Mark & Angela - DAY TWO - AK and a little bit of Epcot

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    Cast of Characters ( and we really are a couple of characters)

    Angela (me) - wife to Mark
    Mark (DH) - wonderful (and very tolerant) husband to me!

    Day Two - AK and a little bit of Epcot

    We wake just before 7:30 and are at the bus stop by 8:00. We sit down on the bench, and our bus pulls up in less than 30 seconds! Talk about timing! We have a PS at The Rainforest Café at AK at 8:30, so the buses were cooperating quite nicely. We drive to FW first to pick up a couple more passengers (not a bad drive – we learned after visiting other resorts, that the WL/FW bus doesn’t take any longer than any other resort bus that is shared between different hotels). We arrive at the Animal Kingdom bus terminal at 8:20.

    We take a short walk to RC. We were the first PS of the day and the greeter at the “Elephant” up front, tells us it will just be a few minutes, so why don’t we have a look around the gift shop. Yes, why don’t we. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices on many of the items at RC. They had children’s shirts 2 for $12.99! I also saw adults T-shirts 2 for $20. Not bad! When we returned to the booth up front, there was woman standing there waiting to be seated. When I walked up she stepped over in front of me as if she wanted to make sure I didn’t get in front of her! I had to kind of laugh at this. We were the only people in the whole place! It’s not like it was so busy that she wouldn’t get a table right away! Well, the greeter turned to say something to me and she jumped in and said, “We were waiting for a table! (She was speaking of her companion and herself).” The greeter looked at me questioningly, and I just shrugged and waived at him to let them go ahead. What’s the big deal, right? Well, we were seated right after they were (imagine that!) and immediately our server, Stacey, came over to take our drink order. The two women who pushed ahead of us had yet to see their server. We ordered our drinks and food (I had to have the Tonga Toast and talked Mark into trying it as well) and sat back to enjoy the atmosphere. We were in the Gorilla Room and they started ooh-oohing and eeh-eehing at that moment. I just love the surroundings! Our waitress returned with our drinks and the two women still waited. I just had to point this out to Mark who got a real kick out of it saying, “They should have been nicer shouldn’t they!” Our food arrived and it was wonderful. All the fruit was fresh and very tasty. Mark was glad I convinced him to try it. It was perfect! The two women were just getting their food as we got up to leave. Mark said he wanted to wave “Bye” to them as we left, but he didn’t. Thank goodness.

    We took our time walking through the park to the back where Kilimanjaro Safaris is located. We’ve been to AK twice and haven’t done this yet, so we thought we should. Are we ever glad we did! It was so much fun! We got to sit in the very first row, and the animals were so close! Our driver said the earlier in the morning you go, the better your chances of seeing more animals. We saw giraffes, lions, wildebeests, elephants, zebras, ostriches, gazelles and more animals I can’t remember now. If you go, be sure to take your camera! You’ll get some great pictures!

    After leaving this attraction, we decided to go back to the front of the park to do the other things we’ve never done, namely, Primeval Whirl and Tarzan Rocks. When I saw PW, I was a little nervous. Not because it looks all that scary (comparitively speaking), but to someone who is prone to motion sickness, this thing looks like a nightmare! Mark said we have to at least try it once. So on we went. We walked right on – no line! And we were seated with a young couple who said they were from Japan. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. But the Japanese woman seated next to Mark screamed very loudly every time the car would spin or drop. At first we couldn’t tell if she was enjoying herself or not! But when we got off the ride, she was wearing a big smile. I think she was okay!

    We made our way over to Tarzan Rocks. The next show was seating in five minutes. Let me tell you, it was very hot! We were getting so tired just from being out in the heat! We’re Florida residents (natives even!) and being out in it for so long was really starting to get to us. This show was a welcome respite from the sun. We bought a big bottle of water from a vendor inside the auditorium ($2.00) and drank it in two minutes flat. It really helped cool us off though, and there were fans blowing toward the audience. The show itself was a very energized, fast-paced presentation. All of the performers were really great! It lasted about 20 minutes and there was never a lull in the action. As we left, I remembered that the Dinosaur ride was close by. I really like that one so we rode. No wait. We walked right on again!

