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Apr 30, 2001
Hi everyone! We are going to WDW the week after July 4th. Im trying to get a great deal on a room, but havent had the luck some of you have. I qualify for the $129 rooms at the Dolphin, but would really really love to stay at Port Orleans if Im gonna pay that much. I tried for the all star offer, but unfortunately, they are all booked up :(

Any ideas?


If you qualify for SOG resort you can get a great overflow rate to the Disney resorts. SOG is for Military, active duty and retirees and reservists.
Must have ID. DOD employees may also benefit??
$129 for the Swan/Dolphin is a great rate....for Port Orleans it is not. You still are on Disney's property. The difference: (down side)- you will not be able to do package delivery to your room from the parks, you will not be able to use your Disney Credit Card and you will not have Mickey Icon's in your room. (pro side)- Your room will be much bigger in size. You will be on Cresent Lake with Y&B Club & The Boardwalk, you will be able to walk to Epcot, MGM and Fantasia Golf, you will still have access to all of Disney's Transportaion System. My vote would be for the Swan/Dolphin

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If you are a teacher then you can currently get a $99 per night rate at the Swan and Dolphin due to an advertising mix up they had.

They were announcing the teacher rate in major papers and instead of $129 per night they put in $99 per night. They have chosen to honor the rate!

So, if you are a teacher call and see if your dates are available!

Oh, and the Swan and Dolphin do have package delivery. They have it delivered to the concierge and you can pick it up there.


Link toSwan and Dolphin FAQ!
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Thanks everyone! I ended up calling SOG and they were full, but offered an overflow room at All Star ($74). I asked for Port Orleans and got it for $99 a night! Im so excited - it's where I wanted to stay to begin with and have been killing myself to find a good rate there. A friend of mine called SOG looking for lodging for 5 people. He ended up with a villa for $114! It's great what you can get if you just ASK :)

Thanks again everyone! Now Im going to concentrate on getting into the parks .. ugh!. Such a tough decision - annual pass - add a day - or just go for the park hopper
Glad you got it. That is the SOG overflow rate I got for PO/R in June too! I could not get a discount any other way and was not going to pay $149 for it. Great benefit for my husband serving his country! :D
By the way you can save on those passes at SOG by showing military card EVEN when not staying there. We get ours there every time.


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