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    Mar 5, 2009
    Hi everyone!

    Just thought I'd post our luggage savings here, sorry if this is the wrong place.

    For our upcoming trip, we were kinda disappointed that we were going to have to pay an extra $60 total (2 people on two one way flights) for each of us to have a bag.

    Well for Christmas, my DM bought both DFi and I big duffles from LLBEAN with our initials in them. We decided that it would be more cost effective to take just one piece of luggage. DFi has a huge suitcase that we were going to put both of our stuff in, but found out that it alone weighed 11lbs. The limit on Airtran if you don't want to be charged up the wazoo is 50lbs. So, we decided to use one of the duffle bags and each take a carryon. We found the same problem when it came to carryons, nothing fit the 44" total for carryons and was going to be big enough for enough extra stuff. I was looking at the disney store website and saw that their intialed carryon size duffles were on sale for $19.99! What a great deal! We both got one. They are great quality, I think they order the bags from LLBean and intial them there! They are the same exact thing as our bigger bags. To top it off, they fit the size regulations, and our big duffle only weighs 1.5lbs! We figure we will be using ME anyway so we wont have to lug anything around!

    Hope that helps someone!!:banana:

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