Mariott near MCO, then DME?

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    Mar 16, 2011
    We’re making a trip in October that has already been budgeted out, and have reserved our Disney resort and tickets, but haven’t booked plane tickets. My mom is flying into MCO from a different city than me, and saves over $100 on her plane ticket if we fly in one day earlier. Another night in a Disney hotel would be over $120, so it would defeat the purpose, but we have enough points with Mariott that we could stay one night for free. We’ve been discussing two options but I’m not sure how each would work, if one is even possible, and how much the other would cost. Any input from people who have done something similar is helpful.

    Option 1: Mariott near the airport. No cost, but I’m not sure logistics will work out.
    We land on Saturday with a mariott reservation, take the airport shuttle to the hotel, then take airport shuttle BACK to MCO the next day, find and board DME (I know we’d have to give them the flight #s of a flight arriving on Sunday, and we’d miss the benefit of checked baggage being magically sent to our hotel). Assuming we picked up our own checked bags and gave a flight # for the proper date, would this work? We can make it from where mariott shuttles drop us off to DME without going through security, correct?

    Option 2: Pick a Mariott chain near WDW property.
    Land on Saturday, take shuttle or cab to mariott near WDW. Take cab from mariott to our Disney resort on Sunday. I have no idea how much cab fare would be and could very well outweigh the cost of a Disney resort if hotels near Disney don’t have free shuttles form the airport. I think this would only be cheaper than paying for a value resort if we only had to pay cab fare one way. What mariott locations (do not have to be mariott exactly, but part of that brand) are closest to WDW (Coronado Springs, if you want our exact Disney resort), and do they have free shuttles from MCO?

    It seems like the second option may result in cab fare higher than staying an extra night at a Disney resort. Has anyone done this before, and would option #1 work?
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    For Option #2, none of the attractions-area resorts have "free" MCO shuttles. Only airport-area properties. I don't know what cab fare will be, but you'll have to take a cab to the hotel, and then from there to CSR.

    Option #1 will work. However, it sounds like a lot of effort to save, at most, $100. I'd offer to just pay the extra $100 of her airfare instead.

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