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Sep 12, 1999
Originally posted by loriandmatt

I am so excited and had to tell someone who would understand....(if you don't have Disney-itis; and everyone i know dosen't; you just can't understand why i am so giddy)
I just make ressies for Setp 20-27 2001 for our FIRST camping trip to FW!!! We haven't even picked up our new pop up yet and i am already booking Disney! (we purchased a Viking Epic - tiny, but it's just the 3 of us!) I just COULD NOT pass up the spectacular discounted rates they are offering this fall for campsites. I can't believe i got a partial hookup site for $25.50/night! Lodging the entire 7 night stay will only be $179 - holy cow!
Now you realize the expensive part is going to be passes and food. I guess we could cook some meals at camp, but we are generally "hit it hard all day" kind of folks, and coming back to the campsite for meals might be major waste of time.

Here is my plan on passes and food, you experts let me know if i am missing something.....

We will be there for 7 days....get 5 day park hopper pluses (2 adult one child) that makes 5 days hopping parks and 2 days at the Water Parks (my son loves! BB and TL - didn't get to spend too much time there last time and realy want to hit them!) Purchase those via the discount vendor on this site...Cost @$700.
Estimate @$100/day for food for the three of us, that makes another $700. Gas (sky high!) to get there and back from Philly @$300.
They way i am looking at it i have an approx total of $1900. (yes, i can add - i took the liberty to round up a bit)

Other than spending money (we didn't spend much last time, went with $1000 and came home with $600 - too busy doing "stuff" to buy "stuff") what did i miss?

Ohh! sorry, i was rambeling on!! I just had to share my excitement with those who have the same jones i do!!! Any insigt into what i missed would be appreciated.

thanks - Lori
It sounds like you have it planned out pretty well! Are you planning on spending any time at the Boardwalk or Downtown Disney? It's hard to get out of those places with spending money! LOL!

I usually add in "spending money" in my budget per day. Usually I figure around $50/day. This covers Mickey ice cream bars, souvenirs, roasted almonds, etc.

Also, don't forget to add in the cost of any rentals (water mice, golf carts, etc) - if you're planning on those.

Otherwise it sounds good! You're going to have a wonderful time! :D
Sounds good, I agree that you should plan on incidentals such as bike rentals, golfcart rentals and such.
I am a recent transplant from Illinois, and now live 8 miles from Disney. (Talk About your Disney-itis) I work as a casual-regular castmember every Friday at FortWilderness Campgrounds. (I help with Eduacation programs for local school children)
But FWC is a BIG place, and you may consider bringing your own bikes, or moped or whatever will fit/attach to your popup. I see alot of kids with their scooters too.
Sept. should be wonderfully pleasant weather! While at FWC, don't forget to visit the Tri-circle D ranch. You can pet the goats, see Minnie-Moo, and tour the horse stable where there is some memoribilia of Disney horses. Cool. There are small feeding stations that take quarters to feed the goats.
Bring your fishing poles as well, back by Marshmallow marsh, I have seen guests catching large mouth Bass. Bay lake is wonderful, and FWC is peaceful and quiet compared to the hub-bub of the parks.
You should be able to view the MK fireworks from Marshmallow marsh as well. I would bring a blanket, bug spray and snacks while waiting.
You can look for me if you like...although my
Disney availability may change from Fridays to Saturdays this Fall. (I hope to be teaching again-this time in Florida)
The team I am with is "Disney's Wilderness Adventures" and we wear burgundy polo shirts. You will always see us with lots of school children around us. It is a fun job, and everytime I am on the lake driving the boat, looking at MK, I think about how I can't believe they pay me to do this. It is so much fun!
Where is Marshmellow marsh?

Spending plan: Any food or lodging costs on the way to Disney?

How are you going to spend just $100 a day on food for three?

The Marshmallow Marsh Directions:
Start at the building which houses the Hoop De Doo Review.
Head West following a path that leads past another building...not sure what is in there-never been in.
Anyhow the dirt path leads into the woods, follow path to a "Y". If you go left you will head down to the water, if you go right it continues on and over a bridge. There are picnic tables set up back there, there are paths to explore, a boardwalk to walk on if you can find it. You can drive a golf cart back if you like (I think) because from the Hoop De Doo Review to the Marsh is at least a quarter mile.

The best way to find everything is to pick up a FortWilderness map at checkin, or you can pick one up at the Kennel. It shows where everything is within FWC.
Hi there - i am loriandmatt, the original "poster" of this question back on the old board.

I just wanted to thank those with suggestions (especially the one about slowing down - sorry i was working on tons of caffine that day! I shouldn't touch the stuff!)

The crock pot is a wonderful idea! What a great way to save money on grub with little effort on my part. (Hey i am on vacation too!)

To answer some questions in your relpys....

Yes the $25.50/night for the partial hookup site is including tax. (checked with the CM today when i called to put down my deposit) I am not sure how far into the year these rates apply, but i do know that you have to book before the end of may and mention the Value Newspaper April/May Fall Rates.

We don't have to factor in lodging on the way down or back. Hubbie works nights so he is used to being up all night and will do the first leg (8hours) and i will take over for the day shift. (another 8) We plan on just taking it easy that first day, we will be exhausted and need to lounge by the pool.

Judging from our WDW trip last year, i think $100.00 /day on food for the three of us is doable. (Special events like the Hoop-Tee-Doo or Character meals are not factored in and those will be absorbed by spending money. - I only plan on one HTD and one Charater meal.) Our son is only 6 and rather small for his age. To buy him his own meal is a great waste of food and money. DH and i generally order a slightly larger meal than we want and share with the boy.

We didn't realy enjoy the Boardwalk or Downtown Disney the last year and don't plan on going back this year.

Bringing our bikes and fishing poles are a great idea SondraIL. No need to rent when you can throw them in the back of the truck. Water mice rentals are a must though. I will have to factor those in.

Thanks - i am sure i will have more questions about FW later. You will all be sick of me by Sept 20th!:crazy:


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