Kids menus at Citywalk or the On-site hotels


John H

I looked at the menus for the restaurants at Citywalk, but did not see Kids menus. Does anyone know if any of the restaurants have them?
Thanks John H
I know the Hard Rock Cafe does. You can order a kid's meal with a hot dog, fries, and drink. I think it costs $7-$8.


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We ate at the NBA, Nascar, Confisco's Grill & Mythos restaurants and they all had kids menus. The restaurant Sunset Grill at Hard Rock also had one as did the room service menu. Have a great time!

I just so have the Lil'Rocker Menu from the Hard Rock Cafe... a souvenir from my son's 8th Birthday.

HRC's Macaroni & Cheese
HRC Pizza
Jimi Tenderstix
Cheese the One (grilled cheese sandwich)
Ain't Nothing But a Hotdog...

All meals come with a souvenir refillable take home kids cup with beverage for $6.98.

This was from January, so I don't know if it's changed.


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Is there a web site that shows the menus with the kids menu too?

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This is not exactly what you asked, but HR has a free card on their website,it gives you $10 food credit, and supposedly priority seating, I woke up last night and sent in one for my wife. I would also recomend you give them your birthday as something within 15 days of your visit because they sent me an e-mail and added $10 to my account for 15 days. I figure we might split up and use two of these cards it might put at least a dent in the tab. Just a thought. See their web page...


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