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Feb 21, 2001
Can someone provide me information regarding the (new) kids program at WDW? I know that it's meant primarily for kids groups, but if I have a family reunion with approximately 20 kids, would we be able to utilize it? If so, is it just for a day or the length of a visit? How far in advance can you book it? What's the chaparone status?
We are trying to get enough people interested so that the kids can do one of the programs during the convention.

I've also thought about doing it when I have relatives going. My girls have lots of cousins in the general age range. There is a minimum of 10 and the closer in age the easier it would be to in find a class that fits. We haven't done one of the programs but I know others that have and the reviews were great!

They have just updated the site and you should be able to find what you need there. Here's a link
Disney Youth Programs

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I knew that you'd jump in on this one and help her out :) Actually, with 20 kids, they may be able to do a couple of tthe classes and take advatage of the savings in theme park ticket prices :) Gerri



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