Magical Moments Pin?


Apr 8, 2001
How much are the magical moments pins? I don't have any pins and don't have a clue about the prices. But these pins sound great, lighting up at different events and parades. Trying to budget the best I can for souveneirs. Also how many are there, 4 or 5?:)
When I bought mine last Nov. I believe it was $15 and I think there are 4 or 5 different styles of pins. Hope this helps.
The pins cost $15.09. They have 5 different pins, one for each park and the "100 Years of Magic" logo. You should have no problem finding them as they are (I stess this) EVERYWHERE.

Be warned, they do eat batteries real quickly.
We purchased the magical moments pins. They are wonderful. However, we had problems with the pins in that they woudl stop working. The vendors we great about taking them back...but now we're home and we have 2 pins not working....

If you're trying to save money, you don't need more than one pin. They're so big that you probably would only want to wear one at a time. DH and I just got one and put it on the fanny pack because neither of us wanted to actually wear it, but we enjoyed watching it go off all the time. In fact, I missed what was going on in a few rides because the operator told me to watch for my pin to go off. :)
You should only plan on buying one. They all appear to work the same. They are so much fun watching. They are a little heavy if you wear them on a lanyard.

If you go to WWTBAM - Play It! you will have a great time watching everyone else's pins.

Watch out for those magical moments in the restroom! :p I kept joking with my husband that every single time I went to the restroom that I had a magical moment. Actually, I hit my pin everytime by accident. But, it is a magical moment when you finally find a restroom and get through the line! :D
I bought the 15.00 one and saw the 8.50 one. It lites UP too. Hope the batterey does not run out before I leave in 13 days!:eek:

They are $16 exatly with tax. I wasn't going to buy one (they're big plastic monstrosities) but I enjoyed watching them light up so much, I ended up with the generic 100 years celebration logo pin. It quit working at the MK and they replaced it with one that did work. to conserve the batteries, remove them when you are not wearing the pin.
We also missed a few "ride moments" because we were so excited (doesn't take much to get us going!) when our pins lit up. My DH and DD were making fun of my son and I when the two of us bought pins, but they ended up buying them also.
If you don't maybe someone here can help.
If you buy one of those pins at the MGM hat, and have the coupon, you get a free sorcerer MM at the computer pin.
Then the $15 doesn't hurt as much. ;)
Thanks guys for all the info. Yes I have the coupon from the disney site . Getting a free pin will help with the sticker shock. Actually $16 isn't that bad if they are as large as everyone has said, It is Disney.:)
I enjoyed the pins -- I bought one of each style, and I opened two of them (one for me to wear, and one for my hubby).

We did notice that sometimes one would activate but the other wouldn't -- they didn't always react at the same time. Maybe it is because he's 6 ft tall, and I'm 5'2" ??? :confused:

Anyway, I was there 7 days, and wore my pin daily, and also kept hitting it accidently, and didn't have any trouble with the batteries...

but that was just my experience with them.

I haven't checked them since I got home though...


Yes the coupon is still available. Go to click on the 100 years of magic celebration. On the right hand side it should have an icon that says my pin box, click on it. You have to register if you are not already registered. Then you have to collect the virtual pins, once you have them all you can print out a certificate for the free pin. The certificate will tell you where you have to buy the magical moments pin in order to get the free one.


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