    After Dinosaur we decided to take a break from the park (and the heat) so we took a bus back to the WL. When we got to the AK bus terminal the WL bus was waiting! The ride took about 10 minutes. The bus went to WL first before going to FW.

    When we got to our room (around 12:30 PM) we saw that Mousekeeping had already been by. And what was that sitting on our bed? A towel animal!! It was an alligator! (Hereafter referred to as the “Toweligator” by DH and myself.) I was so pleased! I wasn’t expecting to get towel animals, but I thought it would be neat if we did! So, of course, I had to take a picture. (This is where DH rolls his eyes and shakes his head.)

    We were getting hungry around 1:00 Pm so we decided to go downstairs to WCC again. Gram was our server this time. She was a hoot. “Gram” is an appropriate name! She was like a country grandmother making sure we ate all our lunch. I had the fried chicken plate (way too much food!) and Mark had the chicken sandwich. Both meals were very good.

    After lunch and a short rest, we decided to spend the evening in Epcot instead of going back to AK. We walked to the bus stop and there was the Epcot bus. Waiting for us. How are we getting so lucky with the transportation??? I’ve heard horror stories from people. Well, we crossed our fingers and toes, and prayed this luck would hold out.

    When we got to Epcot (around 2:00 or so) we just had to go to Innoventions. I think most DHs are quite happy here! We sent a video postcard to my parents at home (first time we had done this!) and noticed again that the crowds were unbelievably light. We rode the new JIYI with Figment (liked it), saw HISTA again (liked it) and decided to take a stroll around the WS to look for a mid-day snack (read: dessert). We just happened upon Norway’s bakery (tongue planted firmly in cheek) and just happened to walk inside. Mark just happened to order the raspberry cheesecake and I just happened to order the chocolate mousse cake. Such a wonderful bit of happenstance, I just don’t know if I can take much more! Our desserts were creamy and dreamy and every bit as wonderful as they looked.

    After desserts, we walked leisurely the rest of the way around the WS and it started to drizzle. Since I was starting to get some sun on my nose, and Mark was starting to get a blister on his toe, we decided to head for the bus. (The heat really was awful!) We left the park around 6:30 PM and, again, the bus was waiting for us when we got to the bus stop. (I was especially glad this time, because the drizzle had turned into a regular shower.) Riding on the bus back to the resort, we saw a bold, bright rainbow going all the way across the sky. I was sighing with contentment. Just so happy to be at WDW with the most wonderful man I know. Having the time of my life! Does it get much better?

    When we got back to the room, I walked out on the balcony and guess what?? There was an otter frolicking rather playfully in the pond below. The rain was lightly falling and he seemed to be enjoying the ripples it made in the water. I stood and watched him for a few minutes before I realized, “Oh! I should get a picture!” I ran for my camera and went back on the balcony. When I looked through the viewfinder to take a picture, I couldn’t see a thing! It was so hot outside compared to the coolness of the room that the camera lens had fogged over! I tried wiping it off, but two children ran out onto their ground floor patio scaring the beejeezus out the otter (who swam off into the thick underbrush surrounding the North side of the pond). I’ll have to hope I see him again later!

    Later that night we grabbed a couple of sandwiches from Roaring Forks for dinner. We ate so much for breakfast and lunch we weren’t really all that hungry. The sandwiches were okay, but nothing special and WAY overpriced. We definitely like WCC better!

    Goody-goody! Tomorrow is MK Day! Sweet dreams tonight!
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    Sounds like a great day. You are lucky that you got to see the otters. I looked every day and never saw them last year!
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    Sounds like almost perfect day - except for the sun burnt nose and the blister - hopefully you will see the otter again - thanks for posting!
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    102,983 had a great day! We, too, saw many animals (it probably was time same time of day that you went). Our driver said that the other best time to go on the safari is around 5/5:15PM because the animals get restless and know that they are soon going to be fed, so they all make themselves "visible"! I think you are right: all DH's love Innoventions! My honey LOVES spending HOURS at East & West. Then he wants to buy all the latest gadgets and gizmos that he's seen!!!:p (like the home theatre!!)
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    Another nice day!

    Thanks for the post!

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