Just back from HRH and IOA -- no more disney


Feb 13, 2001
We just returned from 2 days at HRH and IOA, and it was a unaminous decision that we have no need to go back to disney. Cannot imagine ever waiting in line again, park had more than enough for everyone in our family. Will post a trip report sometime today. It was absolutely incredible, however HRH ( as we expected from reading this board) still has a long way to go.

Hey, another convert! :)

As for HRH, I think the poster means housekeeping. I have been reading several posts about housekeeping trouble.


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WOW, Barb!

Don't let that get out on the "other" board.. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

Glad you had a great time!


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The resort hotels, with their FOTL privileges, look to be the real key to making Universal Orlando a smashing success.

Of course, some of us will still love Mickey, crowds, lines, and all.p

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We love Disney too, BUT...I had reservations at the Swan for the week after Easter and changed them to the Hard Rock Hotel for the FOTL access. Because my kids love thrill rides (me too!) we are going to do US & IOA and will wait to do Disney again during the "low" season (September is our favorite time). I think the FOTL perk will bring millions of extra dollars to Universal and I hope they never take it away. I know they are getting my $$ this April. I can't wait!
Usually we stay at Disney and shuttle back and forth to the 2 Universal parks. Last year we had such a BLAST at Universal that we're staying at Disney for 7 nights this year and then moving to Portofino for 3 nights. I can predict that each year we will gradually stay less at Disney and longer at Universal.
Well it looks like I am going to say something that I never thought I would. Universal hasnt taken the cheap way out and created hotels and amusement parks and have created RESORTS and THEME parks. I never thought that anyone would try to be like Disney. I know that they have Portifino but now that they have 2 parks and 2 resorts I know know that they are going to be around for quite a while. I never thought there would be a need to go off WDW property on vacation (and until IOA I still didnt think there was a reason) but now I really enjoy my one day at Universal Orlando. Even though I just go to IOA I really get my money's worth. Now for UO to take the place of Disney don't you think that is overdoing it :D Just kidding. Everyone has their own opinion and I respect everyone's. But to all of the hardcore UO'ers thank you for giving Disney some competition so now Disney wont be able to afford any more "let's do nothing" years.

"Why would you waste your time with USF when you could go to WDW or IOA!"
Wow it seems I made a typo. I ment to put "now I know" not "know I know". I just had typing class last year and I am already making stupid errors :)

"Why would you waste your time with USF when you could go to WDW or IOA!"
I completely agree. From the time I saw the previews at Universal in 97, I knew I had found my new niche. Ever since then, I've thought that Disney was too childish. I still like it and all, but it's nowhere near as thrilling as IOA.

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Just came back from staying at the HRH,and going to Universal/IOA,(for the first time) then going over to WDW (7th time) and/BC.(2nd time) To our own surprise, our entire family loved the HRH and parks, and wished we finished up there. There's still a magic to Disney for us, and we'll visit there too, but I'd never again pay what we have for a Disney vacation when we can stay at the HRH. Can't wait to find out our next springbreak and ride the other Dueling Dragon. FOTL was great!!!!!!
I just made ressies at HRH for 2 nights at rack rate, the first three nights will be at PB with an entertainment rate. We had been planning to go to Disney for months, but when I decided to look at this forum, and then checked the price of the 5 park flex tickets in comparison with Disney's tickets, and then FOTL on top of that, well, I knew that sounded like lots more fun!! Plus, I have never been to Seaworld, and am really looking forward to that! We are also planning 2 nites at Tampa, so the kids will be able to go to Busch Gardens when we get there. I am really excited about this and just can't wait to check out both resorts and both themeparks!!!!
I have an 18 mo grandson too. There is no other place like Magic Kingdom for the wee ones. He will be making his first trip with grandma 2003! Hopefully, there will be more...I'm waiting for a granddaughter.
Now see, I think just the opposite. My son just turned 2 when we went to Magic Kingdom, and he had a horrible time. I swore I would not bring him back until he was at least 5. Not only was it packed, and the lines were horrendous, ( went to get fast pass for peter pan, and it was for 6 hours later), he only saw 2 characters the whole 2 days we were there. Heck at IOA, we had 5 of them come up to our lunch table within an hour of entering the park. At disney, we waited for 25 minutes in line for the merry go round, at IOA, we waited for about 2 minutes. I am not knocking Disney, but with kids, convenience is the only way to go!! IMHO! :)

Boy am I ever glad that we are doing Disney first then the Portofino at the end of our vacation!!!

If it were the other way around (since we have never been to US or IOA) we would be going to Disney after being very spoiled with the FOTL access, and probably be very frustrated and bumbed out.

I hate those lines too! While Fast Pass seems OK for the most part, like the previous posted said, they weren't able to go back to ride for 6 hours. You may not want to spend that kind of time in the park...there are other things to do besides shop and wait for "one" ride! Gesh!!

I think they really need to go to a reservation system simular to the PS for the restaurants.
However, the meaning of the "redial" button on your telephone could greatly exceed it's original purpose! :D

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I just got back from our first adult's only vacation to WDW and UO. UO was our favorite before this trip and after experiencing FOTL it became even more special.

On our two previous trips to UO/WDW we took our grandsons. And they too love Universal best. Can't beat Seuss Landing and Barney with a 3 year old! I guess it depends on your family.

When I was young (a very looonnng time ago) we had Mickey Mouse Club on tv and really knew the Disney characters. But now my DGS only know Mickey because adults have shown them his picture and identified him. They do know the characters in the movies like Toy Story etc, but not Donald, Mickey, etc. But my DGS do know the Dr. Seuss charaters and Curious George because we regularly read the stories and have the videos. And they knew and loved Barney when young! :) But they know Woody Woodpecker and Popeye the same way they know Mickey, because adults have told them about them.

While characters may be family preference, FOTL is terrific for small kids. The only sad parts to our vacations with DGS happened when they wanted to ride something that had a long line. We waited forever to drive cars at autotopia and never saw the new Pooh ride because the lines never got short enough. :( Little kids have a hard time waiting especially when it is hot. During our "childless" visit, we both realized that a trip with FOTL with kids would be wonderful. Also, the fact that the hotels are so close, we could have taken the kids back to the hotel for naps or a swim in a matter of minutes. WDW is getting too big to do that easily.


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