will add it to the book! If you know of some now, you can send them beforehand (I know I personally have a few from our previous cruises!) If you would also like a small PICTURE included of your FAV drink, please make sure to include that with your e-mail. Make sure it's sent as uncompressed, and at least 800 X 600 (don't worry, my mail server can handle it, and so can my internet connection, even if I get a whole bunch at once). Your other option would be to post it to the cruise's FB page, I can download it from there, but make sure you label it with the drink's NAME and also note that it's for the RECIPE BOOK!

    I have created a card for you to write down your favorite recipe(s) on, if you'd like to use it - you can keep it for a memento! You can see that card here:
    (Click on the pic above to go to the full sized graphic)
    It's designed to print out on a standard (US) size paper, but should print well on standard Euro size paper as well, you'll just have a bit of paper left over when you are done ;)

    Liquor Stores in Galveston
    I realize this is not a complete list, but can give you an idea of where to buy before you board if you are not familiar with the area: (gotta love Google Maps!)
    1. Economy Liquor, 1911 23rd St, 409/763-6091

    2. Frankies Liquor, 2218 Strand St, # 2, Galveston (409) 765-6520

    3. Huggy Bears Quickie Mart, 902 Broadway St, 409/763-4668 (Convenience Store)

    4. Specs Liquor, 2711 61st Street, 409/744-6327Open Daily, 10AM  9PM; website:

    5. Strand Liquor Store, 711 University, 409/762-435110AM  8PM Mon-Thurs (Fri/Sat till 9PM)
  10. Yvet

    Yvet <marquee behavior=alternate><font color=blue>♫ Sh

    Apr 29, 2006
    Secret Mickey

    Update Secret Mickey 04-29-13:

    Hello Secret Mickey's,

    Some of you haven't gave me your roomnumbers yet.
    A part is IGT/OGT/VGT but also a part said they were GTY and those rooms should be assigned.

    Please let me know asap your roomnumber when you receive or have your room #.

    In case you get your room number at check in or if you upgrade at check in or your roomnumber changes during the cruise:
    Please come to room 7007 and put your name, your DIS name and your room # on the eraser board or send me an message with the wavephone.
    So i can let your Secret Mickey know where they need to deliver the gifts to.


    Update Secret Mickey 04-12-13:

    I have send out the Secret Mickey assignments today, so if you haven't received an email let me know.

    Please if you at time of signing up for Secret Mickey didn't had a cabin # or don't have a stateroom number yet, let me know your roomnumbers as soon as you get them.
    Your Secret Mickey need to know to which stateroom the need to deliver the gifts....


    Cut off date moved to March 23th

    Secret Mickey is where participants are given a room to buy a gift for and the recipients stipulate whether it is a gift for all occupants of the room or just some, i.e just children, and give details of what the recipient likes such as princesses, fairies, toy story etc. Much like a Secret Santa.

    • Maximum/minimum amount of gifts (for example: 3 gifts during the cruise and then 1 gift at the reveal moment.): TBA
    • Participants can be set up the way you want (ie, the whole stateroom, a couple, one child, two children, one adult, only the adults from a stateroom, only the children form a stateroom).
    • A maximum amount of $ for the total of gifts. Amount:TBA
    • Cut off date for signing up is: Saturday March 23th
    • Reveal moment: TBA

    Please send one pm thru DISBoards per Secret Mickey (if you participate as a couple then you are one Secret Mickey but i need the info of you both. If you have 2 kids that you want to be seprate Sectret Mickey's send 2 pm's).
    The info send to me by pm will only goes to your assigned Secret Mickey.

    What i want to know of each participant is:

    Email adres

    Stateroom #
    Hometown + State/Country

    Best Movie
    Best Book
    Favorite Television show
    Favorite Game
    Favorite Character
    Favorite Food
    Favorite Color:
    Shirt size:
    Do you collect anything?:

    Extra info

    Please send in your pm's about who wants to participate.
    This way i can see how much people want to participate, aka if there is enough enthusiasm.
    We will sort out the rules about gift etc. to everybody's satisfaction.
  11. Tubbsteruk

    Tubbsteruk Earning My Ears

    Jun 2, 2011

    Candyswap if for participants who have a bit of a sweet tooth (who hasn't??). Each participant brings some of their favourite candy or some candy from their local area/country and placed in the fish extender of each other participant. There is no maximum or minimum amount that can be given.

    The amount to give to will depend on the amount of participants. I will set a cut off date for joining for 1st April. If here is a lot of people interested it may spilt into groups as the FE is.

    If you are interested in taking part send me a PM with your details and I will add you to the list.

