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La Fée d'Etiquette Sait-il français ? Et Est-Elle
Nov 29, 2005
I just thought of something, what if our avatars still had our personalities? What would happen when VMK closed? I decided to make my dear avatar coodisneyfan the main character of this story. Note: I am not using actuall people's names unless they do not go on the Dis or VMKMagic.

I stood there, looking over the clouds at Neverland. Fantasyland in the Sky was always my favorite place on days like this. Though somehow I felt saddened, I dont know why though. I mean, I was wearing my favorite outfit (Black haunted mansion shoes, blue tron pants, red highschool musical top, black beret) and I had just finished a quest that gave me ears, not those gold ones I was scammed out of what seemed like years ago but gold and black. I check the time on my virtual watch, 11:58 CST I waited for lights out, 2 minutes passes. It all goes black for a few moments but I am sitting on that same cloud, holding my IVMK with the screen on the map screen. I'm confused so I message Pretty. Hey, what's with the no light's out? It's not new ears. " I get a reply immediatly(sp). " It's years, dork. The dictionary's off and I can finally jump, not just teleport. There's something fishy going on, I can feel it. "

It's just a little, I had just come up with this idea a few minutes ago so it's not perfect.


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