Lost Thread



Cant find the thread that had the special tips in the parks....things to look for, tricks, and special things to do....if anyone has it, PLEASE POST IT HERE!!! It was found last week, but I couldnt print it. Now I can, and my luck, IT IS GONE....cant go back and find it. :(

hi Pixiebelle,
I printed this one out last week cuz it looked so good and I knew that I would never find it again. Check out the Parks board and you will find it on dec 28, 2001 - the question was asked by Blue, dear. I hope this is the one you were looking for and if not, then maybe it will have some good stuff for you anyways! Have a wonderful trip:wave:
Thanks SO much for the reply! I was looking for this thread too and was afraid it got lost when the system crashed. I have now printed it out just in case the boards crash again before our trip. Thanks again.
Could someone PLEASE post the link?? THANKS! The search button doesn't work!

Try Here This thread started by me has two links to two tips. Hopefully the links will work since the boards change over, links in older threads don't seem to work??

Unfortunetly the links in that thread won't work. I posted a question on the tech. board hopefully they will be able to fix the links.

Okay I fixed it myself (aren't I smart? :D ) the new urls don't have the word forum in them like the old ones. Removed that word and now they work.


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