Made a booboo at BWV!

Rock'n Robin

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Jan 20, 2000
Last year I taped all of the Disney channels at BWV to watch at home (weird, isn't it??;) ). I took a blank tape this year and taped the following:
1) Disney "tip for today" channel
2) DVC channel
3) Your next disney vacation (cruises,etc.)
4) DVC in spanish (works like a sleeping pill!)
I was going to finish it up by leaving it on record with the channel that plays Disney music in the background and has today's hours, etc. I forgot to do that, but figured I'd do it at VWL. Surprise, the VCRs at VWL don't tape, they just play!:( Oh well, I figured, I have enough.
NOT! I got it out last night and found out the "tip for today" channel and the DVC spiel did NOT tape! I still have the "next Disney vacation" and DVC in spanish, but nothing else!
I'm very disappointed. I should have checked when we were there but the kids used the LR TV to watch Zoog Disney ad nauseum, so I could only do it early in the morning.
And next year we'll be at VWL so I won't be able to do it either. Why don't their VCRs record??
Oh well. Thanks for letting me vent my misery!
Robin M.


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Aug 18, 1999
Only one solution....head on back there tomorrow! :)

Sorry. I know it's disappointing when something goes wrong with our Disney memories.


Oct 26, 2000
when you are VWL next year call housekeeping (you really want maintenance) tell them you would like to record on the VCR and see if they can help you.


Oct 22, 2000
You may be in luck! I taped the DVC chanel,tip for today and some others from OKW last month. I had a problem with the timer and speed setting though. Not all start at the begining. If you would like a copy, I could send you one.


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Aug 24, 1999
Originally posted by spiceycat
when you are VWL next year call housekeeping (you really want maintenance) tell them you would like to record on the VCR and see if they can help you.

When we toured the VWL model when it first opened, I noticed that they had Video Players, not Video Recorders. It was noticeable because they are smaller than VCR's. You can't record on a Video Player. Not sure why they did that, since VCR's are so inexpensive these days. Of course at BCV, they have DVD's, so you can't record on those either.


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Aug 25, 2000
Good thing we own at OKW where they have good old fashioned VCRs... Of course I still can't program one!

I have no idea what I'd do if faced with a DVD is not my strong suit.

Does BCV have plasma tv's too? ;)


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Sep 23, 1999
Last March at BWV we wanted to set the VCR to tape the Sept 11th special. The remote would let us so we called Housekeeping and they said there was no way to program the VCR to tape at a certain time you have to just hit record and let it run!! When asked why we were told folks "took" too many of the programable remotes home with them. That didn't make any sense but there was nothing we could do.


People probably "took" the remotes because SONY remotes will work with pretty much and SONY device without reprogramming. Maint. is always more than happy to come help you out at OKW at least :)

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