    We did this on our last cruise and it was great to taste the different flavours from around he world

    Paul & Helen

    List of participants so far

  12. padalyn

    padalyn Truth is stranger than fiction - you really can't

    Mar 14, 2005
    Whiteboard -

    Will be on cabin 6040 (unless a huge pile of pixie dust lands on us, no upgrades :( )

    I can put the FE lists on my door as well - if needed - just let me know before sailaway

    Cayla & Cathy
  13. mboekhoff

    mboekhoff Mouseketeer

    Oct 13, 2006
    Recipe Exchange

    Get list here:

    Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share? Would you like to collect recipes from all over the world? Join the Recipe Exchange!

    It's easy... PM me to sign up, with your Name, Cabin number and how many in your group would like to be in the exchange. Each person signed up will need to make up recipe cards to exchange with everyone on the list :)

    So if 30 people are signed up, you should have 30 cards with the same recipe on it (you can do more than one recipe if you want) and deliver then to the cabin numbers on the list, it's that simple :)

    When everyone has signed up I will have a sheet for you to print so that you can take it with you to make your deliveries. You can just put them in their Fish Extenders, or tuck them under their cabin door anytime during the cruise.
  14. valbob89

    valbob89 Registered

    Jul 2, 2010
  15. sdlong329

    sdlong329 "Life is just a Fantasy!"

    Jan 24, 2009
  16. LySand

    LySand Mouseketeer

    Mar 28, 2011
    I am back in action! My last day of university was yesterday :jumping1:

    Postcards - I have started a list of people interested (that PM'd me). If you would like to participate could you send me a PM with your cabin #. If you don't know that yet (GTY, etc) don't worry, send me a message anyway. I am just looking at # of participants for now so we can bring the right amount of post cards. Some people like to write on them and that might take a bit of time.

    Closer to the cruise (last pif date) I will post of list of who is participating and their cabin #s. Seeing as there are some people that don't/won't know their room numbers until boarding I think we can put off exchanging post cards until later in the week - when all the info has been updated.

    The idea is that people buy postcards of their area/country/town/city etc. and deliver a postcard to each person on the list. They don't need to be written on or anything but I'm sure people would like to have something on there to let them know who it was from. If people do want to write a little note on theirs about their country or town then that’s OK too.

    Some people elect to make their own postcard using photos they have taken. Others printed local recipes on a card. It is great fun to come back to your cabin and find mail

    Cabin Tours

    If you are interested in participating in a cabin tour please PM me or Gramfrog. Let me know if you would like to host and what category of cabin you have. It would be great if we were able to see all the types of cabins on the ship.
    (I haven't done this before and it may take me a few days to get organized - Understatement).
  17. twopeasonepod

    twopeasonepod DIS Veteran

    Oct 19, 2010
    Friday, May 31st

    Noon at Lumiere's

    Will be partnered with the Secret Mickey reveal, but all are welcome!

    Please PM me to reserve your spots so I can give them a head count once we are on board.

    Updated 5/14 with current list of attendees:

    twopeasonepod 2A, 2C
    StephenKay 1A
    Viking_53 2A, 1C
    MissAndrea 2A, 1C
    Aunt Gram 2A, 1C
    GoofieNewfie 2A
    geffric 1A
    Msaxon 2A, 2C
    MandyGirl 3A, 2C
    chrisandedfromCT 2A
    ThePedersonFamily 2A, 2C
    kris3kid 2A
    1stDC2013 1A, 1C
    LWQuestie 2A
    LySand 1A
    DavidaTN 1A
    NancyIL 1A
    Yvet 2A
    WonderTwinsMom 2A, 2C
    birkner 2A
    EBW 2A
    Platinumcruzer 2A
    Uomeasmile 1A
    bobbiwoz 2A
    Tubbsteruk 2A, 1C
    tobyjasper1970 2A
    LuvsTheSun 2A
  18. mellers

    mellers DIS Veteran

    Aug 4, 2007
  19. padalyn

    padalyn Truth is stranger than fiction - you really can't

    Mar 14, 2005
    Some one had posted on the old thread with concerns about carry on sizes for DCL. They do actually have sizes, however, I have NEVER had an issue with the scanners! Those are not owned by DCL anyway - they are from the TSA (same as at the airports). If the luggage doesn't fit, they will hand search or wand scan it. So pack without concern.

    I have taken full sized checked luggage through the scanner without even a glance from the agent. In NYC I took "iron mountain" boxes...again, just a question of "you are sailing on Disney, right? ...lots of alcohol in those boxes, miss" I just smiled and took them off the belt! (there was a lot of alcohol....12 bottles of wine, a case of Strongbow, 2 liters Amaretto, 1.75 liter Sweet tea vodka and misc other dessert wines).

    Not an issue...
  20. Tink1987

    Tink1987 DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2012
    Whoop Whoop - new thread!!! :)

    Big thanks to all the organisers setting their placeholders up and especially to Mandy for getting it all started.

    Kirbo, don't feel dumb about people getting Icelandic airfare, you got a great price for what you did and you do what's right for you at the time :)
  21. Tink1987

    Tink1987 DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2012
    Thanks for the detailed answer, that's great :goodvibes

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