Magical Express ending 2022


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Aug 19, 1999
that's ridiculous - they are taking away tooooo much these days. this is yet another reason for folks to consider staying at Disney Springs or offsite. Or Swan and Dolphin. Which is where I am staying in two weeks - the Swan !


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May 17, 2000
This is sad. Just another "free" thing being taken away. Not everyone uses Uber or Lynx or whatever! This was convenient and magical! So fun to get to board a bus, not worry about luggage (pre-covid) and just enjoy the ride. Disney is slowly taking away the magic a little bit at a time. All these little things were what made a Disney Vacation special. Before long - it will not be any different than going to the beach or our local amusement park. Might just save my money and stay local after this year. So much has changed.


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Jan 18, 2000
I read that today also but makes me more happy to own at SSR and walk or take boat over even with bags or a quick ride to SSR.

While other perks staying on site get taken away and it makes me sad, this one is the one that really bothers me unless this new rail will be much better and faster than getting on a bus and guessing a ME kind of set up will take place in DTD to mirror MCO.
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Jan 21, 2020
Here's the official announcement. I didn't believe this was true and looked for an actual source.

Really disappointing. I'm more of an Uber + Owner's Locker girl myself, but plenty of people love magical express and would be willing to pay for it.


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Sep 11, 2017
One of the reasons our family picked Disney for our vacation spot in the past several years was the convenience of the Magical Express. No need to pack car seats and try to manage several suitcases plus a stroller in a busy airport. This is so disappointing.
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    Feb 14, 2019
    This one hurts. It was a highlight for me to walk off the plane and not worry about getting my luggage or wait in a line for a rental car. Dealing with traffic from the airport stresses me out. We have wanted to go Universal for years but never went because it would require us to get a rental car or Uber. We pay the ridiculous prices for the perks and to escape the daily irritations of life. Yes I will still go to Disney but now we will start looking at Universal and other options as well. How is pushing people off property smart? :confused3

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    Jan 5, 2008
    The Magical Express makes such a statement about your vacation - you have arrived at Disney! Now it will be just like anyplace else. I understand having to cut expenses, and I wouldn't be surprised if they offer the same/similar service in the future for a fee (not an unusual move for Disney as we know), but I was really shocked that they just dropped it so unceremoniously. I almost consider ME to be a ride/attraction, so it felt like they were closing Pirates or something. What's next? Ominous...

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