just came back from discovery cove


Earning My Ears
Feb 28, 2001
Fantastic!!!!!!!! We had a wonderful time at discovery cove, it was by far our best day out of 10 days which included all the disney parks, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!
wow... we will be there next month...
-i've not found much info from actual visitors...
-do you have and big tips... what to do or not to bother??

-were u rushed to see it all ??

-where to eat or not??

-anything to be sure to bring?? what did u forget??hehehe

-what was your favorite ?

mike and fam.
As far as where to eat at Discovery Cove... Other than a few snack bars, you really have only one choice, Laguna Grill, where they serve a pretty decent lunch cafeteria style.

DON'T bring your own sunscreen. They give you (free) a tube of "dolphin-friendly" sunscreen.

Otherwise, if you forget anything, you can pick it up in the park.
I went to DC last summer and just booked our second trip for June. I have parents in Florida and now I book the trip around my Discovery Cove reservations.

It was truely magical. I think it is a adventure we will make every year. DS (age 7) absolutely loved it.

My advise - the water in the dolphin lagoon is COLD. If you tend to get cold easily get a wetsuit - they are free for the asking. My son hated the dolphin encounter because he was too cold. I found out that there were wetsuits and complained to a manager. We got my son a wetsuit and they let him have an additional 10 minutes one-on-one with a dolphin to make up for it!!! Got some incredible pictures of just him and the dolphin (Ajax)!!!!!

I can't wait to get back there. Just came back from a Disney Magic cuise in May and have been dreaming of white beaches ever since then. The sand at DC is from Castaway Cay but it is better because it does not have all the shells which can be hard on the feet.

A underwater camera is a must. You cant use it with the dolphins but it is great with the stingrays in the freshwater snorkeling trail and waterfall.


We have 6 in our family and we were thinking of going to DC, but skipping the dolphin swim because of the cost. Will we be disappointed if we go there and miss the dolphin swim? Or will the day still be fun, and we would feel that we didn't miss out on too much?
I can't imagine going there without doing the dolphin swim. I think if just one or two of you did the swim then the rest of you could watch which is almost as good.

The rest of the park is alot of fun also. My son (7) loves the sting rays and we spent most of our time with them last year and he is already talking nonstop about the stingrays now.

The freshwater lagoon/river is also very relaxing. We went around it at leat 5-7 times.

The birds are great, the coral reef is great (water is cold so get a wetsuit), the beach is wonderful and the service is incredible.

You will really enjoy it alot with or without the dolphin swim but the dolphin interaction program is really incredible.


Only 5 1/2 more weeks until Discovery Cove Visit #2!!!
We are also planning our second trip to DC in July . It was the best day of our 14 day vacation. The Dolphin encounter is really a very special time...Try hard to include it you won't be sorry..but you might be if you exclude it.....:jester:

Did the Dolphin swim with DD last Sunday. She loved it. It didn't excite me all that much. I went just for DD's sake. The trainer has everybody do something with the dolphin, when he asked me I told him I would pass. Just didn't excite me that much.

Watching my DD was much more satisifying.
Thanks for the info. I have another question anyone. Could we have the 4 children do the dolphin swim, while Mom and Dad watch? The kids range in age from 8 to 12, and are all good swimmers and comfortable around animals. But, of course, they have never been near dolphins before!
There were lots of kids doing the dolphin swim while their parents took pictures and video.
We are going to WDW august 24th to the 30th. Any day then the other for DC? I am choicing the monday the 27th? I have 2 boys 12 and 10. Our first trip to WDW ever thanks for any responses. Janice


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