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    Aug 27, 2000
    This is my first attempt at doing a trip report but here goes. Our family gang
    Myself, Granny-a WDW nut and trip planner
    David DS age 28
    Shannon DDIL 24
    Blake DGS 8
    Madeline DGD 2
    Corrin DGD 8 mos.
    Sept. 21st had a nice flight from Nahville on
    SW and picked up our Avis rental car from Hot
    Wire, $22.00 day for full size, and we were off
    to AKL. I had kept it a secret that we were going
    to spend part of our trip here. I had got a good
    rate by using one of the codes and had booked a
    standard view. Wow, I was really surprised when
    we were upgraded to a pool view on the
    Giraffe Trail. The AKL is so amazing and there
    was so much to do there. We really lost park time
    because we just couldn't find enough time for
    anything but the lodge. I learned that the next
    trip will be at AKL only, and not on to The
    Dolphin (disappointed on this trip)
    The AKL was the highlight of our whole trip for
    DGS. We all loved the pool and the hot tubs, but
    Madeline got a thrill from the animals. More
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    Jan 8, 2000
    Sounds like a great beginning to your trip!

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